I have to confess. I have been promising clients to generate a money miracle in their lives recently, and I have put them in a situation of profound value conflict preventing success, whether they are aware of it or not. If this led a single client into a difficult situation, my own integrity is taking a hit and this is not acceptable. I am writing this with a huge dose of honesty, transparency and integrity for all those who worked with me recently. This is also a way to clarify my own thoughts on the topic and clear my mind. I’m sure the rest of you will also benefit from this confession.

What I am sharing here is the result of a month of profound meditation and in-depth reality check. I must say this phase is not easy for me to go through but it must be done. I always had difficulty stepping into my true power and into my own truth. One thing I did during the month is a meditation, assisted with my Alchemy teacher, to activate my true essence at its full potential. This activation was done in several phases over several days. During the process, my posture, voice and behaviors were shifting instantaneously and in very profound ways. My magnetism has also been drastically magnified. It also created a tide wave of energy realigning or dissolving anything that is out of alignment with my path. Nothing can stop this level of spiritual power.

Unfortunately, my relationship with David Neagle’s team has not reacted well to this energetic realignment and I had to step out of the Miracle of Money certification program. I don’t want to talk too much about the drama of it but I’ll just briefly explain the situation. The lead coach who was providing most of the support was basically telling me that if we can’t figure out how to make money from my true purpose, then I should do something else that’s easier to make money. Truth be told, if all I wanted was to make money, I would have stayed in Information Technology and would have started a business in that field. She just was telling me one thing while spirit was telling me the exact opposite. When spirit and the support are in opposition, then I must make a judgment call. Also, David’ business is built on a solid rigid structure. They have not been willing to admit that the head coach wasn’t a good fit for me, and integrity is not part of their vocabulary. This makes it by far the biggest and least supportive investment I’ve ever made. If I’m in a situation that leaves no place for my spirit’s voice to express itself, then I have no business being here. The fact that I don’t have the financial results certainly doesn’t mean I’m not conscious. It simply means something is out of alignment.

David Neagle teaches the highest consciousness stuff out there about money and sales, and that’s why I decided to work with him. Truth be told, I only study from the world’s most conscious people in their respective fields. Although I teach extremely high consciousness knowledge, what I quickly realized by working with David is that he teaches a completely different set of laws from what I was used to. This made me realize I had a one-legged spiritual foundation based on the feminine universal laws which include magnetism, integrity, purpose alignment and heart connection. And, David also has a one-legged spiritual foundation based on the masculine universal laws which include action, focus, creation and responsibility.

Here’s what ended up happening both at the Montreal and the Thailand events. I have been teaching two extremely high consciousness systems that didn’t quite fit together yet. Value conflicts kill success, and there are very deeply-rooted value conflicts going on. This can cause a profound state of information overwhelm as it takes a very high level of consciousness to recognize these value conflicts. The first sign that something was off was that the situation of my clients didn’t seem to get any better financially. I was definitely over-delivering in terms of inner transformation, but I wasn’t delivering in terms of financial results. Then, one client told me he started studying from David and was in information overload. He then realized that I was teaching to shift internally to get the external results, while David was teaching to shift the results to change internally, and that conflict had been causing the overwhelm. Since he was already getting tremendous results with my approach, he had to make a judgment call about which path to follow. Then another client contacted me saying he was in a very difficult situation and was following his purpose although he didn’t know how to make it happen. He said he’d rather be broke and follow his spirit than do something that isn’t aligned with his path. The subconscious mind can be shifted instantly with the proper knowledge. The challenge is to become fully aware of what is truly holding you back. You can definitely thrive financially while living your purpose, but there’s something here I haven’t been taught and haven’t been teaching.

The main issues blocking the money miracle are value conflicts, so let’s dig deeper into those and resolve that first.

Value conflict #1: Integrity vs Decisiveness

A first value conflict is becoming very clear by the way they decided to not resolve the situation. If I work with a client and for some reason I realize I can’t help him or I’m not a good fit, I would take responsibility for it and resolve the situation by either refunding or proposing a solution. What I would never do is ask someone to do a leap of faith way beyond their financial means, let them drop on the floor and walk away with the money without providing any solution. The universe will always provide you what you need, and it doesn’t mean it will keep your path easy. I really don’t think it’s necessary to put people into difficult situations, although it makes me grow tremendously and I’ll be OK no matter what.

