Alright I’ll give some updates. My wife is still away and I still have to pay for her hotel. The fact of being spread-out is altering the way timelines merge, and is cock-blocking the barrage of bad timelines. This should be resolved soon.

Magdalene, Lucifer and Pistis look really weak at this point, but there are still endless bad timelines to clear out. We also have to keep an eye out for other yet unidentified players. Meanwhile, my mailing list is shrinking at record speed as Luciferians are running away, which is funny to watch.

One big problem is that our timeline is condemned with the evacuation. We are not in the master timeline, nor is our timeline blessed by God, which makes it very vulnerable to ambush and collisions. We have to get closer to the new master timelines. God showed me 15 master timelines all spread out. We did some reconsolidation work to connect them together and approach them, bringing series of timeline merges along the way. As of right now, we are 816 to 13.5 million timelines away from the master timelines blessed by God. The closer we get, the more stable we’ll get, but we need to somehow merge with timelines that are wildly different and incompatible with ours.

As those timelines are merging, I’m definitely noticing that people out in the street have a lot more soul than before!

Next, as I’m starting to look at people strictly in terms of God pledge and Lucifer pledge, I detected a series of people who looked good but have 0% God pledge and 100% Lucifer pledge. Upon closer inspection, most of them have no emotions whatsoever. Closer inspection reveals some very sophisticated implants on the throat and third eye that are extremely hard to detect and puts people in service to Lucifer. These implants affect 13.4% of Earth’s population, 30.4% of Americans, 42.7% of Canadians, and 50.3% of Australians.

Pattie Brassard has been recently doing interviews on FESIG talking about timelines. I’m seeing that exact pattern: 0% God pledge, 100% Lucifer pledge, no emotions, and those high-level implants on throat and third eye. Someone also commented about a group preparing to do a mass-meditation in Canada to clear out evil forces. That’s yet another Lucifer harvesting scam.

I’ve also been exploring communities out there to try to find decent light warriors. I was in contact with the Silver Legion a while ago. They were sh*t scared of taking part of any mission, they’re under an AI system, and now I see that they all have this high-level implant I just talked about. Core intent doesn’t look negative until you get to the upper management, but they’re well-contained.

Recently found the AstralArmy group on Reddit and had some good interactions, until I got banned as usual. Now I see that the mod who banned me has this high-level implant. There are mods with such implants in every community as gate-keepers, so that’s why I get banned on sight wherever I go. Well, maybe not on sight, but… I got banned from a SSP group for mentioning Corey Goode, got banned from a publishers forum for mentioning that I wrote my book in 6 days, and got banned from AstralArmy for talking about Lucifer.

Found another community of astral fighters, doing astral sparring and such. Some of them are quite good. But they’ve been living under a rock and have no clue whatsoever about the war that has been unfolding in the past 3 years??? How is that possible? Well, since they’re out of the way, Lucifer leaves them alone and would circle back to finish them off later. Upon closer inspection, the community is contained inside a simulator. It has no implant to avoid drawing suspicion, but it controls all inputs and outputs while keeping them isolated, so they don’t interact with any of the alien races nor have any clue about all that. I’m seeing the high-level implants on only 2 people in that community.

Let’s go back to Canada. I’m seeing 3 levels of matrix grids.

First level is the mRNA matrix, turning people into cyborgs plugged into an AI hive mind. Matrix health in Canada is at 44.6%, but strength at 14.7%.

Second level above are containment grids similar to the astral fighters group. It allows people to function in a “business as usual” way without noticing the war going on elsewhere.

Third level above are those high-level implants. It’s like a bright structure with multiple branches reaching out out into a few core chakras, primarily the throat and third eye. Almost looks like a series of arcs. Barely can see it, can’t touch it, can’t heal it. I weakened that grid but need to explore further what’s fueling it.

Now if we look at Australia, there are more like 15 matrix layers… haven’t looked into that yet. Got a friend stuck in it, that’s no fun.

Let’s keep going. Let’s show them what Earthlings are made of.

By the way, I started doing a few more energy readings. With our Universe gone, the measurements of soul resonance with the various planets, in many cases, dropped to ~15%, and Earth resonance raised from ~20% to ~75%. Just a curious observation. We’re becoming full Earth citizens. Is it still relevant to measure whether you’re Sirius, Andromedian, Lyrian or Orion if those civilizations are gone? We’re all living under the same roof now. We’re survivors roaming around time and space looking for a new base, like so many other groups we crossed.

Accuracy check: 99.1%, distortion 0.5%, cross-distortion 0.1% (measure it yourself).

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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