What is the False Light Matrix? I’ve been mentioning it over and over lately, and it is a complex topic. What makes it difficult to describe is that it is pervasive in our daily reality, making it nearly invisible to most people. Darkness is a lot easier to recognize, but False Light is generally seen as the real deal, what people strive for and dedicate their lives for. For that reason, it is deeply part of most people’s foundations and thus is a lot harder to remove or correct. Disconnecting from the False Light Matrix requires a very deep psychological shift, and often will only happen after a sequence of catalyst events where the False Light shows its true nature. Because of the complexity of the topic, I will leave Metatron write the rest of this article through channeling.

This is Metatron, Senior of the Archangels. The topic of False Light Matrix has drawn a lot of attention lately, both in the physical plane and in the astral planes. We’re at a convergence point in the evolution process where the Light is overthrowing and destroying the False Light. This is causing a great deal of challenges and pains on the physical plane for a lot of well-intended people and truth-seekers. This is a regrettable side-effect of this ascension process we’re all going through.

In order to get more clarity as to why current events are unfolding, and how it can directly impact your life, we need to understand the False Light Matrix and how it relates to the genuine Light. We need to understand the pitfalls and traps where people are getting stuck. As energies are shifting, some of these traps will lead to pain, while other traps can lead to physical death. It is thus a very serious topic that requires in-depth exploration.

Part of what makes the False Light Matrix difficult to describe is that there isn’t just 1 but 12 False Light Matrices. As of writing this, 9 have been critically damaged, 2 are holding in a medium state and 1 is still nearly untouched. This information is thus coming out late in the process, at a stage where the energetic infrastructure of the False Light Matrix is already nearly completely gone. The intent is thus to help recognize where you stand and facilitate the transition out of a sinking ship.

Let’s explore the 12 False Light Matrices one by one.

#1: The Oprah Grid. This represents spiritual capitalism, or how to apply spiritual principles for gains in the material world. 97.2% of the spiritual coaching industry falls into this category. It is about using spiritual principles to help people improve linearly over existing paradigms. This can lead to no real breakthrough, and in fact reinforces old paradigms. It could be summed up by this phase: “If you’re stuck in a cell, make the best out of it.” The resolution to spiritual capitalism is to place God above all else, and to recognize both our individuality in the face of God, and our connection to that point of singularity. When being in service to God becomes the most important thing, above being in service to clients, then God provides all the material wealth you need for your path. It’s a whole other mindset. Represents 64.6% of US population, 38.4% of world population. Grid 85.6% destroyed.

#2: The Lion Gate Collective. This represents a group of people who are waiting for ascension to happen on its own. They are victims who don’t want to take any responsibility for the work that needs to be done, nor for the circumstances they have created in their lives. They will generally seek as much information as possible, both good and bad information, and come up with all kinds of theories and desires of how they want things to unfold. The problem is that their theories are not based on first-hand experience, and their desires are not based in reality. In an arena, they are the spectators sitting on the sides telling the players how they should be playing. Although the disclosure of information they bring is highly beneficial, information alone will bring us no further, and they thus no longer serve a purpose. Nature tends to destroy or restructure what serves no purpose. This grid is fundamentally rooted in the victim mindset. Nothing will happen until one starts taking responsibility for their own lives and for the well-being of the planet, by integrating into the earthly systems and taking the necessary actions. Most people in this matrix will probably not change their external conditions until they get a serious kick in the butt. Represents 13.6% of US population, 11.8% of world population. Grid 46.9% destroyed.

