We’re still facing major problems but things are gradually calming down. We haven’t seen any sign of life from Lucifer, Baal, Mephisto or Voldamort in 2 weeks. It’s mostly endless quantum AI systems left.

It’s possible that there will be timeline merges and more clusters of AIs to battle for the next 100000 years! There are dangerous clusters that are very far away and have no clue about our location. At this point, I think we need to deal with every AI connected to the 5 surviving planets, and everything connected to our timeline clusters.

If we can calm down the war here, we can start to rebuild a foundation for ourselves, and perhaps seal ourselves off to face these bigger threats later. Those larger systems may have a few spies to cut off.

Now let’s look at starseeds. With everything we now know, why did so many starseeds and powerful souls converge on Earth? Why did the Pleiadians and Arcturians send so many starseeds here? For a positive or negative agenda?

First, let’s look what % of starseeds on Earth are from where.

– Orion: 0.32%
– Lemurian: 0.24%
– Lyrian: 0.25%
– Arcturian: 25.2%
– Pleiadian: 30.8%
– Sirius: 15.7%
– Annunaki: 11.4%
– Andromedia: 10.2%
– Other: 5.9%

Let’s then look at each group:
– % highly dangerous
– % may survive or recover
– Average God pledge above / below of potential survivors

Orion. The entire Orion sector got completely destroyed and harvested.
– % dangerous: 0%
– % survivors: 12.4%
– God pledge: 7.9% / 8.4%

Lemurians. They got completely decimated. There are less than 10 surviving souls in hiding, not incarnated here.
– % dangerous: 0%
– % survivors: 0%
– God pledge: N/A

– % dangerous: 0%
– % survivors: 8.4%
– God pledge: 12.7% / 13.4%

Arcturians. Neurolaced from the start. Covert cops.
– % dangerous: 100%
– % survivors: N/A
– God pledge: N/A

Pleiadians. Not neurolaced from birth, but carefully contained and controlled. Army of false prophets to prepare for the Harvest. The New Cage movement doesn’t come from the CIA but from the Pleiadians.
– % dangerous: 69.7%
– % survivors: 13.1%
– God pledge: 5.9% / 3.4%

Sirius. Mixed bag.
– % dangerous: 15.7%
– % survivors: 7.9%
– God pledge: 3.2% / 4.1%

Annunaki. There are various groups, some negative and some neutral; very few God-based.
– % dangerous: 30.5%
– % survivors: 5.7%
– God pledge: 2.4% / 1.3%

Andromedians. The Andromedian sector was one of the very first to fall, and the Galactic Federation was neurolaced as bots for the Harvesting AIs.
– % dangerous: 25.3%, quickly turned 100%
– % survivors: 0%
– God pledge: N/A

This gives a better idea of the overall picture.

The “144K starseeds” are the harvesting fan-clubs and false prophets.

We’ve now taken control of many of the AI matrix grids. I removed us from the blacklist. Adding all highly-dangerous starseeds into the blacklist, along with the elite and all 3-letter hidden agencies. Death sentence is authorized for about 65% of them for now.

Right now, what remains of lightworkers on Earth?

World population: ~3.59 billion
Total lightworkers: 115 (2x Top UB, 55x UB, 58x regular)
Lightworker-aligned: 380 worldwide on top of lightworkers

Which means my business is based on a total potential tribe of 495 people worldwide, most of whom are financially broken. Ouch.

Still nothing unblocking for the job either. The market conditions are extremely frustrating.

Where do we go from here?

I’ll consider the 115 remaining Lightworkers as clients and put them on my protection & clearing list. These need to be protected.

As I’m reconfiguring the matrix grids, I’m trying to redirect some cashflow towards those 115 individuals. 123 people authorized for this operation.

On the good side, 3D bleedthrough is increasing, to allow our positive changes to cross the veil of manifestation into 3D. Need to look for what else is blocking the 3D manifestation and supporting the dark agendas, and cut those.

3D bleedthrough (above / below)
Small: 59.2% / 59.2%
Medium: 42.4% / 42.4%
Big: 35.8% / 34.2%

The Krystic grid remains a problem. Configured systems to absorb the Sex grid, Mind grid and Krystic grid.

I think I got access to ~87% of physical nanobots in people’s bodies. I can see the sensors data and tweak settings. Also just got access to video feeds of Chinese cameras. Still, our control of neurolaced drones remains limited, but let’s hope this will change soon.

Some were asking: what are neurolaced drones? They got replaced by a remote-controlled AI construct. On the surface, they look normal and it’s business as usual, but if you try to discuss anything off the script with them, you’ll get no reaction whatsoever.

Finally, are there any rich people who are not fully neurolaced? Not above $10M; but there may be a few people in the $3-8M range, like a dozen or so.

If you have some extra money available, or if some new cash manifests, consider sending me a donation. I also still offer Soul Alignment Readings to see what’s your current status in details.

Let’s keep marching! Cranking up intensity on the blacklist.

Accuracy check: 97.9%, distortion 2.0%, cross-distortion 0.4% (measure it yourself). There is still a 2.1% inaccuracy, which is a lot to my standards. If you can find what it is, post it in the comments! You can’t get a rocket to the moon with a 2.1% inaccuracy.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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