1 year ago, on December 22nd 2012, was the end of the Mayan Calendar. I wrote about what happened then here. 1 year later, where are we now, and what happened during that time?

Very major things are happening. First, on the energetic level, there is very little of the powers that were controlling the world. There has been scandals after scandals that have blown up in the media, one of which is the NSA scandal. What’s left of their power is eroding day by day.

On a society level, people have become more and more polarized than ever, with many people going higher into consciousness and many people going deeper into unlivable situations.

On a personal level, spirituality has grown by about 300%. Yet, advanced spirituality and transmutation of energy seems to remain mostly unexplored. Most of those calling themselves spiritual are struggling with their pains and fears. Most of the past leaders are deceased and the world is waiting for a new generation of leaders to step up.

On a technological level, I just watched an episode from David Wilcock on GaiamTV about the science of dematerialization. This guy is light-years ahead of anybody else in terms of science and technologies based on spirituality and vibrational physics. He’s to physics like I am to spirituality. He looks at all the stuff going on in the scientific world and tells exactly where they’re right, where they’re wrong and where they’re getting close. In this particular episode, he shows real-life examples of levitation, dematerialization and matter blending and explains exactly how that works, although it took him many episodes to explain the physics behind it. That’s the difference between theoretical science based on particles and experimental science based on vibrations.

He basically explains that the way to solve the physics equations and bridge the laws of quantum physics and classical physics on a mathematical level is to treat the Universe like a hologram. You have a holographic plaque that contains all the data, and it then projects a 3D image that is as real as reality. If you change the content of the holographic disk, it changes the 3D image. If you take your core fear and core pain out of the holographic disk, it disappears from your physical reality instantly. That’s exactly how the spiritual and energetic worlds interact with each other. 2 weeks later, out of ingeniousness, there is a publication in mainstream media of a huge physics breakthrough: The Universe Is a Hologram! Yeah… once someone starts explaining the way physics really work on internet TV, scientists and media have to eventually catch up. Now that this science is out there, you’ll see various people taking it and actually building things with it. We’re not far from having teleportation, levitation, free energy and these kinds of technologies as we have the physics for it. The only reason it might take a few years to commercialize any such inventions is that WE are not yet ready for it, as a society.

Things are shifting at a very deep level. You won’t recognize this world in just a few years.

Will you be leading these changes, will you follow these changes, or will you be one of the last few who are forced to change?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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