These days, tons of people appear to have their cashflow jammed. Let’s explore this topic, why this is happening and what you can do about it.

First, here’s a video from the Playa del Carmen event: blowing a candle with a punch. Ever tried that?

So when it comes to cashflow, it’s no secret that a lot of businesses struggle with the current economic situation, but statistics only apply to groups, they don’t apply to individuals. Challenging situations create just as much opportunities as they create struggles. I know that even those at the top of the coaching industry are experiencing challenges. Some of them may blame it to a shifting industry, and there’s more to it.

The first thing you have to understand is that we’re at the transition point between the information age and the spiritual age. Two social matrices are colliding: the established paradigms and ways of doing things, and the emerging paradigms that are spiritually-aligned. It has been much easier to conduct business from the established paradigms, up until now.

These days, those operating from established paradigms are experiencing challenges because those paradigms are collapsing. Those operating from the emerging paradigms are experiencing energetic attacks by those who want to keep things the way they were. Those who are in-between are being pulled in all directions. Nobody is escaping it, and it won’t get better. This is just getting started. Hint: start applying a solution before it gets worse. Go where the puck is going.

When your cashflow is jammed, it can be for either of these 3 reasons:

1. Personal issues, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. You’re probably aware of this if you’ve been in the self-growth industry for a while. There are tons of coaches and healers who can help you with this, and some of them are good.

2. Energetic dis-alignment. This either happens when you’re transitioning into a new phase of your life, or when your environment and industry is transitioning into a new phase of evolution. What may appear as a shifting industry is in fact old paradigms that are collapsing as new ways of thinking and being are emerging. The challenge here is that you cannot solve this problem from your current paradigm. You will most likely face values conflicts towards the emerging paradigms. You will have to let go of your self-identity, beliefs systems and values systems in order to be able to see where it is all going, and it often requires a shift in your life that is much deeper than you might be willing to do. You cannot be attached to anything while doing this transition. Those who fail to adapt are forced into the transition by seeing their old life collapse. Yet you’re being guided every step of the way by a higher force.

Remember: you can only rise as high as your foundation is deep. An energetic dis-alignment means you have to get back to your foundation, which is my specialty (as a system architect, duh).

3. Energetic attacks. Those who are challenging the status-quo and trying to have a positive impact in the world experience energetic attacks. This can block your mind, distort your thinking and it can totally jam your cashflow. In severe cases, it can cause diseases, accidents, jail or death, so it is very important to know how to energetically protect yourself. There’s a lot more I could say on this. When energies are blocked in the field of co-creation, you must heal and transmute it energetically to open a path to growth and success. It’s impossible for someone to attack you physically if they can’t first attack you energetically. In the same way, it’s impossible to have financial success without first opening a pathway for financial energy to flow. There is an energetic war currently going on that has been affecting some for years, and now it seems everybody is being affected.

When I work with clients, we first deal with energetic attacks, otherwise it blocks everything else. Then we work on the foundation and on dis-alignments. Only then do we deal with limiting beliefs and personal issues, and by the time we get there, many of those issues have already disappeared.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m offering VIP days to get quick and intensive transformation. Another option is to work 1-on-1 over Skype. It actually works better over Skype than in person because I see energies more clearly when there is no visual distractions, and distance is irrelevant when it comes to energy work.

To work together, the first step is getting an Energy Tune-Up.

If you’re experiencing some of the challenges mentioned here, it won’t get better by waiting. Doing more of the same won’t help either. The old power and social structures have been dismantled especially over the past 2 months (which I have to take responsibility for) and it will unfold into physical manifestation in the coming months. Experts are expecting financial chaos this month, which is inevitable. Things will go downhill from there; in a good way. There won’t be any catastrophic event like some are pretending. What will happen is exactly what needs to happen to trigger a global awakening, to the exact proportion that is needed.

It may become random chaos if nobody takes the lead and everybody is just trying to figure it out along the way. My wish is that several strong leaders will learn how to energetically shape a new reality, which will bring order to the chaos that everybody else will be experiencing. Temporary transitional chaos is inevitable. It’s like taking off a band-aid. Taking it off slowly can be very painful. It’s much easier to do it quickly. This would require enough leaders to energetically shape a new global reality; and you won’t go through that without having to deal with severe energetic attacks. You will need support.

As we go through this transition, on which side do you want to play? The silent majority that gets dragged along, or the leading few who shape things up? Contact me and let me know where you’re at and we’ll figure out how I can best support you. Working 1-on-1 is the most accessible option. Spending a day together will get you the quickest results. Going on your own will give you more of what you already have, except that it may exponentially grow worse.

This is a good tip that I’ve heard from Kevin Trudeau: go where the puck is going, not where the puck is. Unfortunately, he ended up in jail. Why? Because he didn’t have the skills to energetically protect himself. Several others have ended up in jail or trapped in this war, for taking action that goes against the agenda of a powerful enemy. They’re welcomed to keep trying to shoot me down: my energy is immune and I’m dismantling their power structures layer by layer. Once you learn how to work with absolutes, such as absolute protection and absolute power of transmutation, proportions don’t matter anymore.

What are you waiting for?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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