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Several people are finally coming up to me saying they’re finally starting to understand what I was saying 3 years ago. Now we have to look at what’s coming in 3 years.

First of all, I want to clarify something I noticed recently. I had been talking about a huge economic crash and even a potential EMF on the United States for years. We’ve avoided those timelines thanks to Trump and the military Alliance behind him. Trump has been threatened in every way imaginable ever since he got elected and the Cabal couldn’t do anything. Fast-forward years later, I see a lot of alternative news, such as from AMTV, alerting us that “Trump is in grave danger”, “disaster is about to strike”, “the United States is not prepared for what’s coming” and “the economy is going to crash”. These are old news from many years ago, and what I find interesting is that once I stopped talking about such things since we avoided those timelines, others STARTED talking about it. I also recently got the information that the 2008 economic crash was done by the Alliance to try to bankrupt the Cabal, and they had nearly succeeded. The Cabal is currently trying to crash the economy again but they don’t hold enough strings to pull it out. I’m thus not worried anymore about the economy.

The other thing that’s interesting is that many people are calling Trump a Nazi and racist who is bullying those who disagree. Now, the Mueller Investigation showed that there was no collusion with Russia and the whole story shown in the media was a big fat scam. However, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is showing to be everything Trump was accused to be: a Nazi and racist who is bullying anyone who disagrees. This is where things get troublesome.

I highly recommend to take the time to watch the video The Brains Behind AOC and Part 2. Alexandria has been drawing a lot of attention lately for saying the absolute most stupid things and getting away with it. Then, I really got tipped off when Ilhan Omar brought back the extremist narrative of the Nazis and got away with it. The above video explains what’s going on and is a must-watch.

Going straight to the point, AOC was recruited as a puppet from a group of Nazi-communists who is openly trying to take over the country by placing their puppets in congress one by one. Just watch the two videos for proofs.

Now, who are these Nazis, and where does the influence come from? After World War 2, the Nazis withdrew to several locations including Antarctica and abandoned their country behind. They had an alliance with the Dracos and had vastly superior technologies than the rest of the world. The USA army tried to chase them out of Antarctica and got obliterated by a fleet of Draco spaceships and had to abort mission. The Nazis, although having technological superiority, lost in face of the manufacturing power of the USA. They thus made agreements with the heads of the banks and heads of states: they provide them with advanced technologies in exchange for control over the economy, thus placing the manufacturing power of the USA to their service. Meanwhile the Nazis relocated to the moon and to Mars.

“The world’s debt pile is hovering near a record at $244 trillion, which is more than three times the size of the global economy.” To whom do we owe this money? Jupiter? Truth is, the interest payments go off-planet to fund the Secret Space Program and the Nazis.

Right now, this established order is falling out of their control, the Cabal on Earth is falling apart and is in the gradual process of being arrested. The Nazis are thus coming back to secure their share of the pie as the world shifts. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may look like an innocent little girl, but she is backed by the Nazis, Secret Space Program, ultra-advanced alien technologies including mind-control technologies, and Satanic witches that are growing in power. This all needs to be faced at some point, and it’s building up to a tipping point.

The moderates will get kicked out of the Democratic party and the extremists will take over. They will also try to infiltrate the Republican party. Right now, AOC is saying such ridiculous things… it almost seems like she’s trying to crash the party on purpose and scare the moderates away!

Then there’s the issue of Satanic witches that are growing in power. Over the past few months, the Light Forces have made tremendous breakthroughs in grounding the higher vibrations into the planet. However, for the past 3 years, 75% of my 24/7 energy energy work has been on love&light people and false spiritualists living in denial, entitlement and victimhood. With the threats that are coming, we can no longer allow the false lightworkers to block the genuine lightworkers. Genuine lightworkers have experienced tremendous growth over the past few months, but false spiritualists have been deeply destabilized as a direct consequence.

