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Looking for an easy way to improve your health using metaphysical technologies?

Remove Cell Reprogramming / EMF Neutralizer / Intensive Care

  • Note: Remote Cell Reprogramming is currently in beta.
    The technology isself works, but there can be issues with renewals and subscription management. Thus, it is recommended to get the 1-year package.

    Due to the interest and feedback being much better than expected, we're working on a new website portal with proper subscriptions management and several new technologies. When the new version comes out, you will receive 50% credit for every prior purchase of Remote Cell Reprogramming as a thank you for being an early adopter.

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The Orion people are specialists of metaphysical technologies, and have built an extensive technological infrastructure around the planet to anchor the Light into mother Earth.

Now the Orion engineers (working from behind the veil) built additional technologies from which you can benefit directly to improve your physical and mental health.

  • I'm noticing a fairly significant shift physically and especially mentally and emotionally. I was expecting physical relief from pain, which is happening, but gradually. The surprising and more immediate shift has been mental and emotional - MUCH more clarity, no confusion, cloudy thinking, forgetfulness. Emotionally much more relaxed, centered and even-keel. Much less procrastination and anxiety, naturally finding myself getting in and getting things done. It's like a mental fog lifted. Also noticed hormone level is better balanced - higher testosterone and HGH.
    – Rhett (USA)

It may sound too good to be true, so you get a free 7-day trial (no credit card required) so you can try it out for yourself. If you like the results, you can have these metaphysical devices working on you on a continual basis.


Remote Cell Repgoramming

This technology is extremely simple to use yet extremely effective. You will see major improvements to your physical health. It will reprogram the communication between your cells to instantly restore perfect harmony. It simply opens up healthy communication lines between all cells of your body so they can regenerate and perform their duties effectively.

Here’s how it works.

  1. An AI picks a communication line in your body and scans for interference patterns between cells at a given frequency.
  2. The AI then calculates an opposite interference pattern that will completely neutralize the noise on the line, and instantly emits those frequencies on the line. This will instantly bring that communication line in sync.
  3. The AI is so fast that it will zap through your body opening up lines of communication one after the other.
  • Been really pleased with the new remote cell programming. At the risk of TMI, have really been struggling with depression, anxiety, etc. to the point that I was coming apart and afraid I was going to end up in the psych ward. I wrote Etienne Charland as a last ditch effort that MAYBE he could help. The first few days were rough with nausea, headaches, and foreign objects in my body hurting a good deal (Metal from knee and ankle surgery, eye lense implants, and from SSP transmitters etc) Though after about 4 days, feel like I am pulled back from the edge, starting to function better, feel stronger, and no longer feel 'in danger'. I hear questions from the AI occasionally of how to handle something, and I can feel things shifting. I spend over $100 every month in vitamins, minerals and herbs trying to feel better. This is working. I fully intend to give it some time and see what benefits can be gleaned. Thank you Etienne! Very grateful to have my life back!
    – Nikki (USA)
  • Over the seven days, I tried to see how far the EMF neutraliser and cell reprogramming could go. I binge watched an anime series on my beasty 15" laptop and immediatly felt the difference when I said pause. I also visited fast food restaurants like KFC and had cake, but I felt the same before as after eating the food as opposed to feeling tired and sluggish, which I saw in my friends and family. Overall, I felt an increase in energy and production. I would definitely recommend that one should at least give it a try and see for themselves.
    – Julius (England)

It is to note that this will work purely on a physical health level, not on a spiritual level, which has its advantages. Healing with high spiritual voltage (such as with Crystals Amplifier) can be like a double-edge sword: it heals, but the person can have difficulty integrating the higher spiritual energies. The reason most people instead see the doctor is because doctors can heal without requiring spiritual changes. It is thus more accessible.

A few other things to note. Communication between cells is done using extremely low voltages, and thus, this technology emits very weak signals to alter that inter-cellular communication.

Sometimes, cellular functions are blocked because of deeper energetic or spiritual blockages. In this case, other devices will work with the AI to clear up the lines. First is a device that will inject energy of pure “cosmic chaos of creation” to loosen up the jams. Then there is another device that will inject a “disintegration cosmic flame” to remove mental structures preventing opening the channels. In addition to that, the AI can work in inverted mode with viruses and parasites to shatter them, sending a message of dissonance ordering those cells to auto-destruct. That is, if the injected signal is able to penetrate inside.

