In regards to what I posted yesterday in regards to increasing censorship, today I posted on Facebook a video from a black woman talking about Black Lives Matter and explaining what it’s about and what they’re asking for. Then it was taken down with a page saying “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying”. Now the video is back online but take that as a serious warning.

The events in Houston were to be expected. I knew very well of the consequences of activating additional generators. What you may not have heard of is that this isn’t just in Texas but is affecting the planet. What you may not have heard about are the 1200 deaths in India because of floods and 41 million people affected. Here’s also a video of a plane landing in the middle of a series of tornadoes in Suchi, Russia. The planet is boiling with an excess of unintegrated high-frequency energies. There are giant capacitors around the planet designed to diffuse the excess heat, and they are at 1500% capacity so the overflow is manifesting.

As I said already very clearly in this video, the biggest problem we face is a lack of spiritually-aligned leadership to replace the old power structures that are collapsing. We are heading towards pure chaos because the people don’t know what they are creating. They are creating division, hate, and civil war. Since last November, the energetic opposition in the Eastern Coast completely dropped, as if it was “burnt out”. As I said, it had to follow into physical manifestation. What we’re seeing in Texas is only 40% of that manifestation.

Then there’s the issue of the rise of the Anti-Christ which many Christians are talking about. I hate to say this, but many of the people I used to respect the most in the coaching industry have fallen under demonic influence. The next event I’m planning to attend is CEO Space. All the mentors of the movie The Secret are in that club, and my Alchemy mentor Jacques Tombazian used to be a highly-respected mentor there, but it has fallen out of alignment. After 2 months of energetically working on the club, I’m seeing no progress. What I just realized today is that a key person who holds energetic authority over the space is demonically possessed — a highly respected figure. I’m still unsure of how I’m going to deal with this.

Back to the original title. What does the Bible say about the times that are coming? Watch this video entirely. It’s 19 minutes but it’s worth it.

I will leave you with this. I’ve been giving warning for years and almost nobody was listening. Now, more people are starting to listen. Unfortunately, they only start to listen when it’s too late to change it. Or perhaps these events were never meant to be changed. We’ll have to get used to the intensity of energies. It will be the new standard for a while.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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