If you’ve known me for a while, I’ve always been critical of the Law of Attraction, not for the validity of the law but for how it has been used over the years by the majority of people. This short 4m34 video explains one reason why the Law of Attraction didn’t work as expected for most people.

Now, if you dig a little deeper into the history of the Law of Attraction, you’ll find out it is rooted in the New Thoughts movement, which in turns is rooted in the Luciferian doctrine. I would say that 98.6% of entrepreneurs worldwide operate from that paradigm, and 99.6% of entrepreneurs who follow the Law of Attraction. This explains the crazy energetic clashes whenever I go to those business events.

Here is a very excellent documentary about the Law of Attraction and how it was manipulated to pursue a Luciferian agenda — and in fact how the author of the source material was openly Satanic. It explains how a lot of great leaders with good intentions have been misled down a corrupted path, and how YOU can use the Law of Attraction to be genuinely in alignment with the Laws of God, to fulfill your greater purpose. The way they pull all of this up together is absolutely brilliant.


CEO Space as an organization for entrepreneurs is all about cooperation and integrity, and I posted this video into the private members-only area, but it was deleted on sight. It is very important for this message to reach the entrepreneurial environment, and I don’t expect any established platform to allow broadcasting this kind of message, and posting on groups will most likely result in more deletes or bans. Thus, it comes down to people like you and me to spread the message in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Do you know entrepreneurs who are into the Law of Attraction, or who operate from the New Thoughts philosophy? If so, could you ask them for their opinion about this video?

The Cabal has no external support anymore. Do you realize 96% of the Cabal’s power of creation comes from the population itself? Want to end their reign? End their paradigm — get out of their paradigms, out of their socially-engineered paradigms, and start acting as a free sovereign being of Light.

Just realize most of the established spiritual beliefs and paradigms have been engineered by the Cabal itself, and most of the movements have been twisted and redirected for their own use. They are EXTREMELY good at social engineering — do NOT underestimate them. And do not underestimate yourself as the only power they have is yours.

If you doubt freeing your own mind would make much of a difference, study the 101th monkey effect. How much longer until we get to that stage?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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