WOW, what an insane month. The past 2 weeks literally felt like 4 months, traveling back and forth between the East and West coasts for a whole bunch of events in a row: Cancun, Las Vegas, Florida, Los Angeles and back to Cancun. HUGE breakthroughs and so much to talk about. Here’s a cool picture from the live event I and Rion just hosted. Let’s start with one of the pieces that is blocking you the most: value conflicts.

I said that healing a cancer for a client is much easier than resolving a value conflict. This is about to change. There is only so far you can go in terms of inner transformation before bumping into value conflicts of some kind. And when it comes to connecting with a greater purpose, most people reject it when it comes because it doesn’t fit within their value system.

Here’s the problem with value conflicts. They create a black box around your mind and it is impossible for you to focus on anything outside of that box. Worse, your value conflicts determine your thought patterns and override your rational mind. You cannot override value conflicts with your rational mind. They will stop you dead in your track whenever you want to follow a different path. Value conflicts are a bitch from the pit of hell. So how do you overcome them?

When I was at David Neagle’s event in Florida, he shared that people resist changes. That is definitely true and has been my greatest challenge with marketing this kind of work, because the focus on what we’re doing here is precisely to shift in the deepest way. Although it is true that most people want to change as little as possible, that’s not the case for me. If I see something that doesn’t fit within my value system, I get all excited because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and I jump right into it. Same with Rion Freeberg. What’s the difference? 3 words that will change your life forever: we have a Soul-Driven Vision.

There can be 3 types of motivations to improve your life.

Pain: Most people are motivated to get further away from pain. Most of the spiritual communities and self-development industry is based on getting away from pain. Most people get into spirituality or personal growth after experiencing a strong trauma that they want to get away from. This allows making enough changes to your value system to alleviate the pain but won’t allow you to go beyond that.

Lust: Many people are motivated by a dysfunctional desire within themselves that is the polar opposite of a deep pain. Most of the business growth industry and all of the seduction community is based on lust motivation. Many entrepreneurs want to get a million dollar business, whatever that means, for the recognition that comes with it, even if they don’t have the lifestyle to enjoy it. It is a lust for a goal where you don’t even know why you really want it. Again, this allows making just enough changes to your value system to reach the goal but won’t allow you to go beyond that. It will allow you to grow your black box but you’ll still be trapped in the same box.

Soul-Driven Vision: This is when you have a desire coming from your higher spirit that is driving you forward. When you have a burning desire coming from deep within your soul, it allows transcending whatever inner blocks or value conflicts getting in the way. This is the only type of motivation that allows overriding value conflicts.

90% of the population is driven by either pain or lust, and only 10% are motivated by a soul-driven vision. So far I worked mostly with people who were pain-driven, and some of them are transitioning into a soul-driven vision. It is becoming clear that I absolutely must shift my business to work with the 10% of the population that is soul-driven as it is the only angle that allows diving into this type of work. This explains why most of the people in business growth were not connecting with my work, and why back when I was teaching about attraction and sexuality, the whole seduction community was completely closed off to my approach. Only those who have a soul-driven vision are open to this spiritual transformation approach.

Your value conflicts override your rational thoughts, and the only thing that can override your value conflicts is your soul-driven vision.

Knowing that, here are 5 steps to transcend your inner conflicts of values and step into your soul-driven vision.

1. Clean energetic vulnerabilities holding your beliefs and values systems in place. Energetic implants keep you plugged into the social matrix and cultural conditioning, portals make you vulnerable to negative energies and inner demons cause self-sabotage. These are some of the types of energetic weaknesses that can keep your beliefs and values systems in place, and must be healed before doing anything else. You must cut the chains holding you back before moving forward. I can heal the bulk of your implants and portals during an Energy Tune-Up.

2. Know how to differentiate intuition coming from your higher spirit with intuition distorted by value conflicts. Not only do value conflicts distort your rational thoughts, but they also distort your intuition. If you are a very intuitive person, this is one of the biggest trap that keeps you stuck: allowing your value conflicts to drive your intuition. This makes it even harder to reason your way out of it. The key is to learn how to listen to your intuition properly. This key would be worth writing a whole article on it, but I’ll just mention it quickly here. God never says “no”. Your intuition always drives you towards something, never away from something. If your intuition is saying no to an opportunity, that is your ego blocking you from a deeper truth. It doesn’t mean the opportunity is for you, but your intuition will always guide you towards the right direction to go. Whenever you hear a “no” about anything in your mind, draw a red “X” on it and ask “what is the deeper yes” or “if not, then what”. Listen to the deeper yes. That comes from your higher self. Your soul-driven vision comes through heart desires and intuition, and you must listen deeper into those.

3. Energetically strengthen your connection to your purpose. Figuring out your purpose intellectually won’t do much. You have to connect with it in your subconscious mind. There are 3 specific energies to connect with. First, there is an energetic flow coming through the back of your neck that guides your decisions. If this is blocked, you end up confused and won’t know where to go. If this is clear, you’ll intuitively do all the right things even if you don’t always know why you are making certain decisions. Second, there is an energetic flow coming through your lower back that is driving you forward. If this is blocked, you take all kinds of actions and things don’t seem to move forward. If this is clear, then everything is unfolding for the better. The third energy to pay attention to is your connection to your spiritual feminine energy, which is your receptiveness of the spiritual masculine or divine light that shows up as feminine. This is your alignment with spirit. When you are aligned with the divine light, you know what you need to do and where you need to go. One of the best ways to connect with your spiritual feminine energy is with Natural Grounding, which I will release in a more open way soon.

4. Override your values system with that soul-driven vision to adopt values that are aligned with that purpose. The reason most people reject their purpose when it comes through is because it generally doesn’t fit their value system. If you value your soul-driven vision above all, then you can use that soul-driven vision to alter your value system to be aligned with that soul-driven vision. Your value conflicts override your rational thoughts, and you can override them with your soul-driven vision. Leverage that vision.

5. Heal the core fears that hold you back from stepping into it. Once value conflicts are taken out of the way, there are still deep fears that can prevent you from stepping into that vision. That’s the easy part with the energy work I’m teaching. When working with clients, their deepest core fear, and everything built on top of it, completely disappears within 2 to 3 sessions, and life transforms in the deepest way. The first step for 1-on-1 coaching is the Energy Tune-Up.

By following these 5 steps, you can finally transcend your inner conflict of values and step into your soul-driven vision. This will open up whole new worlds of possibilities and allow transforming your life in much deeper ways. Yay!

P.S. If you’re driven by getting away from pain, first connect with your soul-driven vision, then let’s talk.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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