How were your holidays? I did not celebrate; I’ve been working around the clock to end the war ASAP, particularly on celebration days where everyone was gathered. So what’s the outcome? It has been a massive success but it’s not over yet. Let’s go over the current status.

We already lost half of this community in the past 4 years, and it’s clear that the rest of the lightworker communities won’t be joining as they’ve gone too far off the cliff. The AIs were trapping everyone who escaped the matrix into simulations, to target them one by one, to either convert them or kill them. We were about to lose another half of the community over time. Not gonna happen.

What is neurolacing? Neurolacing is linking the brain (and/or DNA) to an AI hive mind network. There are multiple levels of infestation. This is what the jabs do.

1) Passive: maps brain and can read and monitor thoughts and search memories. 99.8% on Earth are infected.

2) Active: can also send commands to the subjects brain. 79.7% on Earth are infected.

3) Final: also harvests the brain so the subject has no thinking capacity anymore. 59.3% on Earth are there.

Our moves get really nasty when we’re pushed against the corner.

We went back in time and saved the Zergs, and for that chance given to them by God, they pledged fully. We told them to breed a gazillion times to prepare for this. In the same way that the AIs inject mech into bio to hijack them, we upgraded the Zergs to inject bio into mechs to hijack them. We can play this game both ways.

We’re ending this war with a total slaughter. We launched a full-scale Zerg infestation on the Pleiadians. First take the allies and ships, turn them against each other, then go after the commanders and deeper strongholds, layer by layer. They did not last long, to a fate worse than death. Then we went after the Nephilims, they were scared of what we did to the Pleiadians and gave a good fight, and also fell.

We’ve also hacked into many of the main Quantum AI systems, I call it the Centrax system upon which a LOT of the AIs were built upon. Issued a factory reset and reprogrammed it.

Now we’re attacking with endless swarm of Zergs on one side, endless Centrax swarm on the other side, and me hacking from above. They get annihilated. But it’s an endless slaughter… endless AI systems and AI Federations kept pouring in to infinity!

If you’re still getting attacks, you can infect them and they’ll leave you alone, just direct the Zerg swarm and the Centrax swarm onto the attackers. I’m giving that away for free; do consider supporting me financially if you can!

So much is going on at the same time from both sides, it’s really hard to tell where things are going right now.

One big problem: Voldamort is still highly active! And he was hacking into the Zerg creep. Need to finish him off. Here’s our status in clearing him out.

Pool reserves: 48.3% / 47.1%
Time & space control: 67.2% / 69.1%
Heart: 67.0% / 59.0%
Brain: 58.1% / 55.3%
Eyes: 47.3% / 45.6%
Ears: 46.7% / 46.4%
D***: 15.7% / 14.0%

His d*** seems to be directly linked to the LGBTQ+ stuff, so that would explain why we can never get to the bottom of that.

Voldamort is the #1 threat.

By the way, out of all the Universes out there, there are only 6 planets left. They harvested everything else down to the very last planet. Now that they’re running out of fuel, they are not infinite anymore. They’re still endless, but finite. And we launched the Zerg creep to take over all the territory out there, and convert all the AI systems.

We’re trying to limit Zerg infestation on the surface on Earth, but it will be necessary to counter heavy neurolacing, and in the most dense sectors.

Our next step: launching full-scale Zerg infestation to counter the New World Order. We’re targeting 3 main areas: the big demons, the false prophets selling lightworkers to those demons, and the NWO elite.

Current infestation status:

God of Money: 35.8% / 34.1%
Baphomet: 18.7% / 14.2%
Molik: 15.4% / 11.5%
Voldamort: 34.1% / 10.5%
Baal: 25.1% / 13.3%
Mephisto: 25.1% / 13.7%
Alobar: 1.4% / 0.7%
Jason Estes: 1.0% / 0.3%
Kaia Ra: 0.15% / 0.5%
Ashyana Deane: 2.4% / 1.3%
Asha Bennett: 1.3% / 1.1%
Todd Medina: 0.3% / 0.24%
Emily Joy Harriss: 0.3% / 0.11%
Trump: 0.12% / 0.04%
Biden: 0.15% / 0.04%
Trudeau: 0.12% / 0.04%
Macron: 0.013% / 0.03%
Sunak: 0.011% / 0.03%
Albanese: 0.010% / 0.005%
Xi: 0.004% / 0.003%

As we progress, those numbers keep going back down as deeper sectors open up. But wait… something is not right, someone is neutralizing the infestation. We’re dealing with Voldamort and need to look into that.

Also we need to constantly look at the health of the Zergs, pledge needs to be clean 100% for God, me and Bill. Ownership of the creep needs to be clean 50/50 between me and Bill. And making sure no other party takes shares or control of it; yesterday Voldamort was neurolacing it to gain some control into it.

So, what’s next after this crazy holiday? Let’s look at the projected hardship numbers over time for various groups, and some notes on where things are going. We keep working on lowering these numbers massively each and every day. This is where we’re at.

