For just $3k, I’ll completely and permanently remove anyone’s core fear. Results guaranteed. What is a core fear, and how does it affect your life?

All of your problems and limitations, at their most basic level, are rooted in some form of fears, or in an external manifestation of those fears. The fears ingrained within your subconscious mind determine patterns of events that keep repeating themselves. For example, one person will keep getting into an abusive relationship one after the other. Another person won’t ever have that as part of his or her reality, meaning the abuse and drama is really something that specific person is creating and attracting for himself.

You are conscious of certain fears that surface in your life, and there are deeper fears that go back to your childhood and that have been causing recurring patterns for your entire life. Very few people are conscious of the roots of their fears, as they come from events that have been long forgotten yet keep dictating and impacting your life in every aspect.

For example, someone who has been rejected and ignored by his father may seek male recognition and validation his whole life, while seeking it in all kinds of other places without realizing it goes back to his relationship with his father. Your core fear is usually something related to your caregiver when you were a child, as these are the people you spent the most time with.

How do you know whether you have a core fear? EVERYBODY has a core fear, period. It has been dictating your life and your whole reality is based around it. Your core fear is the deepest, oldest and most important trauma that has determined the negative patterns of your life. If you heal that fear at the root, then another lesser fear will become your new core fear. You will always have one.

View it this way. Your core fear is the deepest issue preventing you from reaching your next level in life. For a multi-millionaire, his core fear prevents him from being a multi-billionaire. For someone who is fully enlightened in his upper chakras, his core fear may prevent him from developing his lower chakras and grounding to the physical world. Everybody has one.

What happens if you completely wipe out your core fear? Everything that is built on top of it collapses. This creates a whole new space from which you can create what you truly want in life. As your beliefs, values and self-identity are often rooted in your core fear, you would also have to see and identify yourself from a different light. Your life then transforms in a way that unfolds like a snowball rolling down a mountain. That’s exactly what I have done with many clients.

So what is your core fear? The strategy session I offer is really about identifying your core fear. You are aware of your problems and challenges, and we’ll dig in from there all the way up to your core fear. Your core fear is always the very thing preventing you from being where you want to be. In less than 3 coaching sessions, I can show you how to completely and permanently wipe out your core fear and everything that is built on top of it (and much more). This works 100% of the time as long as you follow up with the process.

So how can you go ahead and lovingly let go of your core fear so that you can break the recurring limiting patterns in your life and move forward powerfully? First, get an Energy Tune-Up. This will allow us to clearly see in which area is your core fear and where we need to look at. Then, schedule your Strategy Session, which is a session designed to uncover exactly that. Then, if you qualify and are serious, we can start the work from there.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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