The reason integrity is not part of their vocabulary is because this is part of the feminine laws which he doesn’t teach. Masculine-driven decisiveness is what he teaches and that’s the way the business is built. That’s the reason it hasn’t reacted well to my energetic realignment. A feminine structure, like water, bends and can never break. A masculine structure, like a rock, cannot bend and instead breaks under stain. The strength of the energy tide wave caused a powerful energetic clash, and energy flows where it has to flow anyway until the energy aligns, dissolves or detaches. It took me a few days of headache until the energy reorganized itself, and what was out of alignment isn’t getting in the way anymore.

Value conflict #2: Purpose vs Money

One foundation piece David teaches is that money is the third most important thing in the world in our modern society, after air and water, because that’s our way of getting food and all our decisions are based on money. The idea is to get to a place of freedom where your decisions aren’t driven by money anymore. This is true, from a survival standpoint. If you already have a million dollars, what is most important between an extra million and doing something that is aligned with your spirit’s purpose? What is most important between an extra Ferrari and having integrity with your clients, friends and family? At that stage, if you keep money as being the third most important thing in the world, you are essentially still living in survival mode. Also, if you make your decisions about what to do, where to live and how to structure your day based on setting the cause that will bring the consequence of money, you are back to the same place where decisions are driven by money; not by a lack of money, but by a desire for money. Money is extremely important and there’s nothing wrong in desiring it, but the whole idea is to get to a place where it doesn’t control your life anymore.

Which brings to the question: does money bring freedom or is it the other way around? Real freedom is in the mind and when your mind is totally free, you can have or achieve anything you desire. Money is a tool to leverage and achieve even more. Since you will always have what you need when you need it, there’s no point in ever living in survival mode. Once you realize survival and covering your needs are illusions, all which is left is freeing your mind and manifesting your desires into physical reality. Since money being the third most important thing in the world is based on survival and there is no such thing as survival, this foundation piece is flawed.

Purpose is the foundation of what you want to build in your life. Freedom is the way you want to design it. Wealth is the end-result. That’s the order it has to be, at least for me. This is exactly what I do with my coaching. I help people design a lifestyle of purpose, freedom and wealth. I don’t do dating coaching anymore. Shoot for the stars and you’ll get everything you want along the way, including the relationships, sex, wealth and everything else.

Any sane person would design a business that generates money and then try to bring some purpose into it. However, here’s something interesting that happens with Natural Grounding and Self-Awakening. This brings a direct feminine realignment which awakens your purpose, passion and spirit in a powerful way. You can only take this business approach when your mind is driven by the ego. The second your ego dissolves and your mind becomes driven by spirit, you cannot take action that is out of alignment with your purpose and path anymore. That is why all the women studying and working with David have their masculinity stronger than their femininity. That is why I and several of my clients are having so many struggles. Yet, consciousness cannot be taken away.

As to masculinity remaining the dominant force, this is really a story about the Western society. After 3 years of running my business and teaching men feminine realignment to awaken their spirit and increase their magnetism (while keeping balance with their masculinity), why the great majority of Western women have visceral defensiveness towards femininity has remained the greatest unanswered riddle. What I’ve been sharing here brings an answer to that riddle. Women in our modern society really have no road map to survive and be successful while fully living their feminine truth. The so-called “resistance” is a survival mechanism. The exceptions are a few rare women who are able to shift their dominant polarity back and forth between work and personal life, and Max Simon’s clients who have a business road map allowing them to fully step into their true feminine essence and thrive with it.

The value conflicts are now laid out on the table. Eventually, it’s up to you to make a judgment call about them. If you have been studying from me recently, dig into your consciousness to see if there are any other value conflicts preventing you from fully moving forward, and if so, let me know about them. I didn’t realize how deep and far-reaching these value conflicts were until writing this, and now that I look at it, the conflicts are probably indeed to deep and impactful to maintain a work relationship with David Neagle although I will definitely keep studying from him. As for all the money I don’t currently have that was invested into this, I’ll consider it a compensation for the can of worms that just opened up.

By clarifying these value conflicts, what I am noticing is that all of a sudden I understand the universal laws he teaches in a much deeper way and they start making sense from a whole new perspective. Several of you have been contacting me since last month to work with me and really I couldn’t take any sales while going through these internal conflicts. Now that this is resolved, I am moving on and I’m getting back to business. For those who contacted me, I’ll get back to you very soon.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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