The global system meltdown has started. Crazy lightning storm in China. Crazy thunderstorm in Moscow. We have reached the point of no-return; the time for warning people is over. And then the truck attack in Nice, followed by an attempted coup in Turkey.

I got a report from the Archangels about what happened in Turkey. It was an attempt to overthrow a fascist dictator to restore democracy in the country. They would have succeeded but the population decided otherwise to keep the current government in place. No one can defeat the will of the people.

What I’m being told is that this faction of the military who attempted the coup is part of the Alliance that is trying to defeat the Cabal. They acted on their own without telling anyone to avoid interference. Russia is the most active member of the Alliance and they’re not happy about this move because of the chaos it creates on their borders. If it had been successful, it would have dealt a massive blow to the Cabal who already lost tremendous power in Europe. If the population would stand up for it, it could even have led to a movement of cleansing and reform that would have saved Europe from upcoming disasters. The population chose otherwise.

Here’s what we can learn from this coup. The Cabal who control most of the Western world have no source of power anymore. However, the population are not ready to let them go because they are too dependent on the system and they want to preserve their way of living. It’s easier to be a slave than to take responsibility for our lives. The majority of the population will still hold the bars of their own cage themselves, and nobody can take that away from them. The message I’m also receiving is that out of those who will hold the bars of their cage to the death, 40% will perish during the next 30-40 years.

The Cabal holds no significant power anymore, but they will continue to exist through the will of the people for the next 40 years. They still gain significant power from us. The only powers they still have are the ones we grant them; and no matter what we say, most want them to stay in power. At least it is a known reality.

This means that even if there would be international intervention, or divine intervention, or extra-terrestrial intervention to take out the corrupt elite and help us build a better world, most of us won’t allow it to happen. Just like how the people in Turkey went to the streets to prevent their reality from being shattered, the people would use all their will power to preserve their small reality. Stop looking for a savior. No savior can go against what we are choosing to collectively create.

I won’t go more in-depth. Let’s just see how things evolve, and let’s just meditate on this for a while.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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