It seems we now can’t go one day without news of a gun shooter, a bomb attack or a natural disaster. Things are happening exactly as I predicted and this is only the beginning. Here I want to talk about the cause of all this chaos, and why we’re going through a 100-year cycle of evolution before reconnecting with the cosmos. That is, the War of Truth. I’m not talking about the war of information between the authorities and the population, the psychic war is already over and the Cabal is already dead — they just don’t know it yet. Here I’m talking about the War of Truth between thought leaders. In plain simple words: even the truth leaders are too busy proving themselves right to get along with each other.

For many years, whenever I would reach out to another though leader I respect, they would ignore me, but lately some of them have made it clear they had no interest in connecting nor in joining our efforts. For example, I learned about a woman who was doing great work to help people reconnect with their extra-terrestrial soul tribes, and by reading some of her content, I got to learn about many soul groups I knew nothing about such as Sirius, Alpha Centauri and others. I also noticed her book excluded the soul groups I’m familiar with: Orion, Avians and the Archangels. After first replying some polite BS, she then made it clear she didn’t like my energy and had no interest whatsoever in connecting. This energetic collision sealed the deal for a 100-years cycle of evolution until we exhaust our conflicts of beliefs and interests, and the chaos in Turkey started immediately after.

I then saw she was part of a warring faction of the Lumerians and was heading towards recreating the Atlantis timeline. Haven’t we already learnt our lessons from the past? Getting access to advanced technologies while we’re still fighting and bickering with each other can only lead to self-destruction.

So let me ask you this. If even the truth leaders are fighting as to who is right and who is wrong and are focusing on their own agendas based on their beliefs, and are each pulling the carpet in a different direction without any cohesive intents and actions, then what about the rest of us? The rest of the population definitely isn’t doing any better — and this goes from bad to worse.

There was great urgency for the truth leaders to join efforts to create a better future, and now we’re past that stage. We just have to let it be, let the people experience the consequences of the seeds they have sown, and let the leaders fight with each other until they exhaust their conflicts. This will take 100 years.

This is however positive in many aspects. The way I see it, we’ll achieve in 100 years an evolution that normally would take millions of years. From now on, the old world also won’t prevent the individuals from fully reconnecting with their divine inner powers. We’re going to see a great polarization between those who have learnt their lessons and are leading the way into consciousness, and those who will hold onto their beliefs until death.

Why 100 years? Max Planck explained it very well: “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

The Cabal will only have power to the extent that the population gives it power, and many still want them in power as they are too dependent on the system to change their habits and take responsibility for their own lives. I expect them to gradually fade away and cease to exist in about 34 years. They will still have great regional powers but no power to dictate the international flow of events. The United States may split between the Northern States who want the Cabal and the Southern States who want freedom — or who turn towards fascism. Europe may get destroyed by war by 2033.

There is definitely a lot to come. What you have to realize is that these events are purely our own creation once we take away the power structures that have been dictating most countries in the world. We will have to come to realize what we are creating with our own minds and the consequences of the actions we take, and these won’t be easy lessons.

I do not expect any other truth leader to stop ignoring, denying or fighting with the intents of what I’ve been sharing and creating, and I also know that some day we will reach that stage. When that day come, something will start to get created instead of only seeing the old world collapse.

Many are starting to understand what I’ve been saying 3 years ago, and in 2 years, many more will realize that what I’m saying these days actually has truth to it. We’re in no hurry.

I’ve been trying to convince people of foreign truths for years that this hasn’t been very effective. For my part, I’m better to let the people learn their lessons on their own and then work with them when they are ready. There is no point in telling people what they’ll only understand by experiencing it.

Accuracy check: 93.8%

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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