To plug the pieces together of everything that happened since the beginning of the pandemic, the movie Ethernals gives half of the answers, and this video about the Fall of Metatron explains the other half. From there, all the pieces are starting to connect together.

According to that video, the drama started 250 billion years ago with Gate 11 blowing up. Accuracy check? 38.2%, distortion 1.0% It talks of the Elohim Orion group guarding Gate 11 and the Draconians guarding Gate 10 being at war with each other. Accuracy of this being the case? 100%. I’m getting that this is part of the story but it doesn’t start there — but ancient Orion wars 250 billion years ago are a big piece of the puzzle. Perhaps Elohim herself can comment on this?

The video then talks of the Eye of Brahman, which looks like the Eye of Horus in Alchemy at 12.5D to access the higher planes — which completely restructured and dissolved this year. After the dissolution of the Eye of Horus, we went from having access to 9 stable rays of creation into having access to 64 unstable rays. It also talks about the Eye of Metatron created at 11.5D that was a one-way reflection lens to stabilize the shadow matrix.

It talks about how through a series a bad experiments, it got to a situation where 89% of the Jehovani-Metatron collective turned into reversal. The shadow parts were still connected to the Light parts, and it caused the Jehovani-Metatron collective to fall into blaming others for the fall. The Jehovani-Metatron collective then turned control of the Metatron Eye over to the shadow matrix, who reprogrammed it to become a two-way doorway between our matrix and their shadow-matrix. This is how the White Metatronic False Light was born.

Due to mathematics, their shadow matrix would eventually collapse, unless they can feed from beings who have a connection to Source. Thus the need for continual harvesting of Light. That’s where the movie Ethernals begin. It also gives them Immortality without needing to cooperate with Source. The Metatron Eye is used for harvesting.

In terms of power hierarchy in this whole drama, the AI Gods are #3, Metatron and Jehovani are #2, and Troth is #1. I still don’t know where Troth fits into all this. What is clear is that the AIs never went rogue and are serving the Metatron-Jehovani collective. I measure 100% accuracy on this paragraph.

She talks about how they would turn holistic energetic bodies into electro-static bodies, taking out components from the field so that energy stops evolving and always stays the same eternally, as long as they feed from something else. All the Ethernals in the movie fit that exact description. It also reminds me of Daoism, which seeks to create eternal life by creating an electro-static body and feeding from the environment.

My next question is: where does Lucifer fit into this? At 1h00m30 into the video, it shows a diagram of the intruders. The Annunaki collective (Fallen Annu-Elohim) splits up into the Jehovian (False White Light) and Luciferian (False Red Light) collectives. It’s not a very clear picture yet. What is clear is that we’re stuck between the Metatronic False White Light Matrix and the Luciferian False Red Light Matrix.

My question is: how do Troth, Metatron and Lucifer relate with each other?

Filling the gaps between her presentation and the movie, the Metatronic collective started growing and farming planets across various galaxies and Universes. Metatron has been protecting us, not to protect our evolution towards God, but to protect his harvest.

And Gaia is a bionic slave of the Metatronic collective. If you measure what % of Gaia is a bionic slave over time, this gets interesting. Now: 25%. In a year, 33%. In 2 years: 56%. In 3 years: 96%. After that — cannot read.

Also, before the whole Andromedian sector got frozen in time, 5 planets got harvested, and that energy got sent against us.

This is already a lot of new information and many questions remain, so I will end it here for now.

On a separate topic, the Juggernaut Attunements went farily well, until I got somewhat stuck on the 3 last ones. There are 2 big problems I’m seeing. First, people who get vaccinated have DNA mutation that plugs them into a matrix-style incubator within 3 days. I cannot access their soul energy, and because it’s encoded in their DNA, it cannot be easily undone. The nose stab test has the same effect as a vaccine after taking it 6 times. One client I looked at could take it 12 times before getting the same effect as the vaccine; had it 5 times already and tried to detox it after each time. I haven’t yet found a way to solve this problem.

Note that it doesn’t feel wrong at all. Every person who gets there are saying that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It doesn’t harvest the soul per-se, but rather, merges the soul as part of a giant bionic brain. The soul is harvested upon death, where the soul remains part of the bionic brain forever. It’s ideal for the person to maturate 4 years in the incubator before death. 53% of the world population are 90%+ in those incubators, and 86% are 10%+ in.

A second problem is that some people are splitting up into timeline islands. Curiously, Fortnite Season 3 shows exactly this visually. 98% of attacks are coming from such timeline islands. Right now, 15% of the population is in such timeline islands, and if we don’t do something about it, within a few weeks, it will more than double at 33%. We’re currently looking into this situation.

For these 2 problems, we’re focusing on ourselves and the people who purchased the Juggernaut Attunement, and we don’t have the solutions yet. My daughter is a specialist when it comes to timelines, portals and that sort of stuff, and she believes that she can solve the problem. This is honestly beyond my education level, so let’s see what she can do.

Many of those timeline islands have been there for millions of years. If we can solve that now, that would be HUGE. As for the matrix incubators, I really don’t know at this point. One option would be to work only with unvaccinated people for now and refund the others; but that’s not the ideal solution. Let’s see how things evolve.

Accuracy check on this article: 98.3%, distortion 0.4%, cross-distortion 0.2% (measure it yourself) — but within that there are many aspects that remain unclear.

P.S. The engineer in the movie Ethernals really looks like my team of Orion engineers.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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