In the last article, I exposed the planetary harvest plan of Metatron, and noticed that Thoth was above both Lucifer and Metatron. Strangely, neither the Ethernals movie nor the seminaire video even mentioned anything related to Thoth. Is it the big pink elephant in the room that nobody has been allowed to see?

He’s using top-level magic to hide himself while working from the shadows behind his minions.

Now that I’m starting to deal with this situation, I’m seeing that Thoth operates at a much higher level when it comes to illusions. He already fooled me several times in a few days, so we have to be very careful. He’s not fooling my daughter though.

I talked about 2 big problems that I’m seeing right now. First, people who get vaccinated have DNA modifications that trap their soul in a matrix-style incubator within 3 days. Covid antigen test traps about 14% of the soul each time and has the same effect as the vaccine after 6 times. None of the detox methods help in any way in this regards.

It makes the soul part of a giant bionic brain, and the soul is harvested at death to remain part of the bionic brain. One important belief to implant pre-harvest is “we are all one” (48.4% accuracy). Another belief that is heavily implanted is “everything is an illusion” (14.6% accuracy), which is important to get us out of the way but it doesn’t produce the ideal harvest.

The second problem are timeline bubbles. Many people are trapped in timeline bubbles; losing their anchor up and down, and being in a floating bubble that Thoth can manipulate all inputs and outputs; altering the context and creating powerful illusions.

I’ve seen many people flip lately. I had lost my support team overnight. What I now realize is that they were in such timeline bubbles for years, and the bubbles just popped overnight. The fact that they approached me to work with me was planned all along as a method of infiltration, knowing that they could gain back control over the contents of the timeline bubbles at any time. I measure 94.8% accuracy on this, 0.5% distortion, 0.02% cross-distortion.

Since exposing the incubators and timeline bubbles, the incubators are a lot more hidden and hard to detect, and Thoth created a LOT more timeline bubbles. I’m starting to see the way he operates, and he should not be underestimated. He could be called the Prime Demon; King of Harvests.

We’re also at the end of a very large cosmic cycle that brings this 250-billion-year-old drama to its head to be resolved.

There’s going to be very intense confrontations with Thoth during the holidays season. We’re approaching the Winter Solstice, most critical date of the year for energy work, and it’s the perfect time to do this kind of work.

One thing he can do is to create a timeline bubble around you and suck up your energy from it.

I also had 3 broken teeth this year, and many people also reported teeth problems. Thoth is 92% responsible for those teeth problems!?

Thoth has also been known as Jahwe, Anu and many other names. He’s also known as The Elder.

The Pyramid of Egypt is 100% Thoth energy, an important energy harvesting point on our planet. The pyramids have the shape of the Orion Constellation, which makes me wonder about Orion as a whole.

The Orion Federation had been working closely with Metatron throughout the ages, and the Metatron Cube is even on my book cover for The History of the Universe. We’ve definitely been stuck in this harvesting matrix. To what extent?

What % of the 3 Orion stars is energy harvesting? 35%

What % of the Orion Federation is energy harvesting? 12%

What % of the (ex) Andromedia Federation was part of the energy harvesting matrix? 64%

What % of the Ashtar Commands? 92%

What % of the Sirius Federation? 14%

What % of the Pleiades Federation? 15%

What % of the Lemurian Federation? 14%

What % of the Avians Federation? 45%

What % of the Avians High Counsel? ***92%*** (note: that’s where the Law of One comes from) 4 of the 12 counsel members are corrupt.

What % of the An-Le-Pleia Federation? 98%

There’s some big cleaning to do through all of the Federations and Counsels.

How many major harvesting points on Earth? 36

What % of Elon Musk’s essence is Thoth? 96.8%

The Nagas and Naga Serpents are 100% under Thoth / The Elder

Someone commented to my last article: “Thoth manipulated the humans and created his own matrix with AI installations etc. A group of lightworkers in Germany and Austria has made a detailed manifest towards the prime creator to end this Thoth Matrix. He was hiding in a time capsule and they had to repeat it. A similar manifest was declared to end the Metatron matrix. The complications was that he and others pretended to be a prime creator and split in many fractals incarnated in humans.”

I have met many such incarnations indeed.

I’ve spent many months battling Dark Sophia, and many more months battling Dark Mig/Lucifer. Let’s see how far Thoth can run.

I’m calling for all galactic forces to get into action now — for the winter solstice.

The elephant won’t be able to hide again. But he’s integrated everywhere: Avians Federation, Ashtar Commands, Elon Musk, and he has some of his essence in millions of other people.

The Juggernaut Attunements will have to wait until this battle is over.

Accuracy check: 93.8%, distortion 0.2%, cross-distortion 0.015% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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