2 weeks ago I posted a video about Operation Insomnia, and this operation has been a huge success. The liberal insanity train is heading towards a cliff at full speed, and various signs are showing that the moderates are now distancing themselves from this insanity. Now I want to give important updates on some of the other developments.

And first, since Rion Kati is here in Mexico near my home, we’re considering maybe hosting a joint retreat before I leave towards China. It would have to be in June or beginning of July so the timing would be tight; and after that we won’t host any joint event for a long time. Last one was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, nearly 2 years ago. We’ve hosted joint events in Columbia (sold out in 2 days), Montreal, Hungary, Thailand and various other places around the world. You can view testimonials from the Bangkok 5-days intensive event here, here and here. Clients literally anti-aged by 5 years within those 5 days, on top of massive inner awakenings. I want to have an idea of who is interested in another such events. 5 days of intensive energy work and coaching with both I and Rion Kati, in a small intimate group of 5 to 7 clients. Investment is $5k each (which means $2.5k for me and $2.5k for Rion, we can’t go any lower). We have to interview each participant to see whether you have the right foundation for this intensive work, and that you are a right fit, as part of the reason these events are so powerful is because we’re lifting up the energy of the entire group, we can’t leave anyone holding the group energy down. If you want greater spiritual alignment and divine guidance, stronger healing powers and just opening yourself up to greater powers in every aspect, then contact me via email or Facebook to let me know you’re interested. We don’t have any information published on it and haven’t yet decided on the logistics and whether it will happen, but we’ve hosted these events several times in the past and it will go along the same format. Intensive energy healing session, in-depth coaching to reframe your mindset for success and abundance, plenty of inter-galactic weird stuff, and we’ll end with a Natural Grounding session until 6am as is the tradition. Let me know if this interests you. 5 intensive days for $5k. Limited to 5-7 clients.

Now back to Operation Insomnia. We’ve done a lot of other work around it. The vibration of all currencies worldwide has been connected with the energy of currencies of the Galactic Federation. Before, the vibration was -400, and of the 5 Chinese elements on a scale of 10 (10 representing 1000 on Hawkins Scale) and measuring Height x Depth, the energy was Metal 13.8×15.8, Water 0.02 x 0.05, Wood 3.1×3.4, Fire 4.2×5.6, and Earth 3.4×2.4.

Now, vibration of money worldwide: 500. Metal 6.2×4.5, Water 4.2×3.6, Wood 6.2×3.5, Fire 4.2×3.5, Earth 4.3×3.4. Now THAT is progress!!! Just like a sea, the energy of money should be able to flow a lot more evenly and auto-level itself.

The next issue are secular mind networks blocking the flow of feminine and water energies. Operation Insomnia has been extended to target secular business connection, EXCEPT non-corrupt government structures and essential businesses. Secular people will isolate themselves.

The next problem is with industry leaders. The challenge with redirecting the energy of big leaders is that they are stubborn and sure of what they are doing, even if it’s only at 3% alignment. They are a severe adaptation bottleneck. They each have their self-development system that is based on another system: secular mindset, or semi-secular mindset with 4th density extension, or integration of 5th density Masculine laws and suppression of the Feminine. These paradigms are also based on another system, the house of cards of illusions we live in. We thus have a system dependent on a system dependent on a system. This has thus been the next focus of Operation Insomnia.

Because these people are completely irrelevant moving forward, there was no need to go gentle. Positive Thinking paradigms are 92.4% down. Law of Attraction paradigms are 92.6% down. Save/Fix/Control The Planet paradigms are 92.3% down.

Then there was this contest I applied in to suggest new governance solution to solve the challenges we face. Of course, my application was rejected, out of 2700 applications from 122 countries. What concerns me, however is that all of the solutions taken as finalists are based on the same old secular paradigms. They all fail to understand the nature of the changes that are unfolding (highest one has 3.1% understanding). Furthermore, they are all based on trying to control nature instead of adapting to the changes that are unfolding. George Carlin brilliantly explained 4 years ago why all these solutions will fail. Thus, we need to destabilize all these paradigms so that something new can emerge. We really can’t trust that our leaders know what they are doing — they have no frickin clue.

Then, the vibration of the Hawaii volcano is 8000, and the vibration of the storm forming up in the Gulf of Mexico is 95000. That’s what happens when high-frequency energies are not integrated.

And finally, as of last night, all people worldwide with a vibration below -95 million on the Hawkins Scale have been taken down. That was 1.2 million people in Mexico alone. Not sure exactly what’s happening with them physically but their energy field completely shut down. The planet’s vibration went up 12 points on the Hawkins scale overnight.

So yes, all these are very major changes and developments, and Operation Insomnia continues. CNN is also 98.2% gone, their agony was painful to watch.

As far as opposing groups, there are 3 observing on stand-by: CIA, Secret Space Program division 4, and Afgarthians (dark elves) in the Inner Earth. They’re under close surveillance but they’re not considered a threat at this point.

You can expect massive changes to unfold on the physical plane soon. It’s time for me to get out of my shell and step up my game.

Accuracy check: 100%

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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