As the consciousness level of the planet is rising, a new paradigm is gradually emerging. A paradigm where we have no limitations, where there is more than enough for everyone, where we are connected to other life forms in the Universe and where we have access to cheap or free energy. There’s a new paradigm in terms of our personal lives, our alignment with our soul’s purpose and our sense of happiness, freedom and strength. There’s a new paradigm in the way we live our relationships and interact with each other, to be more connected with each other while also having more independence and personal power. There’s a new paradigm emerging in our view of the world where we realize we are not alone in the Universe and that a lot of technologies have been hidden from us in order to maintain centralized power over the governments of the world, yet a lot of the hidden information and hidden technologies are finally breaking free.

Once you unlearn everything you learned from schools and from the media and start living in a paradigm that is fully aligned with your soul, how does that fit into the existing social matrix? It clashes. Paradigms are created and maintained in the energetic planes, and they move and grind against each other like tectonic plates, causing earthquakes and hurricanes. The very fabric of our society is disintegrating and shifting in a very fundamental level as the new paradigm emerges.

Since our minds are not only local but are inter-connected, and collective paradigms are created in the energetic planes, there’s no need for 50% of the people to change for the world to change. Just 100 people integrating a new consciousness in any city of the world is enough to have an impact on the collective consciousness of that city. Once a new paradigm or new consciousness reaches a tipping point, it spreads wirelessly and becomes the new standard reality. That’s called the 101th Monkey Effect. You can compare this point in history to right before it became recognized that the Earth was round instead of flat, although the transition we’re currently going through has wider implications.

In order to get to the point we’re at right now, it was necessary to step out of the social matrix and explore completely new paths, which is what led me to start this business. Most of those who were willing to step that far out of the social norms were people with deep issues and nothing to lose, and a new paradigm started emerging from there. We now got to a point where the old social matrix is completely broken and malleable, which opens the path ahead.

The next phase will be to structure the emerging paradigm, personally, socially and economically. It means creating businesses of all kinds that operate from that higher consciousness. It means creating an ecosystem at a higher consciousness through which money and wealth can flow while improving the state of the world. It means creating new communities of progressive thinkers. Currently this whole movement is being led by just a few highly progressive thinkers and leaders. It has to transition into a community-driven movement that grows on its own.

The people who will be ready for that 2nd stage may be different people than those who were involved in the 1st stage. Recovering from heavy problems is one thing, but there’s still a considerable road to go before being ready to build a business and lead a movement. Interestingly enough, I noticed there are many business owners and people who are more advanced who are on my list and who have been following me, yet almost none of them ever purchased anything from me. Perhaps they were waiting for this second phase where they would have a role to play?

I was just watching a documentary that explains in great depth what is currently happening around the world, and this quote got my attention: Today, wealth is not found in your ability to earn money, but in how close you are to the printing machine.” (referring to the Federal Reserve system) This explains why pharmaceutical doctors easily make 10 times the income of alternative medicine doctors who heal the same diseases through natural ways, and why the majority of those who live outside the social matrix struggle financially. That also explains why, in my case, none of the training to increase the ability to earn money and raise the money frequency were bringing any results. The further out of the social matrix you get, the stronger this problem gets.

Avoiding to look at the problem is like being a fly that keeps hitting the window until it dies, not realizing there is a door wide open 5 foot to the left. I meditated on this quote and came to this conclusion. As you evolve spiritually, it is important NOT to disconnect or withdraw from society. Instead, you have to be this holistic virus that lives within the matrix and reprograms it as you move along. The illusion of separation between the various paradigms can be erased, and doing so will accelerate the transition into a new paradigm.

If you feel like you’ve been sitting on your butt for too long and it’s time to take some more serious action, I’d recommend the Energy Tune-Up to get crystal clear on where you’re at and where you want to go, and then let’s see how I can help you get there. It’s time to expand this work to people who are a bit more established within our society as we know it.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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