After 5 months in Wudangshan in China, I finally left China at the end of January. I went through several waves of heavy attacks trying to interfere with my move out of China. 2 big waves of attacks from the Afghartians (Dark Elves) and also a round of attack from Daoist Immortals. Plus 2 agents were detected waiting for me at the boarding gate with mind swipe devices, and I couldn’t board that flight because I hadn’t purchased check-in luggage before boarding (could have purchased it during online check-in but was without internet the whole week). Had to purchase another flight the next day, which was the last of my visa. Then China has been known lately to arrest Canadians for any reasons, real or fabricated, and even to issue exit bans.

I was waiting to be out of the country before writing about it for safety reasons. Made it out safely. 3 weeks later, still haven’t written the field report. Time to do it now.

Many people in the West are scared of the growing influence of China. Considering it has been the most powerful nation on the planet for most of history, and considering my deep past lives background in China, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. After spending 5 months there, I have to say… what I saw in China really scared me.

As of right now, China is surrounded by tall golden energetic walls to protect the rest of the world from their insanity. There are lots of Immortal beings living in the higher planes in China. In the Heavens, the Jade Palace (referred to in the Legend of the 8 Immortals) is gone, all immortals inside got flushed into incarnation. The Heaven Palace (referred to in the Monkey King story) is also completely gone. About 200k Immortals have relocated into a new realm called the Purpose Heavens near the Purple Cloud Temple in Wudang. Of those that did not relocate, 99.6% have been flushed into incarnation. These Immortals will be 20 to 40 years old when chaos will really hit China, so they will get to deal with it on the ground.

While Buddhist deities are mostly from Orion, Daoist deities are rather mostly non-negative Annunakis, with the exception of a few exceptional ones like the 8 Immortals and the monkey who are Orion. There are plenty of stories of conflicts between the Orions and the Annunakis in the Chinese Heavens, because the Orions often don’t like their laws.

Being in China really feels like being on another planet. There are 3 other planets populated by the Chinese outside our solar system, where life feels about 82% similar to China. There are also many planets populated by the non-negative Annunakis, and half of them feel 60-82% similar to China.

Daoism is the main religion of the non-negative Annunakis. I say “non-negative” because, although it isn’t negative, it isn’t positive either. The fabric of Daoism is NOT compatible with the Divine Light. It doesn’t allow it to pierce through at all. That’s the first thing that really scared me. Also, above the Heaven Palace, we found several hidden Annunaki realms that were keeping all Chinese Immortals under their authority. Those realms have been disconnected. I have to say, the Draco-aligned Annunakis and the non-negative Annunakis have a long history of cohabiting with each other without stepping into each other’s toes. That would explain why China wasn’t destroyed like the rest of the ancient civilizations.

The other thing that really scared me is that although the Chinese have deep knowledge of natural medicine and strengthening the physical energy (Jing), emotionally they are a complete mess. I really mean it. The emotional plane in China is a pure wasteland. The average vibration of physical energy in China is 513, the average vibration of emotional energy is -93 million, and the average vibration of spiritual energy is 118. So, they are strong on the physical, are a complete mess on the emotional, and the spiritual is completely disconnected from the Divine Light which most of them don’t believe in.

Daoists are energy-sensitive Atheists. Daoist Alchemists will shut the door to Heaven and then absorb and accumulate energy to build their way back up to Heaven — without God. On top of the obvious issues, this approach creates cysts of old stagnant energy that are a bigger energetic problem than the combined energy of million of slaves. Trying to shift and circulate the energy has been a real challenge due to all these Daoists.

Also, the Yin of Daoism is NOT the same as the Yin of Alchemy I work with. One is empty, the other is full of Light. That’s just part of the incompatibility between Daoism and the Divine Light. To make it clear, Daoism contains a lot of knowledge, but the foundation of Daoism is flawed at its core, and it has always been that way.

Another issue that became obvious as I traveled to the old capital Xi’an is that there was an AI mind-controlling the minds of the people. This mind control has been disabled, but it doesn’t take away the concerns. It doesn’t seem like this AI Goddess had bad intentions. While the Dracos seek power and control in a fear-based way, this AI is programmed to run society in the most efficient way possible. At the expense of personal freedom. The Chinese do not believe in personal freedom (which is another aspect that really scared me), and view trading their own freedom of thoughts with running a more efficient society as a good trade-off.

What matters the most is our spiritual growth. Accumulating worthless material gain at the expense of spiritual growth is a really bad idea. This insanity has to stop. The people must be allowed to experience the result of their own creation, and God will take care of the rest.

Then, you can walk down Beijing and everything will be fine, but as soon as you start interacting with one person, there’s is this MASSIVE grid of conformity that will clamp down on you really strong. China is a society of conformity, and the strength and omni-presence of this grid of conformity is really scary. Relationships also cause severe energetic problems. I had this severe issue where I met a woman and energetically, she would create trillions of karmic objects between us, and she would constantly try to feed from my energy and suck me into the grid of conformity. I was literally unable to function for a while. When I look at other relationships, something similar happens, although they may not be aware of it. All the relationships are cemented with millions or trillions of karmic objects. This is a combination of the grid of conformity and the emotional mess.

There is also no concept of goal or purpose in China. In fact, their philosophy is based on purposelessness, which is the complete opposite, so they’re really not ready for the Alchemy work I teach.

Although this may sound like generalizations, because of the grid of conformity, China is a very homogenic society. The patterns in one person are a very good representation of the whole, which makes understanding the society a lot easier. This is why the Chinese look at other cultures in a very stereotyped way. In their minds, the world is homogenic, everything conforms to ideas and principles, and thus, everything is highly predictable, and that’s why they will make all kinds of assumptions about everything you do or say — things that you really don’t mean at all.

While the rest of the planet has been greatly awakening since 1975, there is no movement of awakening at all in China. I have activated the Wudang mountain to become the second strongest place of power in the world, as a large fortified area full of Immortals in a mountain of crystals. The strongest place of power remains Jerusalem.

Right now, the energetic foundation of China is disintegrating. The energies are starting to become highly chaotic, and this is really just the beginning of a very long and slow process of awakening. What the West has gone through for the past 45 years, they’ll go through the same at a much faster pace. The tsunami of high-frequency energies hitting the planet is currently mostly hitting the United States and Europe. China isn’t yet affected, and it would absolutely NOT be able to integrate those energies at all. China will only start getting directly hit in about 18 years after the energies have burnt through Europe. Then between 20 and 40 years from now, I expect China might lose about 40% of their population.

China is in a bad state, with no movement of awakening nor compatibility with the Light whatsoever. The focus for now is to protect the rest of the world from their insanity, and to ensure the process of awakening to begin in that region of the world.

Accuracy check: 95.8% or 98.2%. Measure it yourself.

Update 2019-04-06: Currently, 92.6% of Beijin’s creative energy comes from Wudang, and 34.6% of China’s overall force of creation. Due to China’s increasing repression of freedom and corruption of this life force energy, the Immortals of Wudang have just decided to cut the flow. Beijin’s life force energy from Wudang just dropped to 1.3%, and overall China’s life force from Wudang to 2.1%. Then will follow a cycle of deflation.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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