Let’s tackle a problem most people really don’t want to talk about: what’s keeping most spiritual people broke. There are lots of spiritual teachers out there who will tell you not to focus on the problem as you would only be creating more of the problem and asking the Universe to manifest proofs that would justify it as a fact. I just don’t agree with that. The problem won’t magically to away by ignoring it, although in some cases you can work around it so that you never have to deal with it. If you want a problem to go away, you have to explore the problem to really understand where it’s coming from. Then, this awareness gives you power to resolve that issue and finally break free.

Not everybody agrees that most spiritual people are broke, but I’ve been working in this community for long enough to know that this is true. The most obvious explanation would be that spiritual people don’t value money or have dysfunctional beliefs about money, but this applies to everybody, not just spiritual people. I see plenty of non-spiritual people who hate dealing with money, who have a job they hate yet they have plenty of money. I also see plenty of highly conscious and skilled spiritual people who value money, who are highly committed to breaking through with their groundbreaking projects and who are totally broke. What’s going on here, really?

Furthermore, many of my clients don’t even have a credit card. Reaching higher levels of success requires investing to get the proper education and training. Most people can just borrow the money from the bank or put it on their credit cards to get whatever they need to break through. But for those who don’t even have a credit card or any credit, how are they going to get that money? Sure, some of them can borrow from their parents, find someone who believes in them, knock on every door in the neighborhood to do a fundraising or work more to get the funds assuming they have a job… but does it really have to be so difficult? And if they don’t understand what’s keeping them broke in the first place, and if nobody seems to talk about this specific issue, how are they going to pay it back?

What I’m also seeing is this. One of my mentors, Max Simon, used to work as a product manager at the Chopra Center and built it into a multi-million dollar business. When he moved into building his own meditation business, he lost everything he had, $80000, before investing in mentors and eventually breaking through. I have another friend, Noah Hammond, who is an expert in Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and conversion. He built a million-dollar online business with a website selling water machines. He also built a mailing list about dating of over 10000 people. After knowing him for years, I met him live for the first time at Max Simon’s event in San Diego. He left the water machines business, and since shifting from his dating business to do more inner transformation work, he’s running from launch to launch and barely getting by financially. What the heck is going on here? Why are these marketing experts failing miserably when trying to build a spiritual business?

I’m currently attracting two types of people into my business. First there are spiritual people who are broke and who want more out life and who want to design a lifestyle of purpose, freedom and wealth. Then there are people who have plenty of money but don’t like what they’re doing. Seeing what I’m seeing, these people risk losing everything they have by the time they figure out how to get their new projects off the ground, unless we do a reality check and figure out what’s really going on.

Having worked as a programmer for many years, here’s what I noticed. Most well-paying jobs are related to programming the matrix we live in, which mostly includes programming systems to manage banks, finances, energy and security. Sure, there are also jobs in businesses that have a deeper spiritual purpose, but there are very few such jobs and they usually pay much less. Most of the money is for jobs related to maintaining the matrix we live in. Furthermore, the jobs that pay the most are usually for doing the work that nobody wants to do. I met a man a while ago who used to have an extremely well-paid job as a director in a corporation for doing the dirty work nobody wants to do. He resigned after seeing many of his co-workers dying of cancer.

Most people can tolerate such a job and get by financially even if they hate what they’re doing and even if it takes away their energy, health and freedom. Now, here’s something interesting that happens with Natural Grounding and Self-Awakening meditations. These meditations awaken your spirit and bring feminine alignment into your life. Here’s where it gets really interesting. The higher your consciousness becomes, the less you can tolerate being in a job that isn’t aligned with your higher truth. One of my clients who is in a difficult financial situation expressed it very clearly: “I have a hard time committing to a job where I should spend most of my time and energy to do something I don’t believe in to get money to live a life with little creativity and no freedom. I rather be poor but have time to do things that really matter.” To sum it up, the more feminine-alignment you have into your life, the more it restricts the ways in which you can earn money. It gets to a point where the only path that feels real enough to pursue is achieving your true spiritual purpose and making money from it.

