3 different people asked me why I am hosting a transformation event for women. It looks this is an important detail. Here’s why I want to bring this to women.

I have been in this awakening journey for many years and have seen a very drastic and fast shift in my own life. I have also seen many male clients’ lives transforming and evolving very quickly. One of the secret keys that unlocked everything for me is pure Goddess energy. The healing powers it provides are mind-blowing. What I’ve notice is that while men are drawn to that purity, women tend to be afraid of that level of vulnerability. Goddess energy is really about openness and vulnerability. Since people have all kinds of beliefs about what femininity is and what power is, tapping into peak states of Goddess energy and surrendering to that higher inner truth also threatens the beliefs women build around these topics. What I’m talking about here is an intensity of energy that most have never experienced in their entire lives. This also holds tremendous power.

While men get tremendous healing benefits from this Goddess energy and become very grounded, it also creates a disbalance between men and women as they can hardly find any women around them who are in touch with that Goddess energy and who are at their level energetically. There are many female healers and coaches who greatly develop themselves energetically and spiritually, yet very few tap into that Goddess energy. In order to heal the disbalance between men and women, it is important to bring that transformational power over to women, with the anti-aging and peak states of flow that come with it.

In order to do that, it is important to create a safe space where women can fully open, be vulnerable and heal the shame and anger they accumulated over the years. When it comes to healing the sexual energy, women are in a very different place than men, have completely different goals and completely different challenges. The whole topic has to be approached differently with women to make it safe and aligned with their own desires. This is why men and women events are separate.

This piece of Goddess energy is simply to bring massive healing power, states of flow and spiritual alignment. The reason I focus on that specific aspect is because it is missing from the spiritual communities. The other reason it is important to bring all that value to women is because the majority of people into spirituality are women and they have massive value to provide to the world. They need to fully step into their divine power and have the proper tools and support to bring their message out to the world.

If you have further questions about this, please send me your comments and questions.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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