After starting your free trial, here’s what will happen. You will be added as a target into the system. The AI will start with the communication line between the bottom of your 2 ears, which will help with mental clarity. It zaps through the body one communication line at a time. It will then either sync on a different frequency for the same line, or select another line. It will keep scanning through your body and synchronizing cells on a continual basis, greatly enhancing cellular functions, and greatly improving health. It will auto-detect health issues and work on them. As for how long it takes to solve any particular health issue, that depends on many factors, but one thing is sure is that it will help.

Can you stop it if it gets uncomfortable? Yes. You have full control over the AI. You can remove-control it with your thoughts. You can issue the following commands:

  • Pause/Resume: Simply think of the Remote Cell Reprogramming AI and think either Pause or Resume and it will stop and restart accordingly.
  • Think of the Remove Cell Reprogramming AI and think of an area of your body, or an illness, and the AI will follow wherever your mind is pointing. It zaps automatically throughout your body and you can also manually control it.

If you have never interacted with such metaphysical technology, controlling it psychically is an experience to have in and of its own.

  • I started this with nasty flu (still going). My first day I still felt bad but there was no suffering. I was kind of like observing it just as someone watching the movies, and this stays after trial ended. I easily jumped some points on Hawkins scale. I usually was waking up with feeling od gratitude and had significantly lot more energy (even though the flu), so this was the first time When I actually enjoyed having a flu lol ?? Def. My body cleanses a lot more than in typical flu ??
    – Radoslaw (Poland)
  • I felt the want to start eating healthier. I also noticed my sugar cravings were a lot less the they were previous to cell reprogramming. I would reccomended this to friends no doubt about it!
    – Matthew (USA)

You should also note that this method is non-intrusive and thus should have no negative effects. It doesn’t have the integration side-effects of spiritual healing because it does not work on a spiritual level. The only thing it does is to increase the efficiency of your cells by allowing them to communicate with each other in harmony. If you have a pacemaker or any other surgical operations or procedures, it also shouldn’t cause any issue because it does nothing more than improve healthy natural cellular functions. If you do feel unnatural pain or discomfort, however, put it on pause and contact us for advice. If it is pain related to a diagnosed health condition, consult your doctor. This should work very well combined with conventional medicine as it will improve your healing and recovery.

As always, when going through intensive healing, it’s important to drink a lot of water and to get plenty of sleep.

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Remote Cell Reprogramming also comes with EMF Neutralizer for 2 devices.

EMF Neutralizer

  • A lot smoother energetic field, less headaches after being in front of PC almost all day, plus I was easily able to sleep with my phone turned on, and near my bed.
    – Radoslav (Poland)

As an add-on to Remote Cell Reprogramming, you can neutralize harmful EMF waves from electronic devices. We’re surrounded with tons of WiFi networks and cellular devices that emit tremendous energetic noise that can seriously damage both your physical and mental health. If you’ve ever been into a forest far away from civilization without cellphone nor WiFi, you know how much clearer your mind was without all that electronic pollution.

First, there are things to completely avoid or disable. WiFi is generally not that bad. However, if your WiFi modem emits 5G network, that one is particularly damaging. Bluetooth is also particularly damaging. Wireless mouse can also be a major problem if you’re spending a lot of time on the computer because it emits strong signals right next to your arm all the time. I thus encourage to first disable Bluetooth on your laptop, cellphone and car, disable 5G on your WiFi modem, and avoid using a wireless mouse if you work on the computer. This will already make a huge difference especially if you’re sensitive to EMF. Also, placing a sheet of aluminum foil on your WiFi modem will cut measurable EMF waves by a factor of 10, just making sure air can still circulate so it won’t overheat.

Beyond that, energetic methods of neutralizing EMF won’t actually remove the waves that can be measured by an EMF meter. Energetic methods are more like a raincoat. It won’t stop the rain, but it can keep you dry for the most part. It will cancel out the negative effect these waves have on you, although the waves will still remain present.

