We are transitioning into a new paradigm of life on Earth. This isn’t a cult or religion or anything like that. It is a shift in the very fabric of the consciousness of the planet. After the last article I sent about Jupiter igniting into a 2nd sun, a few other theories were sent my way. Some say that it is the natural brightness of the planets that varies over time, but Jupiter is *way* too far to be visible. If that theory was possible, you would have seen the same thing in the past. The only two articles we found that were talking about it said that it was not Jupiter but Planet X. I haven’t yet seen evidence to support this, and the Jupiter & Venus conjunction made it clear it was Jupiter over there. I would be surprising that Planet X would take Jupiter’s place and appear in the sky like this. Plus, as far as I know, Planet X is not a sun but a planet so it wouldn’t be shining like a star. So even though there is still no information whatsoever about this anywhere, Jupiter igniting remains the most credible theory.

And then other things came my way: a giant UFO caught by NASA and published in mainstream media, on RT. The disclosure is happening.

Going beyond that, David Wilcock and Corey Goode started a new series on Wisdom TV about Cosmic Disclosure. I trust David but just don’t have time to go through his material, but this I have to watch because quite frankly, I’m lost with the stuff going on beyond the surface of this planet, and what’s happening up there is severely affecting what’s happening here at the highest level. The 2 first episodes of Cosmic Disclosure are free.

We appear to be shifting gear. The disclosure is full-on. The old paradigms of life are collapsing. A new paradigm of life is emerging. Very exciting times ahead!

One more thing. Why do I care about this global transition of consciousness? Because 90% of the things I teach and do, and 90% of the results and possibilities, are only possible within that new paradigm. The work I do cannot be applied from the old paradigm or from the widespread spiritual paradigm.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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