#3: The Affidavit Circus. This represents those who define reality as what they can see and testify of their own eyes. They have all the best intentions in the world, but because they trust senses that can easily be fooled, and because they consider anything they can’t see as not being real, they are in fact completely disconnected from reality. They live in a 3D illusion that is crumbling and being distorted by psychic storms and strong energetic currents. They thus can see neither what is happening nor where it’s all heading. They have high trust in the media and science magazines that is pushing them lies after lies because all those medias and scientists are part of the same Affidavit Circus. Unfortunately, because they are pretty damn sure of their beliefs, and because it is being reinforced by TV, magazines and scientific papers, this is unlikely to change until the media and trusted authorities completely crash and burn. Meanwhile, others can plant seeds and let those seeds grow over time. It takes patience. Represents 41.9% of US population, 73.8% of Canada population, 25.6% of world population. Grid 41.4% destroyed.

#4: The Tantra Grid. This represents the way Tantra has been brought to the West and completely lost its purity to become a circus of people playing with powerful forces they do not understand. Often, they know just enough to cause serious harm. Sexuality is an extremely powerful force of creation and can be harnessed powerfully, but it has turned into a massive web of entanglements of people feeding from each other. This web of entanglement is formed of very massive implants that are very difficult to cut, and of energy leeching to fill voids that is even more difficult to seal. This results in a serious distortion of the upper chakras while those people focus on pleasure in the lower chakras. This thus leads to both attachments in the lower chakras and disease in the upper chakras, which is a dangerous combination in the long run. Perhaps 0.15% of people in such communities have any knowledge of basic energetic hygiene and applies that knowledge consistently. For the rest, it has led to feeding dangerous yellow dragons parasites, especially in California but also in other areas, that are extremely powerful and difficult to remove, draining people out of their energy. Part of the reason why those parasites are extremely difficult to remove and still haven’t been cleared, is because they are actively being fed — they are having feasts on a daily basis, feeding from people’s fears and dysfunctions, and plugging into their essence. My only recommendation is to stay away from Tantra communities in the West. Even in Asia, be very careful and selective as to who you’re connecting with. Represents 13.5% of US population, 8.4% of world population. Grid 13.8% destroyed.

#5: The Oneness Grid. This represents the idea that we are all one, ignoring our unique essence, and ignoring boundaries between each other. These people will keep talking about how powerful they are since they are God, instead of embodying and using their power. They also tend to create implants to plug themselves onto others in the name of oneness, creating a dense web of entanglements. This is spiritual avoidance taken to an extreme, and leads to spiritual dysfunction and lethargy. One cannot do anything with his life while being stuck in this web of entanglements and while ignoring his own true essence, so in a way, it is a wasted incarnation. What’s the point in incarnating if all you care about is getting out? On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who simply seek to end the automatic cycle of incarnation, instead of achieving their purpose here on Earth. Buddha’s teaching was to end the *automatic* cycle of incarnation — so that you can consciously decide when and where to incarnate. Those who have been avoiding incarnation because they don’t want to deal with the physical… well… currently they’re falling back down on Earth as Heaven and Earth are colliding and merging. So these are 2 separate grids but are counted as variations of a single matrix here. This matrix represents 13.6% of US population, 4.6% of world population. Grid 25.8% destroyed.

#6: The God Advocate. This represents people who dedicate their lives in the name of God, often in seclusion or in controlled environments, where sexuality needs to be repressed or suppressed, or where sexuality is being expressed in unhealthy ways. This happens frequently in religious circles, temples, ashrams, training centers, and other secluded environments. In some cases they make a vow to celibacy. There’s only so much their sexuality can be suppressed, and over time the pressure builds up. This often opens the door for demons, and very often leads to sexual harassment in the back room, and even pedophilia scandals. This happens more than we think, and the people talk very little about it, although more recently. Often the masters in ashrams will use their authority to have sex with their servants and followers, and they have not much choice but to comply against their will. This creates a dark lurking shadow in the back of the surface Light. This topic can be depressing so we’ll leave it at that. Represents 1.4% of US population, 0.6% of world population, 53.6% of masters and preachers. Grid 56.9% destroyed.