Our method of neutralizing EMF effects is somewhat similar to Remote Cell Reprogramming. You will attach the AI to specific objects, such as a laptop. It will scan the plastic or metal container of the object to scan for EMF waves passing through. It will calculate opposite interference patterns to neutralize it, and emit the exact opposite signals as the ones passing through it to cancel it out. It may not neutralize strong energetic attacks passing through the object, but compared to Remote Cell Reprogramming, EMF neutralizer works with higher voltages matching the needs.

How effective is it?

If you use Shungite stone, you can neutralize 15% to 40% of the negative EMF effects. With Crystals Amplifier, a piece of Shungite can neutralize up to 62%.

A laptop generates EMF from the WiFi, screen and GPU. Some screens generate considerably more EMF than others. I had a laptop whose screen generated EMF only 2 inches in front of the screen. Then I purchased a new laptop and the EMF from the screen reaches out 2 feet and seriously affected me where I’m sitting. Then those high-end graphic cards process at terrific speeds but also generate considerable EMF.

EMF Neutralizer neutralizes 99.7% of harmful EMF emissions on that laptop. The remaining 0.3% are effects of the physical waves that can’t be removed unless you block the physical waves. If you turn on Bluetooth, however, it only neutralizes 95.6%.

For a cellphone, with Bluetooth off, it neutralizes around 97.8% of EMF radiations. With Bluetooth on, it neutralizes 94.6%.

For a large LCD TV, it neutralizes 98.9% of EMF radiations. For a large Plasma TV, it neutralizes 95.4% of EMF radiations. For a OLED TV, it neutralizes 99.2%.

Electric cars also generate a tremendous amount of EMF that can really drain your energy. Because of the high voltages being emitted, the physical waves have more impact. This method will neutralize around 46.9% of EMF effects. It also takes a lot more work and resources to neutralize the emissions of an electric car so large devices like this will count as 2 devices for your subscription.

For a smart electric counter that is designed to emit mind-control waves, this will neutralize only 46.2% of the effects.

On a WiFi modem, a simple sheet of aluminum foil will neutralize 56% of EMF effects, 45% if 5G is enabled. Combined with EMF Neutralizer, you can neutralize 99.6% of EMF effects, 85.6% if 5G is enabled. With EMF Neutralizer alone (no aluminum foil), it will neutralize 94.5% of EMF effects, or 81.4% if 5G is enabled.

If there are dozens of WiFi networks across a wall or you live in a densely-populated area, you can also use EMF Neutralizer on your walls to neutralize EMF wave effects from your environment. The only requirement is that it requires a solid material to scan so it can invert and cancel the energetic effect of all EMF passing through.

  • I put my hand 10 cm above my phone I didn`t feel anything between my hand and my phone. When I said Pause, I started to feel the radiation and the heat coming out of my phone toward my hand right away. Then I said Resume, and that feeling disappeared. Also before having the EMF Neutralizer when I talked on my phone long, it got warmer and warmer and I felt the radiation on my body stronger and stronger. Now after a 10 minutes call I didn`t feel anything.
    – Enikő (Hungary)

You will send pictures with the objects for which to neutralize EMF effects and get a confirmation once it’s enabled. Just like with Remote Cell Reprogramming, you can control the AI with your mind to pause or resume the EMF Neutralizer.

Activate EMF Neutralizer on a TV or computer screen with maximum brightness. Place your face right in front of the screen with your eyes closed. Ask the AI to pause EMF Neutralizer. You may feel tingling in your face or even see white spots. Ask the AI to resume. Within 10 seconds you should feel the difference. In case of doubt, do it a few times. Results speak for themselves.

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Intensive Care

The next service is for intensive healing. For Remote Cell Reprogramming, one device will work continually on 10 people. With Intensive Care, we will assign 10 devices to work on you for a 6-hour period. It will also increase the intensity to its maximum, resulting in 20-50x more intense physical healing during 6 hours, ideally while you sleep.

You will specify the time and date at which to do the insensive remote healing.

If it gets too intense, again, you can pause and resume just by thinking it. In doubt, just say “pause intensive care” or “resume intensive care” and it will do the job.

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