My work never connected with the New Age spirituality movement. The reason for it recently came up to the surface, and it’s opening up a can of worms. If you want to know how the spiritual movement got manipulated and controlled from the very beginning, take a deep breathe and read on.

I kept hearing about the MK Ultra project, or the Monarch Project, and recently decided to look into it. It’s a comprehensive governmental mind-control program. This program was deemed illegal and was declassified a long time ago, so you can easily find a lot of information about it online. If you listen to interviews with witnesses that took part of it, several say that the New Age movement, as well as a lot of its material, were created by the government. The intent was to leave truth seekers into a state of peace, contentment and powerlessness while having the illusion of power and control, allowing mind control. They have been successful at that!

The New Age movement has been under control from the very beginning without ever being detected. Further energetic mind control is done to ensure people’s beliefs don’t become a threat to their agenda. If someone’s beliefs become a threat, that person becomes the target of massive energetic attacks to block his mind, destroy his credibility and divert his energy. Most stay within the safe container. This explains why I faced so much energetic attacks. This also explains why it never connected with the New Age communities!

The Atheist movement was also orchestrated by the government as there are plenty of scientific researches proving the existence of God, telepathy and that kind of stuff and these researches are all suppressed. This means both the Atheist and the Spirituality movements were manipulated and controlled from the very beginning! It polarizes society between the material and the non-material, obfuscating the truth between the lines. Everybody falls onto either side.

As I started working with the Philosopher’s Stone, a lot of my behaviors changed and I started receiving a lot of messages. One message I got was to be bolder. My true ego became stronger. My voice became stronger. As I tuned into the subtle energies around Rion’s new program Richer Reality program which bridges the gap between the material and non-material, I saw massive energetic structures that were blocking people’s minds. Then I’ve been “burning through” the Monarch, breaking hypnotic mind-control spells, and then energies turned into chaos again. I’m not yet done restabilizing my energy. I still wonder as to the specific techniques they used to manipulate the spiritual movement from the start without ever being detected.

Every religion and philosophy, including Christianity, Buddhist and New Age spirituality, have deep truths but also deep flaws in their foundations. If you want to go beyond your peers, you must stop looking at what groups have to offer and start seeking truth on your own. Walk your own path and seek guidance along the way. That is the only path to Enlightenment.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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