One of the main benefits of Soul Alignment Readings is to identify spiritual bypass patterns. Everybody is strong in some areas and weaker in others, and many unconsciously cut corners as best explained in the article about The False Light Matrix.

The price of Soul Alignment Reading is going to go up to $297 on May 28th so you can get it now at the old price.

On the flip-side, I’m also going to add new aspects to the reading that will help identify more bypass patterns beyond spiritual disalignment, lack of commitment and resistance to the vortex of ascension.

In Royal Alchemy (the work I teach my clients via 1-on-1 coaching), there are 3 phases of development: the Shiny Black phase, the Shiny White phase, and the Shiny Red phase, which in total, develop 10 layers in your energy field.

The Shiny Black phase is about healing your wounds and shadow, and develops the first 3 layers of your energy field (physical). Unfortunately 93% of people in personal development stay stuck in this phase forever.

The Shiny White phase is about amplifying your light, and develops the layers 4 to 6 of your energy field (emotional).

The Shiny Red phase is about achieving your soul’s purpose, also called the Great Work of Alchemy. It is the energy of true masters, and develops the layers 7 to 10 of your energy field. It often takes about a year or two between completing the second phase and starting the third phase.

So essentially, the first layer represents your physical biological functions. The second layer represents your nervous system. The third layer could be said to represent your intelligence among other things. The fourth layer represents more of your influence on others. Each subsequent layer becomes more and more subtle and abstract as it goes into the emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

For example, one person said he was practising an emotional release technique and got to a state where there was not much left to release. His first two layers were at 92%, layer 3 was a 40%, and layers 4 and up were 13% and below. He did exactly what most practising healing are doing: working endlessly on himself and getting stuck at elementary school.

By reading the development of the 10 energy layers, this kind of pattern is going to show up, and it will show where you are really in the achievement of the Great Work of Inner Alchemy.

Now that I look at it, the layers 1 to 4 kind of look like the density levels (1=plants, 2=animals, 3=humans, 4=psychics, etc.), however, I get different readings when looking at densities than when looking at energy layers, so I’m also going to measure the development of the density levels separately.

Energy layers feel like lateral expansion, whereas density levels feel like vertical expansion. There is a common misconception that to reach the 5th density, you have to “transcend” the 4 lower densities. Although it is possible to do so, it leads to a shaky foundation.

If you develop your emotional faculties and drop your biological functions, you’re not going to live very long. Both are important. Densities are like building blocks that stack on each other. From here, there are two philosophies.

Some say that you must release the lower densities in order to float up into the higher densities, and indeed there are many beings living in those higher densities who never incarnate into the physical; up until recently. As Heaven and Earth are colliding and merging, those who escaped into the higher densities are falling back down into incarnation, some of them for the very first time. For example, 96% of the Daoist Immortals living in the higher planes in China fell down into incarnation a few months ago, and this isn’t limited to them. They’re not falling down in a nice way.

The other philosophy is that you can only go as high as your foundation is deep. You learn the lessons of the first density, then grow and learn the lessons of the second density without forgetting the prior lessons, then grow and learn the lessons of the third density, etc. Which means by the time you get to the 5th density, you still have strong biological functions, you still have strong intelligence, and you’re still connected and grounded to nature. So here you’re not transcending anything, but instead are growing like a tree all along.

From now on, I’m also going to measure the health status of your various density levels. Some souls are developed in over 25 densities, some way more than that, but not at 100%. In my case, because of all of the tensions, stress and attacks I’m dealing with, my first two densities tend to get damaged so this requires constant focus to heal those first and foremost. When I do, I feel a lot better, my nervous system is calmer, I can think more clearly, and I can function a lot better. In fact my first density was at 15% this morning and 88% while writing this as I’ve been working on it all day.

As of May 28th, the price of Soul Alignment Readings is going up to $297 and you can still get yours at the lower price if you think it would be beneficial to you and if you act quick.

All purchases starting from today will also include these new aspects: development of the 10 energy layers, and health status of the various densities.

In addition, I’m also now reading: effective financial vibration (100 is stability level), wealth mindset, and Burning Desire or Divine Spark %, which is your drive to achieve something, one of the most critical ingredients to success. Whether that “thing” is ego-driven of divine-driven. If you want to improve your finances, first increase your Burning Desire or Divine Spark, then shift your wealth mindset, and money will eventually follow. None of these two core aspects depend on your environment or circumstances in any way, shape or form.

That’s it for now. Get your Soul Alignment Reading now and let’s talk later!

P.S. I’m doing progress with the development of the new brand Emergence Guardian, good updates will be coming up soon.

P.P.S. I’m also progressing on the new website for Remote Cell Reprogramming, which will be renamed as Remote Cell Harmonizer and come with a series of other health-related technologies. Stay tuned!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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