We are launching Skyranet beta, a psychic network for Lightworkers. Its purpose is to help synchronize the intents and efforts of Lightworkers, strengthen their connection to Source, reduce influence from mind control technologies and from the environment, and provide a psychic communication network. The Skyranet command center can only be accessed by the Avians, Orion Counsel and Federation of Light. Only those who have a very strong and stable hard-line connection to Source. The core of Skyranet is built in the 136th density.

When you’re born, you automatically get 4 implants, behind your head, behind your neck, behind your shoulders and behind your lower back. In the past few years the dark forces have cranked up their mind control technologies to their maximum out of desperation. When you opt-in to Skyranet, you get 5 solid golden implants, on top of your head, behind your pineal gland, behind your neck, behind your heart and behind your lower back. At the base of the implant is a filter to ensure any message coming in or out has a frequency and an intent of at least 500 (love). The golden implant is extremely solid to withstand the psychic storms so you won’t be able to remove it on your own but can opt out at any time.

Distress calls won’t be broadcast over the network but will reach the command center. This hardline connection will also make it easier for Angelic beings to reach you and support you. This remains to be tested, but it might also block the Cabal’s ability to abduct through portal as the implant would prevent synchronizing your energy to their frequency.

It works with a double-opt-in. To opt-in, say “Skyranet opt-in”, and they will connect wires on the 5 locations. Look at the color it produces. If it is golden or bright color, say again “Skyranet confirm” and it will screw solid golden implants into place. If the color is gray or neutral, it’s up to you whether you still want to go forward or not. If for some reason the color is brown/dirty or vibration is negative, it will not plug even if you want to confirm. To opt-out, simply say “Skyranet opt-out”.

Try it out, and let me know the color of the implant it produces. You can also use muscle-testing to measure the vibration of the implants so let us know what frequency it has.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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