I haven’t given much updates for a while. Now you know why I had to withdraw in March 2020 with the wave that was coming. In October there was a shift and “they” stopped focusing on us and went to phase B.

Fast-forward a year later, September 2021. The dark forces are very weak. At the Ultraverse level, dark forces have taken 97.6% of the damage. Neutral forces 1.3%, and Light forces 1.1%. A lot of their infrastructure in the astral are totally unprotected.

Still — the damage we take is very real.

Even though the energies are clearing up, I’m still seeing 15% of the population left within 30 years, possibly accelerated to 5 years. We’re kind of in a position where both sides check-mate each other.

It seems that God decided that our society didn’t need to exist anymore. It wouldn’t be the first time civilizations disappear on Earth or elsewhere. Note: when I was traveling in Chiapas that was strongly touched by the virus, I saw that Gaia was the main force behind the virus — using it to cleanse itself. If it has a Mandate from Heaven, or a Divine Purpose, then we can’t get rid of it.

As for vaccinated people, as much as I’d want to save them, it’s kind of hard to justify their actions when it officially provides 0 public health benefits (only reduces symptoms, not contagion) and people like Bill Gates said openly and publicly that he would use vaccines for population control.

Most who are reading this have been expecting “them” to do mass-scale vaccination, or to inject chips on a mass-scale, for many years now. Yet 75% of the population still falls for it? I’d blame it on mind-control, which is extremely strong… but the truth is, they just rejected the truth to protect their old reality. All the information is available and for years they turned their back on it. Those who read the signs and knew it was coming do get corrupted, but the mind-control really doesn’t work strong enough to get injected poison. There’s no excuse here.

As to what the vaccine really is, many doctors have spoken about it, and this guy summarizes it extremely well

Timelines can and will still change, but this is what I’m seeing for now.

Population left per country within 30 years, and possibly 12 or 5 years.

Canada: 14.8%
USA: 13.8%
Mexico: 16.2%
Peru: 8.2%
Paraguay: 8.3%
Brazil: 12.6%
Chili: 18.6%
England: 14.2%
France: 18.4%
Spain: 16.8%
South Africa: 11.3%
Egypt: 12.3%
Saudi Arabia: 8.4%
Russia: 18.2%
Pakistan: 13.8%
India: 12.5%
China: 6.2%
Japan: 13.5%
Thailand: 13.3%
Malaysia: 18.2%
Australia: 12.5%

Accuracy: 99.2%, distortion 0.013%, cross-distortion 0.0005%, cross-cross-distortion: 0.00013%

Remains the problem that out of those who will remain, still very few support the Lightworkers, and they will need to if they are to survive.

I don’t know whether there’s a better alternative. You can have a conversation with God to show you the options. That’s where we’re heading for now. It will be a rough ride ahead.

Remains a few questions:

1. How many non-humans are currently in our society, particularly in positions of leadership?

2. How many vaccinated people will survive?

3. What conditions are required for a vaccinated person to survive?

On my side, I have over 1000 unread emails, and haven’t gone back to doing much “work” yet. I’m focusing on the Ultraverse-level stuff, on my wife and daughter, and on 2 clients I’ve taken at $30k each. I could take a 3rd one if it’s a match, message me if interested. It may seem like a crazy investment, but I’m not in the capacity to take more than 3 clients at the moment, and it’s my only source of income. This is very serious work.

I wish I had better news to give, but at least you’re informed. The best you can do is to prepare yourself for what’s coming. We should be starting to see big waves of deaths starting just about… now.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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