This month has been absolutely frickin insane. My daughter cannot go to school, my wife had to go travel and could not come back for over a month and I had to pay the hotel the whole time, with no solution in sight. My bank account just got locked (will take a few days to resolve), and a whole bunch of problems are piling up. It’s pretty rough. My team-mate had to rescue me 3 times so far. Very grateful to have him around!!

We got out of a total check-mate, immediately after, Hamas threw 5000 rockets and the Israel war started. What is that all about?

And what is so dangerous that my daughter is warning me about if my wife comes back? She was talking about a full year of crazy hardship.

Now I’m seeing the problem. We got completely ambushed. We completely lost the war in a million different realities and got turned into robots. There’s just this one annoying reality that Lucifer can’t get rid of.

So what did he do? He tried to blew through this reality and cause a merge with a strong enough war impact in Israel. He also created a barrage of really shit realities that we just passed through. He’s throwing shit realities at us one after the other. Just one bad timeline merge could be very serious trouble for a long time.

I saw a giant structure with an infinite amount of cubic realities. Lucifer used that to create experiments and case studies. He can then flip realities onto each other like an infinite Rubik cube. That’s how he piled up a whole bunch of problems for many of us.

But even after dismantling that, dismantling the Sirius central matrix system, and blowing up an infinity of other threats, if I measure the hardship level in a month if Irlanda would come back tomorrow, we’re getting hardship of “digits with digits with a million digits %” and above for everyone. 100% hardship is already crazy; the problems we’re dodging are just frickin insane.

We’re dodging a big bullet. My daughter is the only one who saw it, and if it wasn’t for her warnings, we would already have merged into those really crap realities.

Those infinities of crap realities are really some serious sh*t. We’re improving our techniques and accelerating the pace, but it’s still going to take a while at that pace.

It does appear that none of our problems will be resolved, and Irlanda won’t be able to come back, until we’ve fully resolved this.

This means, we’re at the grand finale of killing Lucifer and dismantling his endless dark realities. We’re just that one reality that refuses to fall.

The Israel war is one attempt at breaking our reality and forcing a merge with bombs. He’s also trying to take us down as always.

We really need to step up our game big times. It might take us 35 days at our current pace; but then we shorten the time by 10x every single day.

We really can’t let this linger any longer; on top of being crushingly hard for everyone, each day that passes causes massive damage to society and other people. This needs to stop now.

Every single day, we pray God for an absolute miracle, and we surrender. It often comes in the form of giving us the tools and knowledge we need for the next step.

Let’s keep digging!!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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