I haven’t posted anything since Christmas. Energies have been unfolding like crazy ever since. As I expected, the heightened energies of the holidays worldwide gave space for deeper energetic changes to unfold. Also, Valentine’s Day, with worldwide heightened love and orgasmic energies, finally allowed me to rebuild the greater layers of my energy field. Some “stuff”, such as plans of global domination by a certain group of people, was causing counter-intentions and interference with my own path and energy, which I have been battling against for years. Last time I worked with my Alchemy teacher, those resistances fell down, and since Valentine’s Day, those counter-intentions are completely gone with my energy fully rebuilt and the energetic space fully immune. All is well.

Another project I have been involved in is the restructuration of the Global Information Network, which Kevin Trudeau founded to share the secrets of the elite secret societies. Kevin Trudeau is in jail since October, a government-appointed Receiver is currently controlling the club. They have removed all the benefits of the club which has now lost half of its members within a few months, and they are trying to redirect the energy of the club to change it according to their vision. Interestingly enough, we filed a legal intervention request towards the Receiver, the FTC filed a counter-request, and Judge Gentleman (illegally) said that he didn’t read the documents and it was untimely to file such a request, as it should have been filed in 2007, 2 years before founding the club! They revealed that the Receiver, FTC and Judge Gentleman are part of the same club following the same agenda. These plans won’t work, and here’s why. (the club is currently re-organizing under a new legal entity). Naked corruption cannot live long.

What’s happening right now, looking at all the chaos around the world, is that everything out of integrity is collapsing, which is necessary in order to build new systems that operate in integrity. (Building new systems in integrity won’t happen by itself, WE have to do that)

There’s a quote from “I don’t know who” saying: “Integrity is the foundation of everything that lasts.” Throughout history, anything that lacked integrity has been temporary. Just look at the Roman empire: gone. Jesus’ teachings, however, are still here, although heavily distorted.

Integrity is one of these important yet mysterious topics that almost nobody is teaching. There are 3 dimensions of integrity. Most people have only 1 or 2 types of integrity, and when you can develop all 3, that’s when you start having a solid foundation for your life.

The first type is Personal Integrity. This is the integrity you have towards yourself, your values, your interests and your life. This is your level of coherency with yourself. It could also be described as your strength of character. When you lack this type of integrity, you might care a lot about others at your own expense. You have to take care of yourself first so that you can help others.

The second type is Relational Integrity. This is the integrity you have towards others: family, friends, co-workers, clients, employees, etc. It means honoring your words, doing what you are saying and saying what you are doing. This builds trust and solid relationships. When you lack this type of integrity, others will not trust you and your relationships will be very shaky.

The third type is Integrity Towards Society. This is your integrity towards your community, society, planet and greater purpose. This is about the world being a better place with you in it, with more love, freedom and peace. This gives you a sense of fulfillment and meaning for your life. When you lack this type of integrity, you may be very successful but you’re the only on benefiting from it and something within you feel empty. Also, if you look at nature, what happens when a bee isn’t serving its purpose? It is stung to death by the other bees and thrown out of the hive. Same is happening with the parasitical elite class.

Now, here’s what’s cool. If you ever get into a situation where you don’t know who to trust and who to follow, the best thing to look at is their level of integrity in these 3 dimensions.

If you’re not familiar with David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness, which he talks about in his famous book Power vs Force, it allows calibrating any energy on a scale from 0 being death to 1000 being enlightenment through muscle-testing. For $25, you can also get a TruTester which allows anyone to get clear and accurate results from muscle-testing.

Some people will argue that muscle-testing gives clear results that are a reflection of a person’s beliefs system and filters, and they are right. Here’s the truth. Filters distort what you focus on but the results are still accurate. The MAIN reason why people get inaccurate results is because they are NOT CLEAR ON THEIR QUESTION. They know what the response is, but what they are not clear about is what the response specifically refers to, so they interpret the answer incorrectly. If you are extremely specific on your question, such as asking for the level of relational integrity of a person, this leaves very little room for your filters to alter what you focus on. If, however, you ask for the level of integrity in general, the level of consciousness of any one of the 3 types could come up depending which one you value the most. If you get the average vibrational level of a person, like David Hawkins tends to do, this leaves a LOT of space for your filters to alter your focus. Your frequency is much higher on the things you value than on your blind spots, and when asking the question, you will not be focusing on your blind spots but only on the things you value, so the result will be distorted.

Although the energy readings I do during the Energy Tune-Up requires much more developed intuitive abilities, doing simple readings like this with the Hawkins scale and a TruTester is very simple and anyone can do it. As our intuitive perceptions open up, our energy fields become part of the public domain in the 3rd millennium, which requires a higher level of transparency.

As an example of how doing such integrity readings can be useful, here are the readings of a few people involved in the Global Information Network situation. First number is personal integrity, second number is relational integrity and third number is integrity towards society. I have no issue about exposing these numbers even though some people might see it as an invasion of privacy. It’s like looking at someone and commenting on their actions. The only difference is that this methodology takes away the subjectivity and judgments.

Kevin Trudeau: 893/738/948 (founder of the Global Information Network, currently in jail)
Greg Krammer: 421/397/113 (chairman of the Leadership Round-Table, hand-picked by the Receiver to represent the voice of the members)
Judge Gentleman: 793/898/113 (issued the court orders of putting Kevin Trudeau in jail and placing GIN under Receivership)
Perry Kiraly: 736/832/768 (taking legal action to intervene with the Receiver’s actions, protect GIN assets and restructure the club under a new legal entity)
Main decision-maker in the FTC: 423/515/98 (the parasitical elite usually operates behind the mask of corporation without having any public image, because they don’t want to expose any targets. Acute public anger projected towards 1 specific person could kill that person almost instantly)
Main decision-maker in the Receiver: 323/445/95

What’s interesting is that Greg Krammer and Judge Gentleman are on the same wave-length in terms of integrity towards society, and the Receiver and FTC are also almost on the same wave-length.

Because the Receiver controls all official communications of the Global Information Network and they are expert at manipulating public opinions, many members have been confused as to who to follow. Doing such a reading makes everything clear. And best of all, you can get a TruTester and validate the numbers yourself in order to work with facts instead of opinions.

As I said, naked corruption cannot live long, and integrity is the foundation of everything that lasts.

Where could you strengthen YOUR foundation of integrity?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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