Merry Christmas!! The past event in Playa del Carmen was definitely weird and powerful. I could talk more about it later and for now there’s work to do. One of the participants was in Orion, Andromedia and Lemuria to build these worlds. He’s an engineer of the Universe, and he has now recovered 22% of his powers. There was 6 root chakra generators in China such as beneath Shianghai and 2 in Russia, that were responsible for great economic growth and stability. We build a larger model beneath Cancun when I came back from China to neutralize the Dracos.

These were 3rd generation energy generators. With the engineer joining the team, we’ve created a new 4th generation energy generator beneath Montreal with 2 branches, one beneath Los Angeles with 3 branches and upgraded the Cancun generator with 4 branches. These generators are extremely potent. Their purpose is to unroot dark forces and create a space for growth, wisdom and prosperity. There is also a generator in Alma, QC, that is as strong as all 3 combined and will serve as a backup structure and an anchor point with the stars.

As of right now, the 4 generators and active and under constant monitoring. As of right now, Montreal generator is 80% stable, 45% capacity, and has a direct diameter of effect of 232km. Los Angeles generator is 62% stable, 45% capacity, and has a direct diameter of effect of 430km. Cancun generator is 63% stable, 45% capacity, and has a direct diameter of effect of 612km. The Alma generator was just created yesterday and is 63% stable, 22% capacity, and has a direct diameter of effect of 1043km which covers Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa. The energy has much less resistance to flow through space and its surrounding halo covers the moon with a royal blue energy.

Compared to the Shianghai generator, the Montreal generator is 17.2x its potency, the Los Angeles generator is 25.6x its potency, the Cancun generator is 33.4% its potency and the Alma generators are 55.6x its potency.

The generators of Montreal, Los Angeles and Cancun form a large triangle covering North America and connecting Canada, United States and Mexico together. They operate under very different conditions. Montreal is a relaxed energy of subtle subconscious control. Los Angeles is an energy of very structured mind control and excellence. Cancun is an energy of raw Draconian power.

On New Year at midnight, the 3 generators will be fully activated and connected together, and connected to other generators in the Star of Sirius and to the Center of the Galaxy. The Montreal-Cancun axis alone will cover the entire East Coast from New-York to Miami.

Many people have been feeling emotional ups and storms already. It is causing weird weather and some chaos. As they say in the Bible, you can’t pass a camel in the hole of a needle. For that reason, old structures have to be removed. Focus on the outcome, as the way it unfolds won’t necessarily be pretty.

The rest of the message is from Izael.

My name is Izael, commander of the Archangels. We’re entering a new phase in the history of mankind. The underlying structures of the old world, the Old World Order and of the Dracos have been neutralized and deactivated. There will be a period of transition during which chaos will be unavoidable. The Planetary Counsel of Light, the Archangels and the Avians are monitoring the situation 24/24.

Already the climate is going crazy and some people are dying or losing their homes in strange situations. Know that everything is good in the greater scheme of things. This work is necessary to avoid even greater losses of lives. If done in a strong and structured way, we might be able to transmute the social, cultural and financial matrices in-place and avoid first going through a system collapse before rebuilding something else. Still, the shifts and turmoils will be intense and we may lose 10% of the population during the next 12 months who aren’t ready for this transition.

All the injured and deceased will be helped in their healing and recovery by the Angels and Archangels. Many people are already feeling emotional ups, downs, spikes and twists, and it really hasn’t yet begun. The new systems will be activated on New Year. We recommend not to drive during the activation at midnight EST.

This message is not to give you information about our work, but rather to prepare you for what is to come. You’ll soon understand the scope of what is unfolding.

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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