I keep adding new content for the new website for Remote Cell Harmonizer. Just wrote a page about the Disclosure Project. It is so good… wanted to share it right away. This text vibrates at 88650 with 99.99976% accuracy.

A war is being fought for the liberation of the planet, something far greater than World War 3, but fought secretly out of public view. It is being fought in multiple levels. Many are talking of astral warfare, and indeed there was massive psychic battles against the dark powers in the higher realms. You can read all the details of this war, and the history behind it, in the book The History of the Universe, and the Psychic War of End Times.

As of right now, both the Dracos and the Archons have been completely exterminated from the higher realms. The Light forces are now 92% in control of the higher realms, which determines the reality being created physically, mentally and astrally. Those dark powers still have extensive influence on the physical plane but their power structures are crumbling very quickly, and since they lost control of the higher planes, nothing can stop that trend. Their overlords are dead under the hand of Hanuman.

Many people are waiting for disclosure. What is disclosure? Disclosure of technologies, disclosure of a new reality acknowledging the power of the mind, disclosure of a new field of science, disclosure of the corruption that has been plaguing our governments, and disclosure of aliens. Many have the idea of getting old Draco technologies from 50 years ago, produced by the same big corporations that have been controlling us, officially disclosed by the same media that has been manipulating us. Is this really what we want?

If we’re not waiting for disclosure from those Cabal-controlled sources, then many technologies are already available if you know where to look, and disclosure is already happening from many sources at a very fast pace. For those saying disclosure isn’t happening, that’s utter non-sense.

Many are waiting for aliens to come save them and share their technologies. Indeed, there are many beings from other planets who are assisting us and fighting in this war. About half of the crew are Immortals in the higher dimensions with no physical body, and about half came on the ground incarnating as humans. My message for those waiting for aliens to come save them is: THEY are the ground crew, so get to work.

Needless to say, the ground crew has been lagging behind in recovering their memories and abilities due to the constraints of the environment they live in, and the daily stress and preoccupations.

Here at Emergence Guardian™ we are providing support to the ground crew by disclosing advanced quantum technologies to uplift and strengthen their consciousness.

We really do not need old dusty technologies from the Dracos based on Atheist control principles. We are here to give birth to technologies based on a new consciousness of harmony and transparency.

We really do not need those new technologies to come from the big corporations controlled by the remnants of the Cabal. The emergence of new technologies needs to be a grass-roots movement so that the big corporations do not get an even greater monopoly on the production of technologies.

Let’s get real. Aliens cannot land on our planet (in public) right now. Why? If they do, they would be worshipped as gods from a victim-based generation waiting for a saviour. The #1 problem we face today is the lack of spiritually-aligned leadership to take responsibility for creating a new world that is in harmony with Earth and Heaven. Too many wounded hearts, too many victims, too many escaping reality, too many avoiding power and responsibility, and too many seeking to escape the planet altogether. Aliens landing among us and getting worshipped as gods would be absolutely disastrous in this regards, it would amplify the problem 100x. Won’t happen.

So how do the non-incarnate alien beings reveal themselves to us? Telepathically, through your dreams, guiding you, sending you blueprints of technologies, protecting you, and responding to your calls when you need help. But ultimately, you are the one to do the work in the field. They are only the support team. It’s highly unlikely you would be reading this if you were not part of the starseeds ground crew.

Skyranet™ is provided free of charge. It will greatly enhance your connection with the higher realms and with the support team. This will allow them to send you guidance, knowledge and blueprints of technologies so you can build them yourself.

Don’t wait for a saviour. Stop waiting for disclosure. Stop hiding and disclose yourself.

You are a Spiritual Warrior, and you’re not alone.

Where we go one we go all.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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