There has been extremely important development regarding the veil that is having a huge impact on the vibration and reality of the planet. Many have been talking about the veil getting thinner and our psychic abilities getting stronger. I thought… could it be that the veil was created as a defensive grid against the psychic influence of the Dracos? This has led to the strangest astral exploration I ever had.

I did find such a technology hidden deep within the Inner Earth. It was hidden behind a psychic barrier built in 132 densities. It’s similar to the psychic dome surrounding Thailand built in 36 densities but this one is a whole lot more advanced. It was designed to avoid being destroyed by even the strongest dark forces in the Universe. I could still get in, somehow. As I got inside the dome, there were 4 guardians who call themselves the Nephiris who attacked me on sight. I shook them up a bit to discourage them from attacking, and finally they ceased and we talked.

They indeed had created a veil generator 6000 years ago to protect against the Dracos after the fall of Atlantis and the Golden Cities. The veil creates an artificial barrier between the physical and psychic planes to reduce the effect of our minds on the physical reality. Back then, with dark forces taking over the world, strengthening the veil was a necessary evil to avoid worse. I could see a cavern, and in the middle, a giant red sphere that emits extremely powerful energy. It is extremely dangerous, as its energy is so powerful that souls disintegrate if they get too close. The only way to stop the generator is to destroy it by shattering a crystal installed at its core. The Nephiris created it but couldn’t even stop or destroy it because they would get disintegrated by getting too close. I got my ways around that.

The Nephiris who created this is very interesting: he’s 1800 times more powerful than Metatron. I asked them whether the veil was specific of this planet or was also present on other planets. He said such veils had been created on every planet taken over by the Dracos.

They have been living fully isolated ever since and had absolutely no clue of what happened outside the dome ever since its creation. They had no clue the Dracos were gone and of the energetic shits the planet and solar system were going through. We agreed that it was time to remove this barrier.

I called an emergency meeting with the High Counsel of the Avians to discuss this. One of them said that the veil needs to be removed. Shattering this generator will have highly unpredictable consequences but it will need to be removed sooner or later, and there is no point in waiting. We just have to deal with the consequences. The Avians positioned themselves around our planet to form another veil. They strengthened this secondary veil at 30% of the original veil to litigate the effects of the blast, I destroyed the veil generator, and they then strengthened their veil at 50%. Then they lowered it to 40%, and within just a few days, lowered it to 10% which they will keep as a safety buffer.

Since then, energies have been shifting at an insane pace. I’ve seen all kinds of great things manifesting at an incredible speed for several people around me on a daily basis. Everything is unfolding and opening very fast. The barriers are down and transmutation is happening much faster. It feels like the ground lost its rigidity and became fluid like a cloud, and things have been falling at free-fall speed. You can expect psychic perceptions to become much stronger and for things to manifest a lot faster, both in good and bad ways. Possessions and energetic attacks may also become more common. Not everyone is feeling the effects at the same time. Based on their situations and purpose, various waves will affect various groups of people.

Then today I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition – Trespasser, and they were saying that… the veil was created by some beings and that there was a time where the veil did not exist!?? See for yourself. (unless you play the game, huge spoiler warning)

– Tel’Abelas, if you care, give me the truth.
– I sought to set my people free from would-be gods. I broke the chains of all who wished to join me. The false gods called me Fen’Harel, and when they finally went too far, I formed the veil and banished them forever. Thus I freed the elven people and, in so doing, destroyed their world.
– You love the fade. Why would you create the veil to hide it all away?
– Because every alternative was worse.
– Meaning?
– Had I not created the veil, the Evanuris would have destroyed the entire world.
– How did creating the veil destroy the world?
– You saw the remains of Dirthara. The library was intrinsically tied to the fade, and the veil destroyed it. There were countless other marvels, all dependent on the fade, all destroyed. Your legends are half-right. We were immortals. It was not the arrival of humans that caused us to begin aging. It was me. The veil took everything away from the elves, even themselves.

WOW. It may only be a game, but isn’t this saying exactly what I’ve been saying above? It’s also something I had never heard ever before. The Dracos, the Dark Gods, Baal, Lucifer and their kind, destroyed the Golden Cities over 6000 years ago. The veil was created to prevent them from taking over the world. This is why the Illuminatis, under the Dracos’ control, were still fighting for world domination and had only partial success after 6000 years.

What will unfold from this remains to be seen.

UPDATE (just after posting this): There was another veil on Mars that was installed over 200 000 years ago. It grew extremely unstable and just exploded in a very bad way… Very sorry for everyone living there…

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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