After the last article about 963hz not being the God frequency but actually the Luciferian frequency, I promised a follow-up article about the God frequency, or connection to God, so here it is. It is a topic that has a whole lot of effects and consequences related to it, and is very interesting to explore. Most importantly, it seems everybody with a high connection to God is highly successful, including financially. It thus seems to be a critical key to success.

First, a few observations about the connection to God. I went to a famous resort in the mountains in Northern Thailand where the connection to God is 100%. However, alignment of actions is 13.6% and alignment of being is 15.3%. Thus, connection to God and alignment to God are loosely related but not directly linked. Connection to God leads to core intent which leads to alignment of actions/being.

Yet in the Theta Universe, the strongest souls had 95% alignment of actions and only 15% connection to God! Whereas other souls had only 12% alignment of actions but 90%+ connection to God. This explains why things went so wrong in that Universe.

If I tune into people who have over 60% connection to God consistently over at least 3 years, I’m detecting around 500 or 600 people. Interestingly enough, it seems nearly half of them own a resort!? All of them are wealthy and successful.

My own connection to God was only 35% and I just brought it all the way up very recently. One thing I’m noticing is that this energy is highly contagious. As I raise it for myself, it is raising it for everybody else around, and transforming my environment to allow for greater wealth and success to manifest.

The other thing I’m noticing is that, for the most part, it is very stable and similar for the great majority of people between 3-5% except a few leaders who work on increasing their faith and connection to God specifically. USA has average 3.2%, Canada 3.4%, Mexico 0.015%, Peru 3.2%, France 3.5%, England 3.6%, Finland 3.2%, Russia 3.6%, South Africa 3.2%, India 8.2%, China 0.5%, Australia 3.2%. Pretty boring reading to do actually in 95% of cases. But then, those who have it higher are having a great positive impact on everybody else around them. By bringing it up for myself, it brought the average around me from 3.2% to 4.6%, and for many people up to 20% or even 40%.

Only about 3.2% of the US population is below 3%. Hillary Clinton is 1.3%, Georges Soros 0.5%, Bill Gates 0.8%, Elon Musk 0.4%.

Then if we look into Ancient Egypt, connection to God was about 65.8%, with 51.3% alignment of actions to God and only 13.8% alignment of being to God, with an average core intent of… only 54. What I’m getting to realize is that a lot of people in these ancient civilizations had in fact narcissist personalities, where they would accumulate a lot of spiritual knowledge and power just to boost their ego and blind spots, with a huge sense of superiority over others and a sense of righteousness over God. Even my own higher self is a whole log bigger than I ever though; I’m only a tiny fragment of a much older soul in the multiverse. This higher self is about 20% light and 80% shadow, so I took precautions to keep my fragment of consciousness clean. No surprise those societies went through a reset then.

Looking at the state of consciousness before the memories got sealed, and as we are about to see a mass-recovery of memories over the coming years, I’m realizing that opening up memories too deep too fast isn’t necessarily a good thing. When narcissist powers come back, fundamental Alchemy principles go out of the window and then it unleashes a large demon in the middle of the transitional chaos; and narcissism was HIGH in those ancient civilizations. You need to take the time to build a strong spiritual foundation with solid principles of 3D integrity (towards yourself, towards others and towards society) before recovering your memories gradually, because with each layer that opens up, there is a lot of shadow to heal.

I am still exploring the concept of connection to God as it has real and deep consequences on every aspect of life. For now I am merely stating the observations I’ve made. In terms of core spiritual foundation, the 3 main things to look at are Connection to God, vibration of core intent, and % alignment of actions/being with God, in that order. What’s also interesting is that people seem to care a whole lot more about the vibration of their core intent than about their alignment of actions. It is also a lot more empowering, as the alignment comes directly from the core intent.

That’s it for now. This topic will require further exploration and for now the question is how can you increase your own connection to God. Setting the intent and increasing your faith is a great place to start. Until next time.

Accuracy check: 95.8%, test it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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