In the last article, The Dark Path of Personal Growth, I quickly mentioned the umbrella effect. Let’s explore what is the energetic umbrella effect and what impact it has on your life.

When someone walks a new path off the beaten paths, he has to clear up lots of energies and challenges along the way. It also opens up a whole new energetic space. Every author creates an energetic umbrella with the books and philosophies they write. That is why when authors have massive breakthroughs, their readers also evolve very quickly. When the author goes through challenges, his readers also go through challenges.

Kevin Trudeau was serving as an umbrella over the Global Information Network. All the legal battles were directly on him while the club was allowed to thrive. Now that Kevin is down, the Global Information Network is next in line to receive the attacks and pressure. The Global Information Network serves as an energetic umbrella above me and above 10000 other members. If the club goes down, then the members and individuals are next in line.

Think of what is happening in journalism. First the whistle-blowers such as Bradley Manning, Julien Assange and Edward Snowden get attacked and sued as “spies”. Then they attack investigative journalists as “aiding the enemy”. Then they attack the people supporting them. In such a battle, every time a layer of umbrella goes down, those under get attacked next.

In my case, as an Alchemist, I face tremendous energetic battles to remove the conflicting intentions in the planetary field of co-creation. When my energy is strong and open, it accelerates the development of anyone following me. When my energy goes down and unstable, all the energetic attacks then affect others following a similar purpose. Now my energy and path is fully grounded, stable and immune to external attacks. What I kept battling against were the energetic structures of planetary control from the secret societies. I had to “crush” lots of rigid energetic structures with intensive focused love, just like iron can become a smooth glowing liquid with enough heat. I must have cleared about 200 trillion demons and attacks in the last few weeks. The energetic knowledge I’m working with is stronger than theirs, and the path to freedom is now open and fully immune. This creates a strong umbrella.

Now that you understand what the umbrella effect is, you might realize that you are getting greater benefits from those clearing up paths ahead of you than you taught. When it comes to the Global Information Network club, since it provides an umbrella above me, and a vehicle to outweigh the corrupt secret societies by sharing their knowledge openly, I found that energetically strengthening and protecting the club lifts off a lot of pressure from my own shoulders.

You might want to strengthen the umbrellas above you.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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