The business is growth and shifting, slowly but surely. First, I killed the brand Emergence Guardian after seeing what it led to in the article A Peak Into The Future. The brand is dead before even being born, and a couple of things I want to mention about that.

When you build a project and it’s all about your clients and God isn’t included into it, the project must see completion to reap the rewards, otherwise it dies and is completely forgotten. When a business, project or vision is built in service to God, any actions taken by various people are cumulative and ever-lasting, whether the project sees completion or not. Emergence Guardian is dead but it has had very massive impact on the lives of many people who have stepped up to play a much bigger role in this transition this planet and Universe is going through. And their continual efforts compound on that like ripples. Emergence Guardian has served its purpose and it is time to move on. It couldn’t fully take shape because it was a place-holder brand that only makes sense in the context of ascension, and would be outdated after that. The soul of a brand must be ever-lasting.

Things are starting to take shape in the direction of building your own Inner Temple in the image of God. It’s all about growing the Inner Silence within, which is not stillness and not empty. Silence can grow and expand into creation, and your mind can be silent while listening to others.

I’m also doing some shifts in the way I offer coaching. The clients so far who have been the most stable and consistent in their inner work have been those who first worked with my support coach for 6 months, and then upgraded to work with me. They then already had all the methodology and the right foundation so we could dive into the advanced stuff right away, making the investment a lot more worthwhile. I already sent all pain-driven clients (90%+ of people) to my support coach because a pain-driven person can’t handle more than 2 or 3 sessions with me directly, as it takes a way to bring that energy out to take in that intensity of energy. When working with soul-driven people directly, I found that it can be a bit too much too fast, and some people drop out instead of going through the full process. It’s a lot to integrate all at once, it can cause a lot of chaos, and energies can kick back quite hard. I made sure to not get anything through that who wasn’t committed enough.

What I’m considering now, is to get every client to first work with my support coach for 6 months at a much lower investment, before taking any to work directly together. This will give you a test-run to see if you like the results before opening up the gas pipeline. I think things will be a lot more sustainable and solid that way.

In order to work with my support coach, I still do the strategy sessions myself, so you ask for a strategy session, we get on the phone and take things from there.

I also started a group program only for a small group of high-end clients and that’s been working really really well. Since I trained each of them for over a year, and they’ve all made the same level of investment and commitment, and all have a high level of alignment with God and their higher self, I can dive into all the most advanced stuff that I can’t share on Facebook. This also allows them to get continual support after the year of coaching is over and to keep growing fast. When taking clients directly, doing the 1-on-1 intro sessions + those advanced groups calls is too much too fast, but if I get them to work with my support coach first, it solves this problem as well, they’ll be ready by the time they get to work with me.

You’ll also notice I haven’t run any ads or focused on getting traffic for years. It’s more about filtering out people to get to the individuals I’m meant to work with who are already here.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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