We’re really living in strange and historic times, and few understand the magnitude of importance of what’s now happening on Earth. Last night I had a look into a future timeline that traveled back in time, and it was a surreal experience. There is so much going on, I think the best way to clear my thoughts is to write about it.

First, about the attack from the Arch-Demons, we’ve installed a defense system around our Universe to keep them out. This protection now seems stable and efficient. It is the exact same defense system that surrounds an ultra-advanced civilization in the 5th Universe above who settled right next to the Arch-Demons. We cannot feel anything going on inside from the outside, I perceive a vibration of 0 from the outside, but that’s just how the defense system works to not draw dark forces. What’s inside that base, however, it’s a whole other story. I will get to that later.

It appears our Universe is now split into millions of parallel realities, meaning what I see happening around you may not be in your reality at all. (I’ll have to see how this affects energy readings when I get back to those.) Before, there were tons of parallel timelines, but if we’re interacting, we’re speaking from the same reality. This seems to no longer be the case. The person you speak to and interact with may be in a totally different reality altogether. This may have to do with the veil being torn apart, and the fabric of time and space being a lot more malleable. The question then, is which behavior of reality vs realities is normal in a Universe without veil separating the physical and non-physical planes? You can post a comment with the answer that comes to you.

There are thousands and millions of timelines merging at this point in time. This isn’t just affecting this whole Universe, but also 52 Universes above, maybe 113 populated Universes below, and a multitude of other Universes below the 52th. This is a big deal. There are huge electric waves of energy rippling up and down throughout all those Universes.

This is not done by the dark forces, and in fact, nobody is controlling this. I may have to let go of trying to follow the situation and recenter on my own reality while letting others go through theirs. It seems we’re all being shown a reality with the lessons we need to learn, as learning those lessons is the fastest way of bringing balance to the timelines and realities, and timelines and realities seek to harmonize themselves in the shortest and fastest way possible.

Now as for this base in the 5th Universe above. It is “us” in a distant future who came back in time. There is a 45 billion years time lapse between me and them. If I’m in there, it means when we meet, our consciousness is going to merge, which means a free upgrade, and the death of everything I think I know about myself and the Universe — a merging of two consciousnesses, except the other one is a lot stronger. That happened to me before, after the 600 million years loop with the Cyborgs that swallowed the entire Universe (which I talk about in my book). I came back with, let’s say, special abilities. What came back was very pure.

What I saw in the 5th Universe was only one of the many realities, the one I needed to see. It was literally a bunker made of ultra-advanced technologies (the same that now surrounds our Universe). Once inside, I started floating in the air, and the merging and transfer of consciousness began. There were 512 people in that base, many of whom were my clients I trained personally. The logo of Emergence Guardian is on the front of the base (I’m still working on that logo). That whole city was built based on the principles of Emergence Guardian. There’s more. Below that bunker, there are 115 Universes built based on the idea of Emergence Guardian. Mind blown. At least quadrillions of souls down there.

Now that’s where the fun ends. They are almost all living prosperous lives with high spiritual knowledge and principles. They know all about the struggles we’ve been through here on Earth and the battles with the Arch-Demons. They are well-educated on all that — BUT… it has devolved into a frenzy of worshiping. My future self has grown into resentment and then grew inner demons.

Everybody just LOVES Emergence Guardian, and deep down I hate it. Kind of like how dancing Gangnam Style in front of Psy is probably not the best way to gain his friendship. Nobody would dare confront me on anything.

They have lost sight of their own center. They are worshiping us as gods but lost sight of the one True God.

As all of these inner demons are merging into my consciousness, either I try to heal those demons, or I learn the lessons that need to be learnt so that these demons never form to begin with. Learning the lessons directly affects my future timeline and thus transforms that reality. As of writing this, the king of that Universe is still in hiding and is refusing to greet me.

So what went wrong?

First thing that comes to my mind is the mix of business and religion/philosophy. Emergence Guardian is meant to be a business, and was later used as a religion. Everybody loved it, but this use of a business as a religion formed a cult.

A message that came some time ago was that I needed to create a whole new religion/philosophy alongside Buddhism and Catholicism. The name that came to my mind was “The Church of Osiris: The Bearer of Light and Seeker of Truth”. This triggered me to the deepest core.

What I am now seeing, however, is that creating a religion may be necessary to have a healthy separation between philosophy and business. A business is an idea you may choose to be part of. A philosophy is something you own. If you choose to be part of a philosophy, that’s when it turns into a cult, and it’s an appealing path because owning it is a lot more difficult.

That “change of plan”, however, is not something to be taken lightly, and something much bigger than what I’m prepared for. Now that I look at it, however, it seems to be the core that’s been missing to finally go forward with my new brand, and the one thing I’ve been avoiding the most.

One the plus side, having part of my consciousness within those Universes is tremendously stabilizing my whole energy field. I also recently incarnated in the 10th Universe above which is also helping me keep a solid anchor into much higher frequencies.

Looking at the huge web of worshiping and karmic entanglement coming from those Universes, I must do a big reset on all contracts and agreements, past, present and future. I recommend you to do the same. This will allow for timelines and realities to rearrange themselves around you much smoother.

This is a difficult and confusing piece of material to write. I measure 92.6% accuracy from my reality, and 57.8% to 98.4% accuracy based on other realities. On average for readers of this article, I get… 88.2% accuracy. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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