The message I posted yesterday was again massively rejected. I haven’t read the Bible myself and generally don’t talk about religion, but when it repeats exactly what I keep repeating, it’s worth bringing into the discussion.

A message I got today: 61.4% of the New Age movement in the USA is under demonic control, 20.6% is in stand-by mode because of demonic influence, and only 18% are aligned to the light. In Canada, 25.9% under demonic control, 63.8% in stand-by, and 10.3% aligned to the light.

I want to share a bit of my story as to how I made peace with Christianity and with God. I grew up in an extremist Catholic family (who ironically are in fact Atheists) and was forced to go to church every Sunday. When I moved into an apartment at 16, I told them: either you don’t force me to go to church, or I won’t come visit you in the week-end. The choice is yours. They thought about it and agreed. I have barely ever set foot in a church ever since.

I have gone my own path of growth, traveling all around the world, and learning various energy healing modalities. I would talk about Source Consciousness, Light, Oneness, but would never use the word God because of all the baggage associated to it that rendered the word meaningless.

I however realized that there was only so far I could progress in my growth while operating from a place of pain towards God. It was hard at first, but I started pronouncing the word God.

Looking back on my journey, realized that in my quest to escape religion, I became an Atheist and programmer, but that was a fixed set of beliefs that kept me in a box. I could explain everything, except a few weird experiences for which I had no explanation, such as a guy my sister brought me to see who talked to me about all kind of weird stuff and I started shaking like crazy on my chair and sweating. To find answers, I then went down the path of healing and spirituality. I had studied Reiki and thought I understood everything about how energies and the 7 chakras work. When I met my Alchemy teacher Jacques Tombazian, as a warm up meditation, we would ground the 24 first chakras going way above the head. I was confused. One of the first meditations to heal implants and portals changed everything for me. OK, I knew nothing.

I got to a point where I realized that spirituality as it is widely known is only yet another religion: a fixed set of beliefs and values.

What’s the point of running away from religion when every escape brings into another set of beliefs?

So I stopped running away. I realized Christianity wasn’t much worse than Spirituality. I made peace. There is one book, if I remember correctly I think it’s in God Works Through Faith, where it said that a religion should only be judged in the measure of which it increases one’s connection with God. If it increases one’s connection even just a little, then it is good.

So, made peace with Christianity. I made peace with God. I’m now able to have a conversation about God with Christians, or with Muslims, or with Buddhists. I personally feel more resonance to Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, but I’m open to discuss with anyone who is willing to listen and discuss about God.

What about you? How do you feel when thinking of God? What unresolved baggage needs to be resolved? How is your connection with God? I’m not talking about any man-made definition of God, nor am I talking about Jesus, I’m talking about pure source consciousness.

Here’s an exercise that will help you clean unresolved baggage around God. Take a blank sheet of paper. On top, write GOD. Then, brainstorm everything that comes to your mind around that word. Any judgment, pain, thought, question, doubt, anything that passes through your mind. Write it all down until you fill the whole page. When you’re done, the sheet will feel very heavy with all the baggage. Take a lighter, go outside, and burn the sheet of paper (in a safe way). It will transmute and release the energies. Try it out!

The only way forward through the current and upcoming obstacles is through our own connection with God. It is thus important to find that deeper place within ourselves. If you want readings that will help deepen that connection, I recommend either the Holy Bible Georges M. Lamsa version that is an undistorted translation from the original texts (which I haven’t read), or the Bhagavad Gita As It is which is an even older book from an Eastern perspective (which I’m currently reading).

God works through faith, and the truth will set you free.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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