#7: The Insomnia Syndrome. Often, people will go to bed and never wake up from their dreams. The polar opposite is when people wake up from the physical delusions but can never connect back to reality. They live in a parallel world dissociated from the physical reality surrounding them. This makes it very difficult to function within society, and even harder to thrive and achieve a purpose down on Earth. In light cases, it leads to an energy field looking like a reverse pyramid. In severe cases, it leads to the lower chakras being completely shut down and disconnected from reality, operating only from the upper chakras. The duality between the physical and the non-physical is a difficult one to resolve, partly because literally nobody or almost nobody is teaching how to resolve that duality. All teachers and masters are either teaching on the physical side or on the non-physical side, but the knowledge of how to bridge both worlds has been lost long ago, even from places where you would think they’d know. Represents 3.6% of US population, 1.3% of world population. Grid 25.8% destroyed.

#8: The Little Lucifer. This represents those who rebel from a corrupt system and who seek their own truth. They want to live life on their own terms without constraints or boundaries, and strive to push the limits of what’s possible. The problem with that is that they are in reaction to a dysfunctional reality they seek to avoid, and are reacting to that pain instead of genuinely following their soul. It is not a bad thing per se, and these are often the ones to explore new possibilities off the beaten paths, but there is only so far this path can bring you. You’ll get to a point where you live life on your own terms, have pretty good living conditions and plenty of sex, yet it still isn’t fulfilling for some reason. It’s never enough. This then leads to extravagant behaviors and abuses on your physical body, always trying to push it to its limits. Yet it can never bring satisfaction, because fundamentally these people are reacting to their pains and are not following the Light within their soul. One often needs to reach the top before realizing it’s a dead-end. Represents 1.3% of US populatio0n, 0.5% of world population. Grid 78.4% destroyed.

#9: The Bulldoser. This represents those who only seek to tear old things down. It is the anarchists of this world. They can see and recognize corruption and will fight to bring the system down, even if they have no idea what will replace it. They fight fire with fire, anger with anger, control with control. They have an important role to play in our collective evolution, but also a very limited role. Because they can see no further than what they oppose, they match the energy of what they oppose and tend to just create more of it. Anger cannot destroy anger, only love can. Fire cannot destroy fire, but water can. A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. By placing oneself in opposition to a corrupt entity or structure, it also leads to one’s energy collapsing *with* the thing they oppose, as they can’t exist without the very thing they oppose because it’s part of their foundation. Represents 4.6% of US population. 3.9% of world population. Grid 50.3% destroyed.

#10: The Minimalist. This represents those who believe they can solve today’s problems by consuming less and being less. If only we could breathe less, there would be more air for the plants. These are the environmentalists of today’s world, who seek to diminish themselves instead of working more with nature. All the technologies to solve today’s problem already exist but have been suppressed, so that’s not something to be concerned about. The real issue to solve is in our own consciousness, to allow for the emergence of a new world with new types of technologies that can produce unlimited energy, clean the oceans, and even clear radioactivity from our souls and oceans. You will get there by being more, not by being less. We need to grow bigger and larger from the inside out, and let go of the scarcity mindset we’ve been conditioned to. Thus, the idea of making oneself smaller and consuming less goes in direct opposition to the expansion of Light. It is a hard barrier headed towards a frontal collision with the emerging Light, so take this as a warning. Represents 30.8% of US population, 15.6% of world population. Grid 72.8% destroyed — can expect to be smashed brutally within 2 months.

