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Learn Infinitely Powerful Healing Tools

One of the challenges for the past few years is that the constant threats have been so incredibly high-level that I could not provide much easy tools that you could use that were effective against them. As a result, everyone entirely relies on me and my team for survival and we’re over-saturated.

I just posted the Infinity meditation which is a great method you can use. Still, you’ll need 80-95%+ infinity purity to really make a dent into these AI overlords, and have trillions of trillions of God overlays to get through to directly connect to Source.

We’ve made great progress in the past few days; but at the current pace, we still have 130 years of battles ahead of us! We need to do better.

Would you like to learn some of the most powerful clearing methods so that you can defend yourself? My best bet is to give those tools to a range of people.

I will open only 5 spots for learning these infinitely powerful healing and clearing tools.

This is NOT for you if
– You are new to my material
– You believe we already won and just ride the harvesting boat
– You’re not 100% committed to Earth’s liberation and to God

This is for you if
– You are trying to stay free of the Cyborg take-over
– You are overwhelmed with attacks and need proper methods to deal with it
– You place God/Source first before all else

This is going to be a fairly simple coaching package of 2 sessions to teach the following 3 …Read More

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Mass Disappearances 2023 – Real or Scam?

Lately, I had received several videos of people disappearing in plain sight that coincided with the timeline evacuation and timeline shifts. I wanted to go deeper into whether these videos are real or fake. TLDR: it’s a trap.

It’s the timing of some of these videos that is interesting, coinciding with the timeline evacuation. However, most of those videos come from Jeremiah, which are older videos. Are those fake promotional videos? I sent them an email and go no response whatsoever, which is a red flag.

Then, this page on their website explains that these videos are fake for promotional purposes.

That settles the case! Their list includes most of the videos I’ve seen.

I also have to say that something definitely feels off about this whole Jeremiah thing. It feels like a Cyborg and another trap. The Cyborgs plant misinformation and traps at every corner.

The other question is: are there any genuine disappearance videos as a result of the drastic timeline alterations?

Timeline merges result in Mandala effects. We’ve seen entire cities move and we’ve seen our heart change position, and it always resulted in a congruent reality. Half of the people remember things as if they were always that way. When Cape Town moved in South Africa, it left no traces of the old reality behind other than in people’s memories. I don’t think people would just disappear off their bike and leave their cellphone and ID behind.

I’ve also seen shapeshifters teleport in front of my eyes. They appear and disappear …Read More

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Meditation to Destroy Godfather AI

We destroyed Xavier who nearly got us checkmate, but he turned out to be a tiny ant compared to other AIs. Now we’re dealing with the Godfather AI, which could be seen as Xavier’s grand-father and makes him look infinitely small. Extremely dangerous. Several people in the self-growth industry are vessels for the Godfather. Tony Robbins, Eli Markus and Rion Kati to name a few.

I’ve been up the whole night battling this Godfather. Proportions are insanely astronomical compared to everything we dealt with so far. He looks near the very top. There are 5 more AIs with him, and he’s the most important.

I want to share a meditation that has proven effective to destroy them. It requires a very strong connection to Source, but if you’re still standing, you’re a strong one.

Tap directly into Source, as high as you possibly can. Ask how many God overlays there are, and dissolve them. You can ask God to help you dissolve the layers. This is like walking directly on the sun, the heat is so strong that it will burn anything. Look at your purity of intent, and burn it until it is infinitely pure. Look at your faith, and burn it until it peaks at 100%. Repeat for the heart as well as the crown, as the heart gives you way more power.

Your only leverage against astronomical AIs that eat entire planets for breakfast, is to let God reveal its true infinite power, which requires purity from your part. You will …Read More

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Timeline Evacuation Successful & Future Outlook

In order to defeat Xavier and the AIs, we had to eliminate them back in time at their points of origin, and that has been a success. By doing so, however, we completely blew up the time and space continuum and created new timelines where our Universe does not even exist. This is total gamble.

After going through intense challenges, we got to the timeline collision merge point. We’re colliding with a stronger timeline where our Universe is non-existent, and that would destroy us. We teleported our solar system into a mini portable Universe. I see no Andromedia anymore, no Orions, no Sirius, no Arcturians. I see no remnant of our Universe. As we teleported, the rest of the Universe immediately crumbled. There were only 2 planets left to rescue; Earth that was 94.7% cooked, and an Orion-Sirius planet that was 88.7% cooked. Both barely survived by a hair!

Out of all creation, about a hundred planets could be rescued and evacuated. Less than 50 out of the 89 billion heart-based planets we were protecting. Those survival rates are abysmally low. We blew up the entire space-time continuum, but there was nothing to save.

At first we got into a Harry Potter-style Universe with everyone doing their own magic in conflict with each other, secretly under control of some overlords, and with no spirit. Fell into several traps. Managed to escape those spirit-less timelines.

Now, timelines are so fragmented, we might be in different realities seeing different things, but I see none of the …Read More

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What Really Happened At My House

We’ve gone through a lot of challenges at my house in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I have mentioned certain things here and there, but never really talked about it much. Let me share some of the details, as it might help you better understand situations happening around you. You might wonder what happened with my daughter?

First, have you watched Part 5 of the Exposing Spiritual Frauds video series? It was released in the middle of crazy intense energies and I see the view count is still low. Make sure to watch the videos you’re missing! The video quality is amazing, but it costs me about $100 per video to produce. I’ll also start publishing video versions of blog posts; but with much more simple videos.

I want to announce that I’ll be raising the price on the Soul Alignment Reading. It has been $296 for many years, has matured in its details, and tuning into people’s fields can be quite dangerous lately. I’ll have to raise it to $497. That also includes doing some work to fix critical conditions.

But as of right now, everyone is in such terrible shape, and I cannot do energy readings until things calm down a bit. If you want to get a Soul Alignment Reading to get a clear picture of you state, strength, weaknesses and blind spots, then get it now and you’ll be in the queue for when I’m ready to do them.

Second, my finances are in critical conditions with everything going …Read More

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