By popular demand: the natural disasters timeline. This is my best timeline trick ever. We had avoided the EMF timeline where it would take 114 years to openly reconnect with other races in the cosmos, when Trump avoided war with North Korea. We ended up in a Holocaust timeline that would take 40 years to complete.

Yet some people were very excited about a natural disasters timeline. I really didn’t see it happening but several people were very committed to making it happen. After analyzing the situation with the Nazis, we realized they created the Archons (we found some of their Archons factories), and they were drawing from the power of an Arch-Demon (brothers of Atman, see my book The History of the Universe if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The Nazis date back much older than what we believe. We even found some of their artifacts in other Universes.

After analyzing the situation, there were 3 Arch-Demons left, who are incarnated as 7 people, and after the 3-year cycle, we’d defeat one of them and it would take 40 years to defeat the 2 others. That’s not an ideal situation…

Back in 2015, an incarnation of Atman came to one of my live events in Mexico to remember who he was to know everything he does. We worked together to eliminate his Arch-Demon brothers and he was extremely effective. We just missed 3 of them, that’s all. Those 3 have been feeding from the chaos and have been growing in power, and as wars escalate, they’d become a lot stronger. Atman then cut all communications once he remember that he had created the Dracos himself.

So I tuned back in time to that short time-period where we worked together to tell us not to forget those 3, and all of their child demons. It worked. We thus created a new timeline without them. Then the idea is to merge our timeline with that timeline, and as the child demons were removed, timelines started collapsing on their own. Once we merged the two timelines, next step is to remove them from ALL timelines. It was a lot easier than I expected, and it worked! Yes, I definitely cheated on this one.

The Nazis lost 99.6% of their powers. There will be no holocaust.

Strangely, I feel like if I’m in year 2033 but my clock says otherwise. This changes everything. In this new timeline, we may reconnect with the cosmos in only 12 years!!!

So the next question is, what is this new natural disasters timeline going to look like?

Of course, there will be plenty of natural disasters as Gaia heals and as energies reorganize themselves. The Cabal doesn’t control HAARP since 2.5 years and all weather-control satellites have been destroyed or neutralized. What else?

The main question is how are we going to get past energetic deadlocks with the false light matrix and get rid of old paradigms and “energetically dense” people?

I’m sensing natural disasters may be 14x more intense as we are in this accelerated timeline. The shifts will be a lot more drastic. That will take care of about 30% of old stagnant and misaligned energies.

As for deaths, the EMF timeline would have resulted in losing 30% of the US population. The Holocaust timeline would have resulted in losing 14% of the US population. The natural disasters timeline may result in a loss of only 8% of the US population. I’m sensing Europe will lose only 13% instead of 33% of its population. Overall, we’ll only lose 3% of the world’s population in the next 12 years. As for over-population, we currently have about 4.1 billion on the planet, not 7.6 billion, and it will find its natural balance.

What I’m sensing is that those living in the new paradigms will be doing a LOT better (yay!), and will create a new reality that will make the old one obsolete. Those who refuse to follow will be left behind in the dirt. Thus, this new timeline is more of a creative process, and not so much of a destructive process.

As for crypto-currencies, they would have done very well in the EMF timeline for 80 years. In the Holocaust timeline, not so well, and it could have disappeared after 20 years. In the natural disasters timeline, however, I get the feeling that it will play a central part and it will go very high and stay for about 50 years. It will allow creating a parallel infrastructure to our current system that will allow forward-thinking people to thrive.

As for the AI agenda of merging our consciousness with their technologies for better control and centralized information, I’m not getting any clear information. If you see more on that, please post a comment below.

The downside of this timeline manipulation cheat is that it invalidates every prophecy. Before, I knew exactly what was coming. Now, I really don’t know anymore, everything is up in the air and everything is different. Oh well, I guess we’ll just deal with it.

Until next time,

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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