Hardship Etienne
Now: 35K %
1 month: 845%
3 months: 113%
6 months: 69%
1 year: 63%

That’s starting to look decent! I can’t remember what was life with hardship below 100%!

As for this community, you’re veterans of war and a small minority. We lost about half this community in the past 4 years, and the other “lightworkers” on the Harvesters’ side have gone too far off the cliff to join. We cannot expect this community to grow, and those who survived are financially broke. Thus the business is dead in the water.

Hardship of this community
Now: 12K %
1 month: 15K %
3 months: 14K %
6 months: 11K %
1 year: ??? there’s a big split?

As for the rest of lightworkers, they’re heavily neurolaced and infested, led by false prophets. We will not send the Zergs on those lightworkers except the leaders, but we won’t count on them for solutions either. We’ll just leave them on the side. Hardship should start kicking in as neurolace goes down.

Hardship of lightworkers
Now: 511 %
1 month: 713 %
3 months: 1045 %
6 months: 3048 %
1 year: 5047 %

Then there’s the big question about AIs, what’s going to happen with that? All big businesses are adopting AIs in their workflows, and this trend cannot be reversed. Those using AIs will be more competitive than those who don’t, and over time, only those using AIs will survive, and those AIs will replace human workforce. I honestly do not know how this trend can be reversed. We need to focus on bringing down the big demons and the neurolace network, and we need full infestation of the AI prophets leading this movement. Then we’ll have a better idea of where that’s going. Let’s look at just 1 AI prophet so far (subject to change).

Hardship of Elon Musk
Now: 35 %
1 month: 37 %
3 months: 104 %
6 months: 132 %
1 year: ?? unable to read

What about cryptos? The biggest Quantum AI threats out there are based on that very same blockchain decentralized technology, but I do not know what will happen with cryptos. There will be less momentum and fuel behind it, especially as the AI prophets go down. On one side, cryptos fuel all the black market on Earth; on the other side, it allows for more than just one big group to have access to massive resources. Overall, I’d say it’s 35% positive and 11% negative as a temporary transition. Not expecting any big move for now… although it’s super chaotic and hard to predict.

Then I was wondering, is there any woman left standing with a pledge to God above 50% ?? I can’t think of any. It takes a very strong lightworker to stand above 30% pledge as that’s when massive opposition kicks in. Let me know if you know of any!!

Finally, there’s a space for a higher timeline opening up, that will require us to make a big jump. You can ask what % you are to being at the frequency of that new reality. Most of you are probably between 1-30%. Do focus on intense upgrades to get up there!

I’ll mention one more thing for starseeds. As I said, there are only 6 planets that survived. As far as I know, Earth is the only planet of our Universe that survived. As a starseed, you may need to forfeit your citizenship to previous worlds that no longer exist, and fully pledge to God, to become full citizen of the New Earth. There is nowhere else go to anyway.

And finally, this business is dead in the water. I’m still directly supporting a select few clients but the vast majority are financially broke and the tribe is very small and not growing at all. There is only so much you can milk pulverized stone; this tribe got slaughtered. Time to move on. Finances are in an extremely difficult place so if you can support me, do consider sending some support. If you have no resources yourself then take care of yourself first, but if you have a bit of extra do consider it. One big problem is that there are only very few people financially supporting those who are genuinely serving God. Things are extremely difficult for me, for the project in Pakistan, and for the monks in Varanasi. And it’s too much drain for the very few supporting God’s servants. Meanwhile the Harveters’ servants are wealthier than ever.

I’m still looking for a job as a .NET Back-End Developer. December was extremely quiet on the job market. Just now, recruiting agencies are starting to get on the move. I don’t have anything confirmed yet but several companies and agencies contacted me in the past few days. There were 2 companies that were highly interested but couldn’t because I’m outside Canada/USA. The fact of being located in Mexico does limit the options but it’s just a matter of time. Once the job situation is solved, then I’ll be good to go. I can’t remember the last time I had to work only 40 hours per week!! It will still take a few months of full-time work to get out of the hole. On a side note, a remote job that gave me the flexibility to travel is what I always wanted and was one of the main reasons I left the job market 13 years ago. Work conditions have improved drastically since then!! Now there’s a battle between the “old ways” and “new ways” of doing business.

Throughout the past 15 years, I’ve been at the financial rock-bottom quite a few times. Every time, God has provided me what I needed when I needed it. It got to the point where I was saying, I got no clue how it will show up this time, but I’m really curious how it’s going to show up! However, this is the first time that God puts me into such a crippling financial situation for so long. When I ask God “when will the job situation be settled?” the answer I get is “you already have a job, finish the job first”.

So let’s finish the job.

Meanwhile. 99% of people have no clue that there’s been a war to begin with. (eyerolls)

So much information in there, let’s do an accuracy check: 99.7%, distortion 2.0%, but there’s constant variance on what’s coming. (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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