There have been lots of things happening lately. Some of it is related to very advanced knowledge about spirituality, Alchemy and collective consciousness so it may be difficult to explain. I’ll do my best to explain the shift that has been happening over the last few days, because… well… it affects the collective consciousness of the planet. Lots of people have been getting sick over the last few days and this explains why. It will also give you an idea of what the life of an Alchemist looks like.

Here’s a simple version of the story. I always had difficulty bringing my message out. The reason for it is that what I do threatens people’s ego, illusions and preconceived ideals. The only people I used to really connect with were young men with a higher consciousness, who had no girlfriend, no business, no money or anything. That’s because they were pretty much the only ones who didn’t have any illusions to hold onto!

Ever heard of the concept of “false paradise”? It’s when people have goals and motivations they think will bring happiness and enlightenment but really are just a place for them to settle and distract them from their evolution. A good example of it is someone who believes he’ll be happy, powerful and enlightened once his business generates a million dollars per year. Or a woman who believes that controlling her environment to be secure and successful is what enlightenment is about. Or someone who just wants to get into a relationship or resolve a health problem and settles after that.

This false paradise is really what has been blocking my message from connecting with people. Realizing that, I made changes both in the way I communicate and in the collective energy of the planet in order to be able to connect with a wider range of people.

Now, here’s a more in-depth explanation of what has really been going on. It requires understanding a few basic concepts.

1. The whole Universe is emotionally and energetically connected through a spiritual plane that parallels the physical reality. In fact, the physical reality is a reflection of the spiritual plane, similar to a hologram.

2. Not only are we creating our reality, but we are collectively creating this world. There is a collective consciousness affecting every life on Earth. For example, if there are 10 people in a boat and one person makes a hole in the boat, everybody is going to sink. There are lots of spirits, entities and even demons of all kinds filling the spiritual plane and creating various energetic structures. Every city, every culture and every group of people has a collective consciousness affecting each member.

3. The spiritual plane has various layers and has a definite structure to it. Everything that exists in the physical world has an energetic structure in the spiritual plane. It’s like the other side of the moon: the moon couldn’t exist if there wasn’t the other side you can’t see.

4. You can project your mind anywhere in the Universe through meditation, which is called Astral Traveling. One of the higher planes in the planet’s collective consciousness is the plane of paradise which can be accessed through a Conscious Death Experience meditation.

5. Alchemy is the art of transmutation of self and transmutation of energies through a deep understanding of these spiritual laws.

6. Throughout the ages, there was Alchemists who could shape and transmute these energetic structures with their own minds in very powerful ways. Some would use it to heal cancers in half an hour. Some would use it to control minds and control populations.

Understanding these “basic” concepts, let’s dive into the story.

While doing healing work on myself, I was seeing two problems. First, there was pain in my upper spine related to blocks in bringing out my heart’s message. Second, when traveling to the plane of paradise to fully connect with my true essence, there were dead bodies falling. I worked with my Alchemy teacher, Jacques Tombazian, to resolve these issues. It turns out my message threatens and kills people’s ego and illusions. I was seeing series of hooks around my heart and spine which were people holding onto their illusions.

Exploring the issue further, there is… was… an “illusion factory” complex in the spiritual plane that was literally feeding people with desires and illusions to distract them from their evolution. This is a large energetic structure in the planet’s collective consciousness that affects everybody and that is also responsible for our technological evolution. In order to unblock my heart’s message, this energetic structure had to go because it was in direct conflict with my life purpose. This “illusion factory” brings evolution through mechanisms of control, fears and illusions.

Since this “illusion factory” played an essential role in our evolution, it couldn’t be dissolved by itself. What I and Jacques instead did was to take a new light-based mechanism of evolution and fully ground it into the existing energetic structure to replace it. This would neutralize the source of the illusions people are collectively holding onto.

The downside of this is… all the demons, corrupt entities and dark forces populating this large energetic structure were now homeless and roaming around. This unleashed chaos like I’ve never seen before, in the planetary collective consciousness. Jacques got sick and many others got sick. I got serious energetic attacks. Since we took away the false paradise, very powerful entities with strong mind-control abilities invaded the plane of paradise. This is a very dangerous situation beyond what I or even Jacques could resolve. The collective energy of the planet has been shaking tremendously in the last two days. Many people got sick or attacked by demons. I would intuitively estimate 37 Alchemists were working on the situation, and Jacques recommended me not to go to these planes for a few days.

A dangerous situation like this couldn’t last very long, and things already seem to be better today. I just went back to clean all the energetic attacks that were projected onto me. The pain in my upper spine is gone. I still see dead bodies falling and this time the corpses are partially disintegrated. I don’t know what that means but there will be some more work to do there.

This work is impacting the global consciousness of the planet and it will now be much easier for my message to come out. This marks the end of illusions and the end of the false paradise and is an important step in the 2012 consciousness shift.

Have you experienced anything during this shift, internally or externally? (between January 14-17th 2013)

By the way, I’m currently organizing the first Awakening and Transformation Event for Women. Although I describe the event in more simple ways, these advanced concepts are really what we will be working with to quantum-leap your evolution and inner power. If you know this is for you, sign up now and don’t let anything get in your way.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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