On October 21st, I went to Washington to meet Kevin Trudeau the day before he went to jail. His energy was surprisingly clear and aligned. Right after his 1-day seminar, he rushed into a plane to go to jail. Since then, he went to court for his criminal case of “willingly” misrepresenting the content of his book on television. Although they failed to prove him guilty, the jury decided to still call him guilty and throw him back in jail, although we still don’t know for how long. Now that Kevin is down, the Global Information Network, which I and 10000 other members are part of, is next in line to be attacked. If GIN goes down, then we the people are next in line, through what I call the umbrella effect, which would be a whole other conversation for another article. I haven’t written anything lately because I was busy doing tremendous energy work around this whole situation. Things are looking good now, and the club will survive and thrive.

I was a bit unsure about flying from Cancun to Washington for a 6-hour seminar, as I’m used to events lasting several days. Turns out I was already saturated after 6 hours. It was GREAT stuff. There is one topic I came to understand which I want to share with you today: The dark path of personal growth.

Some people follow a light path of personal growth, while others follow a dark path, just like in Star Wars. What’s the difference? I never understood this because it’s impossible to follow a dark path from my approach of transmuting energy. But as those prosecuting Kevin Trudeau prove, the dark path is very real, and most of us are in it to some degree. It comes down to this.

The light path is when you seek greater joy and pleasure. The dark path is when you seek to avoid pain. Think of someone who constantly needs more money and power not to feel rejected and powerless. Or someone who takes drugs to escape huge emotional pains. The problem with this is that it becomes very addictive. Once you start forming habits that make you feel good by avoiding pain, you cannot stop doing these habits otherwise the pain will come back amplified. It’s a very slippery and addictive slope. The dark path usually starts with a very painful event that a person seeks to avoid and never experience again. In Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side into Darth Vader when he was afraid his wife would die, and although it’s a science fiction movie, it is a great representation of reality.

The dark side is very addictive, but it is also a very powerful motivation to push you forward, so the strength it provides makes it even more addictive. One drawback of it is that you can never be satisfied, never have enough and never be fulfilled through that path.

Looking around, there are other ways this path of avoiding pain and never being fulfilled shows up.

Think of Pick-Up Artists. Generally, the whole motivation behind pick-up is to avoid pain of loneliness and pain of rejection. That is why pick-up artists can never be satisfied with any women and always need to have more and more women. It’s a cycle and craving that never ends. Also, sex generally comes from a place of releasing pressure instead of from a place of enjoying the chemistry and connection, so it never brings satisfaction.

Or, think of women who put exaggerated attention on their beauty. They feel like crap and become addicted to looking perfect in order to avoid the pain of feeling ugly. It’s a very addictive cycle that never brings peace or satisfaction, but it does lead to some women looking stunning.

You can even look at someone who went into spirituality to avoid the pain of their physical reality. This brings them peace from their pains, and a never-ending quest for fulfilment. Once you fall into a path of spirituality to avoid pain, it becomes very addictive, and it becomes very difficult to achieve greater things in life as reconnecting to the physical reality would bring a barrage of pains to deal with. Add to that the fact that escaping spiritually created a very comfortable comfort zone, which makes it even more addictive.

All of us have been into the dark path in some form or another, and it does have some power to it. There’s nothing wrong with that, and at some point, you have to make a shift if you ever want to find happiness and fulfillment. Where in your life are you guided by avoiding pain, and where in your life are you guided by seeking greater joy and pleasure?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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