As mainstream media is pushing the US population into a civil war and providing coverage for hate groups, there is growing concern about internet censorship. For those providing consistent alternative media coverage, it requires a lot of time, energy and efforts to research and present quality information, especially if done on a daily basis or several times per day. Lately, however, all alternative media is being demonetized from YouTube, completely cutting the source of income of alternative media. Sure they keep doing their job even if they’re not getting paid, but it’s not sustainable and there’s only so far they can keep going unless they find a solution.

Let me state this clear: working for free is NOT sustainable.

I wanted to post videos as proofs of censorship but upon searching “YouTube censorship“, a lot of explanation videos are just a few days old so it looks like there’s a lot of recent development and they’re moving into the next phase of censorship. Just know that revenues streams of every alternative media has been cut and more is already happening. Do your own research to know what’s really going on.

So what’s the solution? I just came upon DTube, which is an alternative video sharing platform similar to YouTube but that works in a decentralized way using blockchain technology. It’s still extremely new but it looks very promising — and very timely. It has no censorship.

I posted the video Your Role For Backwards Ascension and the article The People of Orion among others.

It is also monetized. Every time a video gets a ‘like’ the author is getting paid with SteemIt crypto-currency. It is thus monetized but without advertisement. I wasn’t running ads on YouTube anyway so they couldn’t demonetize me, but having this potential of monetization without advertisement distraction is interesting.

DTube works with SteemIt. What’s the difference? DTube is for videos, SteemIt is for blogs and articles. I highly recommend you to check it out.

As people with millions of followers got demonetized and are moving over to DTube, inviting their followers over, I think this new platform can grow very quickly.

There are still a few downsides. First, you cannot delete any article or video. Articles can be edited, but video descriptions can’t even be edited as of right now, so once it’s up it’s up forever, but they’re still in early beta so the system will improve.

Then, what about stealing videos? David Wilcock had a problem with someone stealing his videos and stealing from him thousands of dollars of ads revenue. He eventually won his case and the other account got closed, but how would such a situation be handled on DTube? What about porn videos? Copyrighted videos? Beheading videos? We’re still waiting to see how such problems will be handled, but so far it’s going smoothly.

I just created my account and although it doesn’t have much visibility yet, I already have 5 followers: 2 Facebook friends and 3 other SteemIt/DTube followers, so there’s potential there. I’ll definitely give it a try and start uploading my articles and videos over there.

I highly encourage you to check it out and create an account on DTube.

First, you need a SteemIt account here. Then, click on your avatar on the top and click Wallet, then Permissions in the middle of the page. Next to Posting, click Show Private Key, and copy that key to the clipboard. You’ll need that key to create a DTube account. Go over to DTube and create an account using your username and your Private Posting Key. Wait for your account to be approved and that’s it!

Especially if you have a voice to share, this is the place to do so if you don’t want censorship.

Please go over my account and like my posts! Every vote is money, and new accounts only give .4¢ votes, but as your account grows, it can grow into a serious revenue stream. Some bloggers give $7 with every vote. It’s a very fascinating system and I’m looking forward to see how it evolves.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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