The satanic Nazi witches are using that as an opportunity to recruit and mind-control the people who are in a very disbalanced state. They already took someone close to me in my family, and many people reported being visited or attacked by those witches in the past few weeks. This is very powerful black magic that I cannot break at this point because it is fuelled by people’s denial and pains. Best thing I can do is to avoid contact with those people for the time being. I’ll only be able to break the soul binding after the holocaust.

One memory that came back as a Commander: never attack an opponent that is growing in power. Everything goes in cycles. Wait until they are in a descending cycle before striking. Why? An opponent that is growing in power is 8 to 32 times stronger than an opponent at its peak. Furthermore, if it is on the rise, it means it is part of God’s creation and serves some kind of purpose from a greater perspective. Looking sideways to attack an opponent 8-32 times stronger is a big waste of energy that could instead be focused on your own growth and purpose, and if you stop a threat before it has accomplished its underlying purpose, it will manifest again through other forms anyway.

Thus, the Nazis are currently in the process of taking control of the Democratic party, the satanic Nazi witches are dangerously growing in power, and there is a holocaust coming in about 3 years. You can expect about 10 million deaths, which is about the same scale as the last holocaust but it will be done quicker. If you are Jewish, I would highly recommend leaving the USA for a few years before this unfolds.

Can this be avoided? I don’t think we’ll avoid this one. I was originally expecting to lose about 30% of the US population, and now we’re in a much better timeline losing only 14% of the US population. However, looking at the current state of insanity of the population, there will be no breakthrough without some major breakdown. Destructive catalyst events need to happen to allow for the new energies to emerge. I thought it would happen through natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. The only difference now is that I got more clarity on how that’s going to unfold. Natural disasters will be responsible only for about 8% of the deaths. Most of it will come during the holocaust. I already knew there would be lots of deaths and have been warning about it for years, the only difference now is that the details are getting clearer.

The truth is, these satanic witches, and the Nazis, are simply filling the power vacuum that the love&light and false spiritualists failed to take.

My guess, and hope, is that after the holocaust, more people will understand the importance of filling a power vacuum with good leadership.

These destructive events will stop once 1% of the population will start taking responsibility for the emergence of a new world, and for that to happen, 1% of that 1% needs to take responsibility to lead the others.

Indigo and crystal children started incarnating in greater numbers starting from about 1970, and although they are still incarnating in great numbers, those born after 1990 have been indoctrinated since birth into ideas of socialism, entitlement and victimhood, and will be of no help in the coming war. There are also some born between 1950 and 1970 in lesser numbers but they have been standing out more uniquely. It is thus up to those indigo and crystal children born between 1950 and 1990 to take the lead as we go through very harsh times, because nobody else will do it for you.

The angelic beings in the higher planes are doing the best they can and have been very active. However, the rest of the work will need to be done by those of them who chose to incarnate on the ground. The best of the breed, and the strongest inter-galactic spiritual warriors are soldiers are on the ground at this moment. We are ready to face this, but we need to step up our game in a more organized fashion.

There is a lot more to talk about, including how the various factions are relating with each other. The Jews (moderate Cabal), the Nazis (extremist Cabal), and the Muslims are all fighting for their share of the pie as the world shifts. So are the Light Warriors, and the 3 main geographic countries: America, Russia and China. So are various E.T. groups, the Nordics, Greys, Afghartians and others.

I’ve said it before and will say it again. This is like in the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The dragon in the mountain has been slain (the Dracos), and the armies from all directions are fighting to fill the power vacuum in this important geopolitical location. The battle hasn’t yet begun but all troops are getting into position. You can expect the first blows to begin around June and intensify for the next 3 years.

So what is the solution? YOU are the solution. Don’t underestimate your inner power. One true Light Warrior harnessing his inner power of creation can easily counter-weight more than a million people using their powers in ignorant or destructive ways.

Be the solution. You won’t escape this mess anyway.

Accuracy check: 99.8%. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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