With the situations with Thoth and in Canada, everything is moving so far. It’s like a few years have passed in 3 weeks. Here are some timely updates on many fronts.

China, in the past, rolled over students, and put people in concentration camps. Canada, on the other hand, is now rolling over protesters with horses, injuring some with limited mobility, and is trying to cut any means of survival for those with the wrong political view: cutting banking services, removing jobs, and is now trying to cut off their crypto-currencies. We lost Hong Kong. We don’t want to lose Canada.

In terms of my family in Quebec, I measured “What % support for dictatorship in Canada” and got these numbers: 100%, 100%, 88%, 92%, 80%, 92%, 75%, 95%, and my autistic cousin 15%. I contacted 3 of them and it confirmed those numbers. It seems information just doesn’t reach them; but they all got injected with AI nanites.

Next up. Tons of people are getting possessed lately. Upon investigation, 98% of possessions came form 3 entities: Thoth, the boogie man, and another entity. Thoth is the Master Deceiver, and is worshiped by lots of people for his high knowledge. Some of his most famous publications include The Law of One (Ra is 80% Thoth and 20% my essence), Gene Keys (Richard Rudd is 75% Thoth essence), and Human Design (Ra Uru Hu is 45% Thoth essence). The Boogie man is local to our Earth and very ancient, present everywhere there are old stagnant fears. He’s also very present in dictatorships, strong throughout China and the CCP, very strong in North Korea, now very focused on Canada. I wonder whether dictatorships can survive without him. He doesn’t like war and chaos, he likes stability and dormant fears. The 3rd entity, I took it out before taking a good look.

We’ve made tremendous progress on this front. There is now only 15% of Thoth left, only 5% of the Boogie man left, and 4% of the other entity. In terms of powers, Thoth has 4% of its powers, and it’s nearly null for the 2 other entities, but if unaddressed, they could recover. Got to finish them off while they’re down.

Next off. I was doing an inventory of what Lightworkers we have left, and it’s saddening. Best way to look at it is with these numbers.

Of those who studied this practice extensively, what % have 95%+ corruption, 75%+ corruption, 45%+ corruption? (measuring before the elimination of Thoth)

Gene Keys: 98.6%, 99.99997%, 100%
Human Design: 83.8%, 95.6%, 99.9997%
The Law of One: 78.3%, 91.6%, 95.8%
Astrology: 72.6%, 93.2%, 98.4%
Reiki: 78.6%, 83.8%, 95.8%
Numerology: 45.3%, 63.2%, 75.6%
I Ching: 2.6%, 14.3%, 25.4%
None of the above, vaccinated: 45.3%, 72.8%, 75.3%
None of the above, unvaccinated: 14.2%, 43.8%, 53.6%
All Lightworkers: 92.5%, 96.8%, 99.7%

With numbers shockingly high, one might ask for the definition of “corruption”. It is consciousness below -500 on the Hawkins scale, that is completely dissociated from the natural laws. For the most part, they support the A.I. Gods, knowlingly or unknowlingly.

When I look at Canada, those acting on the ground and saving the day are people with no spiritual skills whatsoever. I have to admit that people with their intuition shut off are less vulnerable to high-dimensional corruption than those with their intuitive doors open.

What’s interesting with this type of corruption, however, is that it’s so high that it constructs an illusionary Universe that the person perceives to be true, and the person doesn’t realize how far they’ve disconnected from reality, chasing illusions.

Looking at various corrupted people, I then measure what % is their own shadow, and what % is external entities. This reading was very interesting as it varied all over the place from 10% to 95% !! It’s really a random combination of both.

With the recent progress, some people with 95% corruption suddenly dropped to less than 5%. I wonder what’s going to happen to them next.

Here’s another interesting reading. What % of perceived benefits are new powers from the corrupting entities?

Gene Keys: 95.3%
Human Design: 85.6%
The Law of One: 75.3%
Astrology: 15.3%
Numerology: 13.8%
Reiki: 45.3%
I Ching: 0%
Archetype Attunements: 100%

So… what’s next? Corruption is going to drop, but against their will, so I don’t know what will happen.

As of right now, there are only 0.3% of Lightworkers who have less than 45% corruption and who are fit for duty. Let’s see how this number will evolve over time.

Now: 0.32%
1 month: 0.34%
2 months: 0.35%
3 months: 0.37%
6 months: 0.41%
1 year: 0.38%
2 years: 0.46%

… I see no sign of improvement. That’s what we got to work with. This 0.32% of Lightworkers thus has to get their sh*t together and work double-time. You cannot wait for others to do it.

I also cannot expect my message to reach outside of this 0.32% of Lightworkers anytime soon.

Accuracy check on this article: 98.6% (measure it yourself). Some entities were causing lots of distortion making it hard to measure this number. Distortion on this number: 1.4%, cross-distortion: 0.5%, cross-cross-distortion: 0.02%.

An another update, I’m slowly catching up on orders. All Juggernaut Attunements are casted at least in the God Connection in the Heart and Crown, and I’ve done 4 Soul Alignment Readings, leaving only 3 left to do.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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