Update: Get the latest release here

I’ve been preparing the Natural Grounding Player v1.1 for a long time, and it’s finally out! Even better, it’s now Open Source. It is a spiritual awakening tool that sequences videos based on their energy levels.

Update: Source Forge took the project page down and hasn’t responded to my emails yet. While they sort it out, download it from here.

Update2: It appears my issue with Source Forge is just the tip of an iceberg. Big projects like VLC and GIMP moved out of Source Forge and have a very bad experience to share. I moved the project and its full source code over to GitHub.

For optimal video playback quality, it is recommended to first install SVP and select to also install madVR. MPC-HC will be used as the video player.

Since the Natural Grounding Player v1.0, these features have been added.

1. Much better detection and handling of SVP and madVR, which *greatly* enhance the video quality. It will start and stop these components simply by checking a box.

2. Configuring SVP and madVR properly can be complicated. The SVP Setup Wizard will make it simple to configure them to their optimal setting based on what your computer can handle.

3. The Media Encoder allows re-encoding low-quality videos while GREATLY enhancing their quality. This truly does some magic. You have to see it to believe it. Here’s a sample video before and after. The difference is drastic.

4. The database system changed from SQL Server 2014 LocalDB to SQLite, which means you don’t need to install the bulky SQL Server anymore.

5. The database contains 655 videos with their energy readings, 375 of which are available on YouTube.

6. Stillness rating has been replaced by Love, as in ‘flow of stillness through the heart’.

7. The readings of all videos have been re-done to be purely on their Receptivity/Expression of energies, not on their embodiment. Polarity readings were previously done that way, now all other readings are also done that way which altered all the ratings.

9. There is now the Intensity for each video which is calculated by taking the average of the 5 highest ratings.

10. You can now warm up by selecting videos not only by their Physical, Emotional or Spiritual energies, but also by Intensity or by any other energies, such as Earth, Party or Vulnerability.

11. The Distribution Graph allows visually seeing the repartition of videos for each energies.

12. Fun Pause has been replaced by Warm Pause, which plays videos with Egoless >= 4, Fire < 7, and everything besides Egoless < 8.5 + MANY other tweaks Note: You will lose your database between versions. The ability to keep your own data will be added in the future. Now that this project is Open Source, anyone who programs C#/.NET can contribute to it. One possible area of development would be to create a version for Linux and MacOS which has been requested by many. .NET itself can run on Linux and MacOS with the MONO Framework. The database, SQLite, is also compatible with Linux and MacOS. To have a cross-platform version, the only thing that would need to be done is reprogram the graphic interface with something like Eto.Forms as WPF isn’t supported on MONO, and replace the video player. I won’t do that, but it could easily be done if someone wants to do it. There’s also logic code in the graphic interface layer that would need to be moved into the business layer.

The the next BIG piece will be to create a central server to synchronize the database content between users.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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