It is time for celebrations! After all the blows we’ve taken lately, we’ve achieved a very major victory that will permanently shift the balance of power in the Ultraverse towards the Light.

The problems started about 3 months ago when we passed a bad timeline crossing and my support team flipped corrupted overnight. The very same people who helped me get back on my feet ended up being our #1 source of problems. Major bummer. That’s when I left for the roadtrip across Mexico to shift things up.

Some people are good in some timelines, neutral in others and bad in others. All it takes is a bad timeline crossing and they can flip.

Adding to that, we started having problems with lots of people stuck in astral pits. Although I was fine, my old support team was in the pits, and well as many other people in the Lightworkers community around me.

We’ve been working for 3 intensive months to solve those problems and get people back.

We eventually got to a point where we saw that by withstanding one more night, “the pit problems would be solved”. What happened the next day?

The people stuck in there were out of the pits, but still had to cross a long bridge. That wasn’t solved.

The same day… I got contacted back by Nate Ribbens, the monk from Journey to the West. He’s the #1 target of ALL dark groups. His health is completely destroyed with poisons and nanites. He said he had been trapped in astral pits for the past 2 years and just came out.

Those pits are an important component of nature. They’re like swamps, important filtering and recycling mechanisms. The problem is when someone decides to build on top of the swamp, throw anyone they don’t like in there, and whenever someone finds the strength to get out, throws them back into endless cycles of suffering.

He said that although there are many astral pits, they’re all inter-connected, and all pass through the same bridges to get out. Some people built a pyramid fortress outside the bridge and have been throwing anyone passing through back into the pit – several of whom caused major troubles in our P2P Kinesiology Group last year.

Now, Nate has an uncanny ability to cause butterfly effects – that’s why they target him so much. I was planning to assault the fortress, but he did it first. He built a black hole cleaning machine that just took care of it – sucking up all the corruption. People were levitating and flying out of the pits. Everyone was like… WTF did you do Nate!??

Now, I was looking into black goo problems with a client. Those pits are like contaminated swamps and form contamination springs everywhere – in the areas of your body that are the most stuck where no amount of healing moves anything. 100% of the black goo comes from those contamination pits. That’s what generates it.

Let’s look at those astral pits in numbers:

– They represent 18.6% of the mass of the Ultraverse
– They represent 16.4% of the mass of our Universe
– They represent 13.4% of the mass of Earth

– They produce 100% of the Black Goo

– 35.6% of the pits are… AI structures

– 12.6% of the contaminants coming out are AI structures

– 100% of the AI communication networks pass through those pits

– Those pits represent 45.8% of Lucifer’s fuel and power source

WOW!! We’re onto something big.

I placed black hole filters in all the contamination pits and that seems very effective. Also, there’s dried black goo that form rigid crusts that are even harder to remove. Lucifer had millions of claws made of dried black goo. That’s gone.

As of writing this, the Pyramid Sanctuary has been restored to its original purpose guarding the pits, the black goo is draining out hardcore through those black hole filters, and Lucifer is done. Tens of thousands of guardians are taking the initiative to finish the job with Lucifer now that he has lost too much of his powers. Many are also going back into the pits for cleaning operations.

Just a few weeks ago, Dark Lucifer and Dark Sophia were representing 97% of the subconscious of vaccinated people, and 25% of the collective consciousness of everyone. Now it’s down to less than 1%. Dark Sophia had been mostly dealt with a while ago. Now, Lucifer is done.

I’m expecting to see some vaccinated people start to show some critical thinking for the first time.

In terms of the bad news I wrote last time, this hasn’t changed the mortality rate yet. However, it has made timelines less “fixed”, giving more legal room for alternatives.

The problem, though, is that… many of the people who got vaccinated have been fighting against ascension for years, and if they get away with this, they’ll keep fighting to preserve their old reality up to their death bed. Something to consider.

Only God can save them, and it seems that for many, God doesn’t approve of their salvation.

Anyway, we should be seeing very major turns of events in the coming days and weeks. Higher dimensions are clearing up, and the communication with guardians and Federations is coming back. Things are coming back to normal.

Let’s celebrate!

Accuracy check: 98.9%, with 0.3% distortion, 0.01% cross-distortion (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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