Then comes the next challenge. None of the traditional business and marketing advice seems to work for my business. Max Simon and Noah Hammond experienced the same problem. We’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars in coaches and specialists that couldn’t do anything to help. Building this type of business requires a different approach that nobody is teaching except Max Simon and Jeffrey Van Dyk who now works with him. But what is this different approach and who is required to use this different approach?

One challenge is that Natural Grounding, Alchemy and spirituality are a bit “out there” and are difficult to communicate to people. In order to work around this, you simply have to sell the benefits and talk to the core drives of people instead of trying to sell the methodology. You can usually achieve this with a masculine-driven approach of action, focus and creation. The challenge with my business is that the desire you have to live your life differently is an internal craving for more. It is a very subtle internal feeling and most people can’t name what it is that they are seeking. They just know they aren’t satisfied with where they are. If they can’t name what they want, how can I talk directly about what they seek and the benefits of it? It’s like trying to put a cloud in a bottle and trying to sell the cloud on a shelf. The solution is to draw it out of them with a feminine approach of purpose, attraction and connection. They may not know what they want, they may not understand the process of the solution, but they for sure can recognize when something is in alignment with their path.

So now we have two different approaches to business: a masculine approach that doesn’t work for everybody and a feminine approach that nobody is teaching. Who is required to take that feminine approach? After meditating on the topic for weeks, I came to the conclusion that if you offer something that clients can’t name, then you are required to have a feminine approach of purpose, attraction and connection. If your business is not really aligned with spirit, then you are required to have a masculine approach of action, focus and creation. If your business is fully aligned with spirit and offers something that clients can easily name and recognize, then both approaches are going to work for you.

Also, I recently did a meditation to activate the full power of my true essence and this is creating a tide-wave of energy coming from the highest spiritual depths that is dissolving or realigning everything that is out of alignment with my path. There is nothing can stop this level of spiritual power. In the same day that I did the second phase of that activation, I saw this post on Facebook: “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” After sharing it on my wall, I got 12 likes and 15 shares within 10 hours. I never got so many shares for anything else I’ve ever posted before. The original poster now has 1823 likes and 1740 shares in 3 days. It sounds like this statement is striking a deep cord of truth.

To my surprise, most people seem to have a pessimistic view on this statement. For me, truth means freedom and power and things are shifting very quickly. The first step in resolving any problem is recognizing there is one. Why am I sharing this here?

As I said, most of the money is in the matrix we live in, and this sentence describes that matrix very well. If you have a strong feminine alignment, you simply can’t take part of that circle of false-hood and disinformation. The solution is to create alternative systems that will make the old ones obsolete, and this is already happening. According to a serious research (I don’t know the exact source), 62% of the money spent on wellness in the United States currently goes into healing and spiritual practices and 38% goes to the medical practices. There are lots of alternative media emerging, and lots of new movies and documentaries coming out to expose the truth. Coaching businesses are also creating a new education structure where real knowledge is being shared. That being said, alternative media and those working on controversial movies and documentaries have to avoid conventional funding sources in order to avoid being controlled and censored by governments and corporations, and many rely entirely on public donations and are just getting by financially. Working within the matrix brings constraints and the money outside the matrix is still limited. To be more precise, the new emerging media, education and health systems aren’t yet structured to allow the money to flow properly.

So what’s the solution? As I wrote the outline of this article, I figured I’d clarify the solutions after digging into the problem, but let’s just leave it that way. You don’t have to figure out how to solve the global problems in society, you just have to figure out the solution for your own life. The problem is exposed. You know what’s holding you back. Stop trying to figure it out. Stay in that open space of not knowing the answer, and contemplate that open space. That’s where the answers will emerge from, and the answers are very personal to each one of us.

Clarifying the problem is a huge step in resolving it. Now I’ll pass the ball over to you. What solutions can you implement in your own life to resolve the problems exposed? Post your comments below.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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