As we’re approaching Thanksgiving Day (for those of you living in the USA), I thought I would do something special to honor this non-Canadian holiday (and celebrate this day for the first time in my life). Lately I’ve been working on a Natural Grounding Player, which is a software that allows streamlining Natural Grounding in a very smooth way by automatically playing just the right video at the right time for gradual increase of the energy.

If you’ve been practicing Natural Grounding, this allows to get into the state in much smoother ways as the warming up is gradual, this allows much greater variety of videos since they are randomly selected from a large database of videos, and you’ll get into much deeper states because there are no interruption between videos and you’ll get carried into deeper states. Since using this software, my sessions are also on average twice longer. It is addictive.


If you don’t know what Natural Grounding is, I’m currently working on a book called the Natural Grounding Bible: Force of Life Attunement. This book isn’t ready yet. Explaining this methodology properly is extremely challenging. This is a very powerful methodology to raise your energetic state, develop a deep charisma and resolve any anxiety or unworthiness by harnessing the law of resonance, the law of transmutation, the law of polarity, the law of fusion and the law of sexual transmutation. I can also cause anti-aging. You can read the 2011 Natural Grounding Guide to get an idea of what this is, although this ebook is way outdated, doesn’t explain why it is so powerful nor how to properly tap into its power, and doesn’t deal with the many blocks most people have towards getting the results. It will still give you a good idea and thousands of people got HUGE results just by practicing Natural Grounding the way it is described in that book. The Natural Grounding Player is the next evolution of the entertainment industry (wait until artists try working their way into this playlist with decent ratings), and the Natural Grounding Bible will bring your Natural Grounding experience to a much higher level. Read the 2011 ebook so that you can get started with the Natural Grounding Player.


I’m doing the energy reading of all the Natural Grounding resources. In the Force of Life training, I explained what is the force of life and what are the polarity energies and the benefits of connecting with those. Natural Grounding is the methodology that allows you to harness those energies in a practical way! There is a LOT of work that went into this software and I’m giving it for free. I’m already getting huge benefits as it greatly increases my energetic powers.

You’ll probably have a lot of questions about all the energies I’m reading, and about the height vs depth of each energy. I can’t explain everything now, but I’m basically measuring the energetic frequency on a 0/10 Hawkins Scale, and then measuring the depth of the energy on a 0/10 Hawkins Scale, and multiplying them together. It’s the basic science of electricity:
Volts * Amps = Watts
Height * Depth = Raw Power
This better represents the exponential effect of those energies.

The Natural Grounding Player is coming out for Thanksgiving (first public version), including a huge (but partial) database of resources each having their energy reading. Oh, and the software will automatically download the videos straight out of YouTube onto your computer!



System Requirements:

PC with Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1
Processor: 1GHz
RAM: 512MB
Preferably a good video card to increase video quality

Happy Thanksgiving!

Plan some time to install it and get into a serious session on November 27th!

P.S. How about this: Playing videos with some semi-transparent Morning Musume in the background, mixed with Quantum Mind Power isochronic brain waves and the Rejection Proof Man Powerliminal. You can add your own picture into the mix.


Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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