Wow. Lots going on. Not sure where to start. I just went for a mastermind event with my coach Eiji Morishita in Los Angeles and stayed at Rion Freeberg’s new apartment in Hollywood as he just moved there. Then, finally made it to Quebec after a torturous series of flights.

Let’s start by talking about the Philosopher’s Stone, which is the ultimate goal of Alchemy. The Philosopher’s Stone is an energetic structure that crystallizes your energy field as you reach enlightenment and provides the power of absolute transmutation and absolute protection. The Philosopher’s Stone is composed of 3 parts and I am currently working on solidifying the first 2 parts. Very few people ever complete this work in 20 lifetimes. How I got to this stage in just a few years is beyond me.

As I develop the Philosopher’s Stone, it provides the power of absolute transmutation of anything that affects my energy field, path and purpose. Once the stone will be completed, it will provide the power to create absolutely anything. Now, my purpose is to help ground the new spiritual energies into the planet and there are MASSIVE counter-intentions both on a geopolitical level and on a sociocultural level. This is both a blessing and a challenge, as let me tell you that it’s not pleasant to energetically get affected by wars. Now, as I develop the Philosopher’s Stone, it transmutes anything that gets in the way and powers shift on a worldwide level. I’m mentioning this because a LOT of such maintenance has been required this week.

I mentioned the social matrix started cracking and the old paradigm was over. The old and new paradigm are shifting and grinding against each other like tectonic plates causing earthquakes and hurricanes. During the mastermind event, Eiji accidentally did something that had the energetic effect of smashing the tectonic plates against each other. That was brutal! How he could accidentally have this power with just a few words in such a small environment is also beyond me. The consequence is that I lost my voice, got sick for several days and the social matrix now has a massive fracture. This is at the core of the media world: Los Angeles / Hollywood.

Rebuilding my energy field and maintaining my Philosopher’s Stone afterwards has been a real challenge, and it’s as if I had been sent on purpose to cover the whole USA before getting to Montreal. The flight path was Los Angeles – Dallas – New York – Montreal, but the Montreal flight was cancelled so I spent the night in New York, one of the densest areas of North America, where I did a powerful Kundalini Natural Grounding sexual transmutation session (for those who know what that is). The next flight was at 3pm, with a 3rd transfer to Philadelphia! This was a LONG travel and I’ve been busy maintaining my energy field along the way.

It’s interesting how much contrast there is between the various cities in the USA. Los Angeles has more of a validation-seeking energy. Dallas has more of a security-seeking energy. New York has more of an emotional numbness energy. Montreal has more of a secularism energy, a religion that cuts away from God. All of which have taken a serious blow.

The reason I have been able to accurately predict what has been going on with the 2012 energy shift is because I feel how the various forces affect my path and energy. I see all of it from the front-line. We’re now in the middle of the transition process, and a period of chaos is to be expected very shortly to allow these changes to reorganize our physical world. Exciting times ahead.

There’s a lot more I could say about the effects of the shifting tectonic plates and how to manage your life accordingly, and it would take a whole other article to cover that.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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