God is a universal presence that operates by laws. It doesn’t have a personality of its own. Out of all these laws, there is The Prime Law, which happens to not be a law but a series of 3 principle. It goes like this.

The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.
Law #1: No person, group of person or government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against any individual self, property or contract.
Law #2: Force is morally and legally justified only to protect against those who violate Law #1.
Law #3: No exception shall exist for law 1 and 2.

This means that by law, God doesn’t impose these laws onto us, but also by law, it reflects back to us the consequences of our actions. These are not laws of God itself as we have freedom of choice to life by these principles or not. Rather, these are laws to live by and apply ourselves to align with God.

Living by The Prime Law puts you in alignment with God, gives you divine protection, and by aligning with the Universe, the Universe aligns with you. God doesn’t have a personality and thus cannot answer your requests and prayers. It operates by laws, and the way to get its support is by aligning with it.

No spiritual freedom can exist without living by The Prime Law.

Compromising on your truth, or letting others compromise your life, then violates The Prime Law.

This sums up the whole foundation of my work in 3 simple principles! If you don’t want to live by these 3 laws, then my work isn’t for you. The path of the Alchemist requires dedication to living according to the principles of the Universe. If you’re not willing to follow those laws, then don’t tackle it at all.

Here’s where this gets interesting. I started thinking about where The Prime Law gets violated, and I realized: EVERYWHERE! Imposing one’s beliefs and values onto others is deeply ingrained into our culture, to the point that if you break the status-quo to live life on your own terms and achieve great things in the world, you’ll get attacked, not just by strangers but also by “spiritually conscious” people, as well as friends and family closest to you.

Very few are interested in The Prime Law because breaking those laws is not only an integral part of their values system and way of life, but our society is also shaped according to enforcing the Law of Men, not the Law of God.

This is exactly why there is so much resistance to the spiritual work that I teach. If you want to know whether my work is in alignment with you, you have to ask yourself whether you want to follow the 3 principles of The Prime Law.

On a side note, after doing some research, The Prime Law comes from the Neo-Tech Constitution, which surprisingly (or not surprisingly) enough, has been savagely criticized and attacked from all sides! This happens with any deep truth. Perhaps their pitfall is that they tried to apply it on a governmental level. Trying to establish or enforce The Prime Law violates The Prime Law. It seems to have come from a place of trying to change others instead of trying to change themselves. These are principles to live by on a personal level, as you are the creator of your reality. It is not a distant dream, but a day-to-day practice and philosophy of life.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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