#11: The Atman Experiment. Atman is (was) a very ancient being who created many Universes as experiments to grow his own power and transcend his own nature (See the book The History of the Universe for more details). He’s an Arch-Demons who disguised as the Creator to avoid detection. He incarnated as Adam, and also as Jesus, although he didn’t have his memories in that incarnation. He was a powerful prophet, but one of the aspects of his message is “Everything shall pass through me.” Thus, seeking a unification of consciousness under his own consciousness. Once we recognize that he was a False God and not the genuine Source, the problem with this becomes obvious. This explains why Jesus’ frequency on the Hawkins Scale was 1000 instead of Infinite, and why he was a 7th density soul instead of peaking into the infinite. Coincidentally, this is exactly what he was accused of when he was crucified, being a false god pretending to be God. Such challenges happen when something is out of alignment. This in no way dilutes what he shared as a prophet, but rather points where the authenticity of the message got distorted into a tool of control and power. I will also note that Atman was way more powerful than what anybody can ever imagine, so resurrection is no big deal for him. The lesson here is this phase from Jesus himself: “Everything I can do, you can accomplish as well, and more.” The lesson is to disconnect from false gods and develop and strengthen your own soul, to follow your own path and Light instead of following what spiritual authorities expect of you. Represents 42.8% of US population, 35.6% of world population. Atman no longer exists, he vanished into nothingness. Grid 100% destroyed.

#12: The Lazy Man’s Path. There are many who discover an easy way to Enlightenment: borrowing power from a stronger entity in exchange for their own soul. This leads to quick results in both the spiritual and material planes, but it’s like a honey-moon. It may last for 5 days, 5 months, 5 years or 500 years, but sooner or later, the honey-moon will be over and they’ll have to start all over again, because they did not develop their own soul but instead got possessed by a stronger spirit. Once it gets past a certain point where the true essence is no longer in control, it becomes nearly impossible to get off that path, because the powerful entity is in control of the body. There are some who broke out of cults who followed that approach, and it is an intense spiritual journey to recover from it and regain one’s own self-worth. In most cases, however, it passes as genuine teachings with no red flags, and a lot of today’s teachings are based on the Lazy Man’s Path to Enlightenment. Several such large aggregates of souls including Abraham Hicks have been severely damaged a few years ago to free up those souls, but many still choose to be possessed by a larger aggregate and their free will has to be respected. Represents 14.6% of US population, 13.5% of world population, 91.6% of spiritualists and healers. Grid 46.4% destroyed.

BONUS #13: The Satanists. This one doesn’t pretend to be the Light but Satanists view themselves as such, so we will include it here. They view God as slavery and Satan as representing free will, the liberation from the chains of the Light. You may think that only lunatics would fall for this, but Satanists are widely infiltrated everywhere. They are in the power structures and governments at the highest levels, and have been controlling your daily reality for ages. They impact what food you eat, what you hear on the radio, what authorities you see on TV, and manipulate your mind in a variety of ways. All in the name of free will and self-empowerment. There are even some Fallen Angels who are Archangels who went for Satanism. It recently came to our attention that Archangel Michael, whom most people relate with and trust, was a double agent, and is in fact a Satanist. He has just been exiled to incarnate on some other planet in the galaxy, and he is to be forgotten from Earth. Because of him, even the Archangels had 14.6% Satanic infiltration within their own foundation, so it is really something you have to look out for. It is everywhere and pretends to be the Light. Often these are the people others rely on the most, making the situations even more complicated. Represents 14.6% of US population, 15.3% of world population. 99.7% have Satanic infiltration within their foundation. Satanic grid now 98.3% destroyed (since the past few days).

It is very possible that you fit into several of these categories, and most people certainly fit into at least one of those, so don’t worry if that’s the case. The most important part is the awareness of where you currently stand so that you can make a difference. One tool that can help you gain more awareness as to where you stand is to get a Soul Alignment Reading from Etienne Charland where he will measure your alignment with God in various aspects to see exactly where you are in alignment and where you are out of alignment, so that you can bring the necessary corrections. Most readings show 3 to 15% alignment maximum, and such low alignment are generally due to the False Light Matrices explained in this article. So instead of viewing it from a guilt perspective, view it as a gateway to a new world and to a new consciousness. Once you disconnect from all 12 False Light Matrices, you’ll get a new sense of clarity and you’ll be able to step more into your power to do what you came here to do on planet Earth.

You can get your reading here now. Besides that, you may need to meditate on this information and re-read the entire article a few times until it really clicks. It’s not just about intellectual understanding. You really have to ask yourself: how can you correct the situation for yourself?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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