We’re now crossing an asteroid belt of bad timelines and it’s clashing down pretty hard. That’s what we had been trying to avoid the whole month with having my wife away in a hotel the entire month.

Now I’m looking at tons of people and they have infiltration in their core at 45% to 95%!!! You can check your core infiltration levels here. And people are feeling it since the eclipse. This is hardcore.

I’ve also completed the pending Soul Alignment Readings. If you order a reading now, I’ll include you in my watch-list for clearing core infiltration.

In most of the readings, corruption was sky-high in the 6 upper consciousness levels, and soul commitment was stuck at 75%. Another interesting difference is that, with our Universe being gone, resonance with the various soul groups lowered to around 15%, and resonance to Earth increased from 20% to 75%. We’re becoming full Earth citizens now!

On a separate topic, I’ve been exploring the option of crossing back into the IT world for a job. This community is completely drained out of funds and in very bad shape. There are other ecosystems out there where money flow abundantly, like the high-tech world.

I’ve been doing .NET for 15 years, and left my last job 13 years ago. Although I’ve put many skills up-to-date, it turns out that technologies shifted drastically during that time and I’m not suitable for a job. Nobody writes desktop apps anymore, it’s all web apps. Also, ALL businesses are using cloud services from Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

I thought I was full-stack developer, but I’m really middle-stack. I’m like a sandwich without the bread, with quality aged cheddar. There are no pure C# jobs anymore. I can either get a front-end job that requires learning HTML5, CSS, TypeScript and a front-end framework like Vue, React or Angular. Or, a back-end job that requires Azure or AWS experience, using cloud services. The meat itself is perfectly fine, but I’ll need either the front slide or the back slide to be market-viable. The fastest path to market is probably to learn about cloud infrastructures for a back-end job. I’ll look into cloud services certification training.

That means, unfortunately, that it’s not currently an option for getting me out of the hole. I had to pay a full month of hotel and all kinds of other extra expenses this month, plus got bank account frozen and seized; it’s unfrozen but funds aren’t yet back.

For now, this business is still the best way to keep going, but I may have to cross back into the IT world to get a better ground.

The best way you can support me is by getting a Soul Alignment Reading, and I add you to my work-list for clearing that core infiltration.

I can also take one more person at $1K per month for my high-end continual coaching and support throughout the year, contact me if interested.

Another observation. There are some Orion survivors who built a couple of security outposts around our portable Universe. They’re also building a proper container ship around our Universe. They’re in contact with other groups in a similar boat, getting technologies from them. There are Orion Navigators that are pretty dope, helping us navigate our Universe through time and space. Yup can’t get rid of Orions so easily. I’ve checked them and they look good. They’ve been battling Borg infiltration and it’s looking pretty good now.

There is one more topic to explore. Yesterday I was doing some astral sparring with someone, and during the fight, he saw a comet or missile that he thought I threw. Others had very vivid dreams about missile or comet impact. Got to figure out what this is about.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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