Someone was recently asking me about the 963hz God Frequency. At first something felt very wrong about those 963hz videos, then I realized: 963hz isn’t the God Frequency but the Lucifer Frequency!

I’ve then gone through very interesting observations about the Luciferian paradigm, especially after Edge of Wonder published their video explaining how the Law of Attraction was in fact rooted in Luciferianism.

Here are a few questions.

1. Why are there barely any successful conscious entrepreneurs with an alignment to God above 45%? And why does my energy collides so strongly with these other coaches? What wall does it collide on and hold them back?

2. Why does most “spiritual” people avoid me like plague and can’t listen nor comprehend anything I say? I still have yet to find anyone who teaches even the basics of this work.

3. Why are there so few people willing and ready to step into the inner work of Royal Alchemy? When things go well, there will be maybe 1 new client per month getting into it.

The shocking answer is: those business and spiritual beliefs operate from the Luciferian paradigm!

Luciferianism is essentially about closing the door to God and then building your way back up — without God.

Tuning into “spiritual” people as a whole, I measure 95.6% resonance with the Luciferian grid. Tuning into business people, I measure 99.7% resonance with the Luciferian grid. Now, THAT explains everything.

Daoists do exactly the same thing: shutting the door to God and building their way back up — without God. It leads to an energy field having the shape of a pyramid, and there’s only so high they can reach from that paradigm.

From the Luciferian paradigm, you CAN be aligned with God, up to about 45%, but being more aligned requires a genuine connection TO god. And while you can still be in 3-45% alignment with the will of the Universe, it’s a fragile alignment that can shift at any time.

Then if you read the difference between Satanism and Luciferianism, it’s not all bad, and Luciferianism does match the spiritual and New Age culture around the world right now.

Quoted from this article: How Luciferians Differ from Satanists.

In general, both Satanists and Luciferians:

– View human beings as gods—beings who have mastery of the planet. Unlike the Christian relationship to Jesus, both Satanists and Luciferians pay respect to Lucifer rather than worship him. They are not subservient to Lucifer but believe he has many things to teach them.

– Hold to a set of ethics that includes showing respect to those who deserve it and leaving alone those people who have caused no problems.

– Support creativity, excellence, success, freedom, individuality, and enjoyment.

– Reject dogmatic religion.

– Are antagonistic toward Christianity, although not to Christians. Luciferians and Satanists view Christians as being victims of their own religion, too dependent on their religion to escape from it.

I honestly can’t think of many spiritual people who don’t abide primarily by those laws.

“Follow your bliss” is another part of the Luciferian philosophy: it’s all about you and you’re not accountable for anyone else but yourself. Plus a genuine spiritual path is NEVER a pleasant smooth ride, those are two mutually-exclusive paths.

“They” essentially put you in a rat maze, tell you to follow your bliss and you follow the dandling carrots. So easy to manipulate your path and direction from there on into anything they want.

The next article is where it will be interesting: exploring the concept of Connection to God.

The difference between Luciferianism and genuine Light can be very subtle but it completely changes the frequency you operate at, and the frequency of everything you attract.

I’m measuring an accuracy check of: 99.999994%, measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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